As many of you know, we have been working to set up a good download/subscription for the monthly calendar so that Daykeeper, a labor of love for Maya, can become self-supporting. (And neither you nor we are entirely satisfied with the usability of InfoPost, our current download carrier.)

Please take a moment to fill out the user survey below. It will help us continue to bring Daykeeper to you in the best way possible for all.

The first five readers to respond will receive a free July Calendar. We appreciate your help!

Email address:

1. I have downloaded the monthly Daykeeper Calendar from Infopost



2. I DO NOT download the Calendar because

I tried, but I've had problems downloading

I don't want to use my credit card on the Internet

I just can't afford it right now

Acrobat doesn't work on my computer


3. If I subscribed to the Calendar, I would prefer to pay for my subscription on the following basis (please rank in order of preference, 1=highest, 4=lowest):





4. I would rather (please rank in order of preference,
1=high, 2=medium, 3=low):

Download the calendar as a Portable Document Format (pdf) file, same as now

Have unlimited access to a print-formatted web page

Receive my calendar via email

5. If I received my calendar via email, I would prefer (please rank in order of preference, 1=high, 2=medium, 3=low):

Regular email (just plain text, no formatting)

Html email (like an emailed web page)

Email message with pdf or other file attachment

6. For each month's Calendar and General Influences, I am willing and able to pay:

Zero at the moment




7. I feel comfortable using a credit card over the Internet, provided that satisfactory security measures are in place.



8. I would prefer to pay by check.



9. I'd like to add the following suggestions: