Cotton Candy
by Sissy Blue

Once upon a time, there was an old black cat, named Cotton. Her days were filled with balls of yarn, fake furry mice, and lingering naps on her special purple pillow. She was the ruling Queen of the Clan. Long ago, she had convinced the resident Humans that she was superior.

Cotton only had ONE problem—Candy. Not the chocolate variety, but the taffy-colored monster that charged around the living room, knocking over knickknacks.

Candy—the puppy!

Cotton perched on the backrest of the couch and kept a weary eye on the puppy, as he circled the coffee table. "Are you looking for something else to destroy?" she asked.

Candy tried to jump on the couch, but toppled over backwards and crashed into the leg of the coffee table, then scrambled to a sitting position and barked playfully at Cotton.

The old black cat purred softly and stretched. "Can’t you ever be quiet?"

"I just want you to come down and play with me," Candy said.

"You’re such a child!" Cotton accused. "You don’t understand anything. I’m a Leo. I’m supposed to be up on the mountain, and you’re supposed to be at my feet."

Candy challenged, "You’re not on a mountain, you’re on the back of the couch!"

Cotton sighed. "Why don’t you just accept that I am exceptional?"

"Just because the Sun rules Leo, for some reason that makes you think you’re the center of the Universe or something."

"I am!" Cotton was growing tired of the puppy’s ignorance. "And I expect your loyalty and adulation, even if you’re an Aquarius."

Candy lowered his head, pouting. "I only wanted to play."

"I’m too busy being important!"

"Do Leos ever get over this 'self-centered' problem?" Candy asked.

"I don’t know why I’m even trying to talk to you."

Candy protested, "You’re frustrated because you can’t convince me you’re a big deal. But I have my own way of looking at things. I know that you are no more important than I am." The puppy stood up and looked at the black cat sadly. "Don’t you realize how much of life you miss, because you are so hung-up whether everyone looks to you as the leader?"

Cotton answered tartly, "There are several cats and dogs in the neighborhood that understand how great I am. They back up and let me pass."

"That wimpy Calico cat next door is certainly scared of you after you bit her on the ear. And maybe that Beagle down the street gets out of your way, at least, after you scratched him on the nose. You want to know what I think?"

Cotton rolled her eyes. "I’m sure you’re going to tell me, whether I want to hear it or not."

"I think you don’t even realize when you are stomping around on other animals’ paws. You just think anything you do is all right, and they should be grateful that you acknowledge their presence."

"You’re just a puppy. What do you know about life?"

The puppy ignored the comment from Cotton and began romping around the living room, playing by his self. He rolled and tumbled and pushed a small red ball around with his nose.

Cotton watched the puppy’s antics. She wondered why the resident Humans had brought home the unruly beast. Why couldn’t they have chosen a Pisces or a Libra or maybe a Gemini? She jumped down from the couch and strutted across the floor.

Candy pushed the red ball toward the old black cat, then fell into a play-bow, wagging his tail.

The ball rolled to a stop in front of Cotton. She looked down at the ball, then over at the peculiar taffy-colored animal. "What nonsense!" she said, then kicked the ball out of the way with her front paw. Instantly, the "chase instinct" overwhelmed her, and before she could stop herself, she pounced on the ball, attacking it with her teeth, making it squeak. Startled, she jumped away.

Candy danced in a circle, howling and play barking. He retrieved the ball and shoved it toward Cotton once more.

She instantly responded, leaping on the ball and gnashing it with her sharp teeth, then abruptly turned it loose when it squeaked noisily.

The puppy persisted, time after time rolling the ball toward the old black cat, and before long, they were embroiled in a terrific game that lasted most of the afternoon.

Finally, they both fell to the carpet, panting.

"That was great fun!" Candy exclaimed.

Cotton agreed. "Yes it was."

"You’re a lot of fun when you come down to the real world," said Candy.

Cotton licked her paw, then began cleaning her face. "Are you insinuating that I have an overabundant ego?"

"I’m not trying to put you down," Candy responded. "I’m just saying that I really enjoy your company when you’re not—well, you know—doing that Leo thing."

The old black cat narrowed her eyes until they were tiny slits. She loved being the center of attention, surrounded by creatures that adored her. But this strange Aquarius showed no devotion, no reverence, and no homage to her. He was comfortable within his own spirit, although he had floppy ears and his eyes bulged when he was excited.

Candy interrupted her thoughts. "I’m trying to make a point here."

"And exactly what is that?"

"My point is that when you quit demanding my total dedication, and forget that you are a Leo—just for a moment—THAT is when your light shines, and you bring happiness and joy to everyone."

Cotton thought about the puppy’s words for a long time. Maybe he had a valid point. The old black cat decided that from now on, she would not demand attention, but would let it come to her naturally, and she was sure that it would, because after all, she was a Leo!

Sissy Blue, a former Astrological Counselor, now lives and writes in Arizona. She can be reached at