March Sun Signs
by Maya del Mar

ARIES. You invite new experiences and broaden your horizons enormously. Your understanding of the outer world grows by leaps and bounds, and your understanding of your inner world deepens. At the same time your sense of mission, always strong, increases. You develop a new awareness of the importance of an equal partner, never your forte. And you feel a new self-esteem, a greater sense of your own value. Besides all this, your dedication to and focus on your work strengthens. Marsy March is good to you, Aries.

Look for a shakeup at work, perhaps unpredictable. It may involve extra responsibility for you, for you are finishing your last full month of taskmaster Saturn in Taurus. Your big changes now revolve around money, and those changes will favor you. New things are brewing In your deep, mysterious inner recesses. Perhaps you are wanting to spend more time alone, and appreciating more being by yourself. Travel, related to your responsibilities, may be on your plate this month.

GEMINI. What a go-getter you are this month, now that your planet, Mercury, is direct again! You have something to teach to a broad audience, maybe even an international one. You could make major changes in March—new work, new home, new relationships. All of these shifts bring you closer to your ideals of independence. You are in a long process of joining society in a new way. You may feel like the world revolves around you this month, and from your point of view it does.

CANCER. Now you set a new direction in your growth process, Cancer, and move into it with gusto. It may include travel. Goals and purpose are changing, becoming both wider and more inclusive and also more focused. Work may include communicating with a large audience, teaching, or traveling. You have a powerful message to deliver, and you’ll change your working arrangements to put it out. Business prospers. Help from the angels blesses your path. This is a busy and exciting month for you.

All your connections which have been stalled or on hold move forward now. Old conflicting issues become more clear, and there is opportunity for resolution. Your relationships with others are, still, mirrors for you to develop greater consciousness of your own identity. Leo’s Sun sometimes shines so brightly that self-awareness is difficult—or feels unnecessary. You are making a new deal in joint partnerships and joint resources—watch that it’s not a giveaway just because you want to get out from under. Creativity is bursting now, and you want to organize it so that you use it to play a responsible role in the world.

Work has been touch and go, full of surprises, but the situation begins to settle out and calm down this month. All your partnerships are up for revival now, and you’re making revisions in your terms of agreements with everyone. You are not withholding love, but you’re rethinking all issues of give and take. Some form of radical remodeling is occurring in your home base. It is connected with working to reclaim your power there. Your mode is reactive. In many ways you are at the mercy of circumstances during this time.

Very hard work this month increases your value, both monetarily and in regard to your responsible reputation. Your creativity flows well, and you may change your working arrangements to encourage that flow. At the same time you are developing a tighter focus in your life. You are always working on equalizing your partnerships, making them more fair, and now another leap in that work is in progress. By the end of the month you set new parameters. They include your dedication to your partner and your high value on the partnership, but at the same time a new clarity about your needs in regard to justice and fair treatment.

You are pushing for something big in regard to your resources, and there is a breakthrough this month. However, you may have to wait until July for results. Money and resources are major action arenas for you now, and you are very creative in those departments. You make a new start in problem-solving, and this includes learning to incorporate new health routines in your life. The 40-day Venus retrograde period, from Mar. 8 to Apr. 19, is perfect for that. You may also feel a new reliance on women for help. In general, you receive wise advice and help from others. At the same time self-reliance is your best tool.

Wow! Are you going through a conversion, a metamorphosis, or what! You’re a big player in all of the months this year, but this one especially. It’s lucky you have lots of people around you to talk and share and travel with, and help disperse the excitement you feel. This month you create a new spiritual base for yourself. And from there, by the end of the month, you begin a new creative cycle. March is very busy, perhaps overwhelmingly so, but you do like it that way. Many interesting people cross your path.

You may be letting go of something, or someone, very dear. At the same time you may also be enhancing the value of your home and family. This is a destiny month for you, particularly in regard to family and partnership. Something may seem to come out of the blue (although it’s been building for awhile) which shocks you, and changes your mental attitudes. Money and investments go through many changes this month, and you effect some completions of things in progress. You make a new start in your foundations.

You’re putting on a new cloak, Aquarius, and it’s labeled activist. You must speak out for your causes. One of your forums this month could be schools, clubs, and the work place. You’ve been very busy growing yourself during this political winter, and by mid-May you’ll be coming from a whole new platform. This month you solidify your greatest resource, which is an idealistic universal approach. You also focus on communication, and finding the best ways to speak out. Your re-alignment is still in progress.

You push ahead into new goals and projects with much verve and energy. Something important and powerful, on which you’ve been working for some time, will come to the first phase of fruition by mid-month. However, it needs reworking, and it may be August before it is completed. You’re always in touch with your intuition, but this month ideas and images well up from your psyche almost faster than you can grasp them. You’re in a long process of change at a deep level. You’re taking a new look at how you invest your time and money, and setting in motion some rebalancing there.