May Sun Signs
by Maya del Mar

You’re off the hook now, Aries. You get to reap the rewards of last month’s soul-searching. This is the month to take a new look at your budget, and rejuggle your financial life. Look for a surprise after Full Moon, perhaps from a friend, perhaps from your employer. Your special planet, Mars, turns retrograde on May 10-11, and life will slow down for you. Normally you have the special ability of allowing energy to flow directly through you into action. Now you’ll find yourself hesitating, pondering, often feeling blocked. It may not feel natural, but it’s OK to look before you leap.

TAURUS. Deep inside you have some new plans brewing. They relate to your everyday life and the people you love. Relocation may be part of it. Full Moon may incite a tug-of-war with a partner, or someone close to you. Don’t accept abuse. Partnership will be a major arena this month, and ultimately will result in gains for you. A new focus on money and budgeting comes up now. It’s a great time to begin a savings program. Career is unpredictable. It may be hard to focus your goals, and you’re restless.

GEMINI. This is a very big new start in defining yourself, Gemini. For the first time in 29 years Saturn has come round to your sign, and it’s time to get serious in a new way. Expansive Jupiter has been paving the way for the past year by opening you to new growth and opportunities. Now it’s time to choose which of those avenues you want to pursue long term, and begin to lay your foundation. Communication, the arts, and/or activism are likely pathways. You do need variety, and being a Gemini, you can handle two things at once. You have two years of Saturn’s shaping.

CANCER. A nurturing situation turns around for you, Cancer. It can be business, partner, or family. You are laying new foundations in regard to something dear to your heart. You’re always sensitive to full moons, and this one is potent. It relates to all of your resources and what you make of them. There will be some dearly held things to let go of, at the same time as you embrace new ideals. It’s a good time to clean out the house and give it a feng shui treatment. You begin a new period of inner growth.

LEO. You’ve had strange happenings in relationships the past couple of years which have kept your energy tied up. And at the same time your eyes have been newly opened to human possibilities. This month it’s time to focus on YOUR work. You have a window now to firm up your goals, and you can spend the next two years working on them. Your creativity, ever abundant, is taking a new direction now, perhaps catalyzed in part by a journey, move to a new place, or connection with a new outlet for your work. Emotions at home are volatile.

VIRGO. You’ve been in the crosshairs of the Sagittarius-Gemini opposition for the past year, and it continues full blast through the rest of this year. This is to say that your response to circumstances around you is crucial in the many changes which are opening for you. For the next two years, career has top priority. This month a distant connection may be the catalyst in any changes you make. There is much action at home, and a big change in home conditions by mid-month. By the end of the month you may find a new freedom in your work situation. Watch for burnout.

LIBRA. This is the perfect month to renew all kinds of contracts and agreements with people. Venus, your ruler, has turned direct in your house of partnership, and others are well-disposed towards you. You can, in fact, make lucrative connections now, perhaps with people who have been in your life in the past. You begin a strong two-year cycle of focus on communication, and getting your message out to the world. You’ll find yourself working alone more, and at the same time you’re moving towards your aspirations. Mind is very stimulated.

SCORPIO. Money and resources. Good thing you’re attuned to working with them, Scorpio, for they fill up your radar screen for the next few weeks. You have a turnaround in resources at the full moon. Some goody may be withheld from you until mid-July. Or perhaps you are preparing for some kind of debut then. All of your agreements with others are up for re-evaluation now. This is a time to make beneficial changes in your work or health conditions. Late in the month a disruption occurs which affects your security.

SAGITTARIUS. You personify Chiron now—the Wounded Healer and the Teacher of Heroes. This is an individualistic influence, and you find yourself set off from others. Relationships take on a new seriousness. You begin a two-year period of defining your own authority in relationships. You’ll find yourself letting go of relationships that don’t really support your core, and committing to those that do. On May 11 your questing stops in mid-track, and you draw back and re-evaluate who you are, what you want, and where you’re going. By September you’ll be much more clear.

CAPRICORN. Are you taking care of yourself appropriately, Capricorn? If not, health issues could arise now to push you into paying attention to your body’s and your psyche’s needs. You may begin new health routines, or a diet. Security in partnership is a major concern during these weeks, particularly as it relates to love at home. In fact, romance and creativity, as well as family and kids, are important in your life now. Some new and surprising conscious-raising experience will come out of the blue.

AQUARIUS. You set your new foundation stones this month. It may take some adjustments, especially in terms of your aspirations for freedom. At the same time make sure to empower yourself when you establish your base. Your creativity is going full tilt during these weeks. Keeping it focused Is your major challenge. There is special love in your life now, and it will endure. Your identity has been going through a big change process, and now you slow down and begin to assimilate the new qualities.

PISCES. Will you ever "settle down?" Well, maybe. For the first time in 27 years Saturn is entering the "roots" sector of your chart, where it will travel for two years. You’ll know it’s for real when you feel a new urge for a place of your own, preferably with a plot of ground. At any rate, there’s much going on both at home and at work. There may be a big change in your job or career. It will ultimately be healing. Money works well now. You may clear your mind by making a decision this month re something that’s been hanging for a long time.