The Planetary Square Dance
by Sissy Blue

The square aspect is formed when any two planets are 90 degrees from each other. This can be a very difficult aspect to handle, as we see from the following scenario.

Mr. Square woke up grouchy. Seemed like it had been a long time since he'd seen any action.

He glanced across the plowed field next to his position, laughing to himself how all the planets stumbled over the furrows before they even got to the exact degree of aspect.

Mars came rushing forward, as it always did. Mars never took things easy. It was always getting bumps and bruises, because it charged forward without looking most of the time.

Pluto crept along in the shadows, exposing neither itself nor its intentions, knowing it was almost to the square with Mars. Pluto was always ready for combat, and it wondered if the meeting would end in bloodshed.

Mars aggressively scrambled over the ridges in the field, hopping and skipping over the furrows, running blindly toward Mr. Square. It ignored the signposts that warned of rocks and thorns that may appear ahead.

As Mars got closer to the aspect, a sudden downpour wet the field, and mud began to build up on its feet, making it harder to go forward. Mars stirred up extra energy and pushed forward with all its might. I have to keep going! It thought. I have to hurry! There's no time to waste!

Suddenly , Mr. Square stepped to exactness, just as Mars tripped over a rock and fell into a patch of pear cactus.

Pluto glared down at Mars, who was crying about its wounds. "Why don't you take things a little easier?"

"I don't have time," Mars answered.

Mr. Square reached down and pulled Mars to its feet. "Now, look here, Mars. You are so rambunctious that you stomp all over everything." It looked down at the ground. "You probably killed that poor pear cactus."

Mars protested, "I'm just trying to get a lot done in a short time."

"You have great energy, but you try to leap ahead and skip important steps in whatever project you are working on," Mr. Square concluded.

"I shouldn't have to plod along like Pluto does," Mars argued. "There's too much to do!"

Mars looked over at Pluto. "What are you glaring at?"

Pluto put its hand on its hips. "Are you trying to start a war with me?"

Mars turned a small rotation, frustrated with Pluto's sensitivity. "I'm not the one causing trouble here!"

"Don't mess with me," Pluto warned.

Mars tried to dodge to the left, and pass Mr. Square without dealing with Pluto. "Why don't both of you just let me go?"

"I'm not done with you yet!" Pluto shifted its weight.

Mr. Square said, "Neither of you can continue your project or your journey, until you stop and take care of all the loose ends you left behind you."

Mars stamped its foot. "That's not fair! I rushed to get ahead, and now you're holding me up."

Pluto swore, "I didn't leave any loose ends. It's all Mars' doing. He's in such a hurry."

'It's time to evaluate whether your effort is worthwhile," Mr. Square insisted.

"It is! It is!" Mars said excitedly.

"You should pay attention to the warnings at this stage," Mr. Square said. "There are probably some changes you two need to make at this aspect."

Pluto snorted, "I don't even want to deal with this punk."

Mars puffed up its chest and challenged Pluto. "Why don't you just get out of my face!"

Pluto's anger began to rise. "Don't tick me off, Mars! You know what happens when I get mad."

Mr. Square asked, "Are you two just going to slug it out? Can't either of you listen to my advice?"

Mars knew Mr. Square was a challenge, and it was time to face the facts. Pluto would continue to be so stubborn that this simple disagreement would eventually turn into a full-scale wipeout unless he could find some way to make a treaty.

"All right, Mr. Square. I agree that there are a few things I didn't complete. I'll spruce everything up right quick."

Pluto watched as Mars splashed some facade over its past mistakes.

"O.K." Mars claimed. "That'll fix everything. Now, I can move on!"

"Not so fast! You didn't fix anything," Pluto snarled. "You just tried to cover it up! I'm part of this, and I'm going to get blamed for your hastiness."

Mars protested, "You're so fixed in your opinions, Pluto that--"

Mr. Square interrupted. "There's only two options here. You can fight—or you can dance."

Mars and Pluto looked at each other, and suddenly the creative ideas began to flow between them. Together they figured out a way to transform the project and correct the direction of the journey. Their new ideas and changes boosted the endeavor along.

Mars and Pluto were both so happy, they linked arms and danced around, as Mr. Square called, "Swing your partner, doe-se-doe, now promenade on down the road!"

The two planets had to stop and laugh at Mr. Square's rendition, which was slightly off key. But it didn't matter. The two space rocks enjoyed their frolicking.

As Mars accelerated out of orb of Mr. Square, Pluto plodded slowly toward the future.

It secretly pleased Mr. Square when two planets managed to user their positive possibilities. It hoped that when Mars and Pluto met next time, they once again, would be able to make dance, not war.

Mr. Square splashed in the mud puddles, as he danced through the night. After all, he couldn't be caught dancing in the daylight. He was supposed to be a bad aspect!

Sissy Blue, a former Astrological Counselor, now lives and writes in Arizona. She can be reached at