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Politics are personal
by Maya del Mar

This is an open letter to those readers who value the personal guidance, but become impatient with my references to the U.S. chart or to that of George W. Bush or other notables.

The U.S. chart is more general than people realize, however, because it serves as a specific example of the current energies which, because of the spotlight on the U.S., we can all see and identify. And it’s dramatic. Readers needn’t try to disentangle it. It’s you, it’s me, it’s all of us together working with those very same energies.

E.g., the world has an energy crisis—visible to all. The U.S. has an energy crisis, visible to most, California has an energy crisis, visible to Californians, and I too have an energy crisis, visible to me.

And you have your energy crises. I can’t discuss each of ours individually, but the broader one, publicized for all to see, is an obvious example.

The current major actor in the energy crisis is Mars in Sagittarius, but I’d need to see your chart to know how it’s affecting you. You know that already, however. Tying your life into national life can maybe help you to see it more clearly. It’s a demonstration device, and it can help us see options.

The nation is not a separate thing from us, no more than our communities and families are separate things.

We are truly all one. As Earnest Hemingway wrote, "Ask not for whom the bell tolls. It tolls for thee."

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