February Sun Signs
by Maya del Mar

ARIES. Venus entering your sign is bringing you good things, Aries, perhaps love, for one. But you are working for them. You push a lot of people's buttons this month, and for the most part they respond positively. At the same time your mystical side is coming through more strongly, and time spent in contemplation or meditation can be very satisfying. Your financial affairs which have so occupied you will see some resolution this month. Family affairs are central now.

After a fast start out of the racetrack last summer, things have slowed down for you, Taurus. Not to worry. Your time has come again, and a lively time it is this month. In fact, you have the next two months to complete all the unfinished business of your last 28 years! Quite an order! You'll get help in the form of other people pushing you, cajoling you, surprising you, and otherwise impelling you to act on your own behalf. By April you will have acquired a new feeling of authority. Full Moon will be intense.

Who you know and what you know are both important now. Your golden voice returns in full force, just in time to communicate with the myriad of people in your life. Every one of them has a special gift to offer, so pay attention to them. Your focus is on your goals, your work, and your worldly accomplishments. If you let everything else revolve around that center, you will be rewarded in the long run. A problem situation from the past may resolve during these next two months.

You are in the middle of our current two-year eclipse cycle, Cancer, which is changing your life. And Venus in Aries moves the process right along this month. Something new and desired is beginning to be born for you. By May it will be well-formed. Family shifts are part of these changes, and there may be abrupt ones this month. Your attention is mainly on work and goals, perhaps new ones. Be creative and flexible in those areas, and open to changes in direction.

Activity at home—moving, redecorating, remodeling—continues until Full Moon. After the middle of the month you're ready to travel, and you may. Distant horizons can be (1) a relief, and (2) very mentally stimulating at this time. You have a new start in partnership, thanks to the work of this last year. Your modus operandi now is one of independence, a relationship quality which is important to you. You continue to test it out this month.

Your busy life shows action in every arena, but perhaps relationship draws you most. Shall you be romantic, sexual, or join a monastery? At the same time don’t lose sight of new opportunities opening for you in work and travel—and maybe the two together. Home, too, is increasingly active, as you are beginning an 8-month process in redoing your home base. Your actual working situation is also undergoing renewal now, and this may be a disruptive process. By the end of the month you’ll be ready for a big trip.

You might be spending your money on your sweetie. Or perhaps a trip. At any rate, money and travel and love are important this month. So is your creativity. A money or partnership situation might become unstuck. Others will look on you with favor and probably be happy to strew goodies in your path. It’s a good time to ask for what you want. A special partnership situation, perhaps a new one, which comes into your life may not be all it appears to be.

Looks like you’ve been stirring up a few hornets’ nests, including your own. Money will continue to preoccupy you, but look for a windfall to come your way by late February, possibly through an inheritance or legal settlement. Things at home have been very exciting, so much so that you feel a need to do some revising. It may that your priorities are changing. Pleasure and romance are big this month, and you may have a struggle about overdoing your indulgences.

Mars moves into your sign in mid-month to stir you to new heights. And you, Sagittarius, Jupiter’s darling, can soar! Especially now that Jupiter has turned direct and is rushing along with its messages. Politics and religion are both under Sag’s direction, and we know how they are both center stage. Now the Warrior enters the fray, and discussions will really get intense. You will be in the midst of polarization, and subject to disinformation. Analyze and discriminate before you leap to conclusions or action.

Capricorn, you are an opportunist. And now, starting your new solar year, you are in your prime, ready to take advantage of whatever arises. And you have lots of grist for your mill, for disruptions, interruptions, surprises, and unexpected happenings are the rule of the day. Watch out that in trying to fix things and meet your commitments, you don’t find yourself in a persuasive, but shady, deal. In the meantime, a partnership situation is arising at home which requires your attention.

This is your time, Aquarius. Speak up, speak out, and shine the light! You will be reviewing your social role, and how you fill it. Your two greatest helps are those people near and dear to you, and your spiritual resources. You need to communicate your special point of view. You have extra courage now, and your voice will be heard. However, you may need training, and this Mercury Rx month is the ideal time to get it. Try joining Toastmasters as a fine help for developing confidence in public speaking.

You have a lot of changes percolating in your unconscious. Essentially, they revolve around subconscious dependencies, and how you are ready to free yourself of some of them. This is in large part a preparation month for you, as you prepare for your new solar year. Work and career are your major focus, and assertion in those areas will pay off this month. Money or love may come into your life, but keep your options open, for the future may bring surprises.