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Sign of the Month: Leo
by Maya del Mar

Leo is about expressing our selfhood, our personal centers, the heart of ourselves, that natural order within us which comes from spirit, and the expression of which gives our lives joy and drama and meaning.

Leo is about integrity, nobility, honor, generosity, being true to the unfolding of ourselves and sharing that unfolding freely.

In Cancer we created our personal, safe spot, our home port, our power place. Now in Leo we can grow in the garden which we’ve created, and blossom there for all the world to see.

Leo is associated with flower gardens, which capture the sun not for utility but for beauty’s sake, simply to show off the splendors of life. On joyous and ceremonial occasions we give flowers, a symbol of sharing the divine love which we feel in our hearts.

Leo is a time when we have the power to bring new life energy from our deepest humanitarian resources into expression in our character and daily activities. Think of the Sun, endlessly radiating heat and light to the solar system. Now we can incorporate that great energy into our own centers.

Leo leads to growth in our creative talents by strengthening both mind and will. Abstract thought is stimulated, as is power, confidence, and enthusiasm. Our receptivity to subtle forces and the powers of the imagination are also increased.

Self-mastery can take a giant leap during Leo time, leading to a new appreciation of our capabilities and an enhanced feeling of identity.

Leo is also inspirational. Vacationing, traveling, enjoying and celebrating the beauties of creation are Leonian.

The greatest expression of Leo is love—the divine force which nurtures that which it has created. So now, during Leo time, let the love flow—love of nature, love of ourselves, love of our fellow humans, and love of the omnipresent divine spark.

Bill Clinton is a very Leo type. Notice his lion’s mane, his commanding presence, and the magnetic radiance which beams from him. He has created his own life and forged his own destiny with a strong sense of purpose, and in the process has inspired people around him, all Leo qualities.

Carl Jung, with sun in Leo, broke from Freud and viewed the psyche as an evolving, growing center from which, like a mandala, life patterns radiate—an expression of the sun within ourselves.

Rosalynn Carter and Jacqueline Onassis are examples of Leo First Ladies. They both illustrate the natural dignity of Leo.

Pride and arrogance can be Leo pitfalls.

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