February Sun Signs
by Maya del Mar

ARIES. The eclipses are thrusting you into a totally new alignment. Not only are you going through work changes, but you’re re-evaluating your entire foundation. Where does your security lie? How do you achieve that respectable place in the world which you so want? Communication is your key, and it must be communication of the truth, of who you really are and what you really want. You can push for your goals now. Others may challenge you, but in the long run you’ll come out ahead and in possession of your own power. Joint finances may be a focus now.

TAURUS. Saturn is very strong and well-supported in your sign now, Taurus. These next few months are your best opportunity to really get it together, and in some ways your last great chance for awhile, and there is no better time to get started than now. You’re conflicted. On the one hand you are restless and want to spread your wings. On the other hand you do like the security of your predictable routine. Fate can now help you put those two urges together in a practical way. Put your real aspirations out to the universe.

GEMINI. Your job is to communicate, and this month you get a whole new fix on how to do it. Perhaps you travel for your work, perhaps you develop a new web site or publication. In any event, your scope enlarges. This growth runs concurrent with others valuing you and you valuing yourself in new ways—perhaps in the business arena. Relationships have been an ongoing challenge for the last few years, and now you can make some corrections there. Your drive is strong now—guard against overdoing.

CANCER. Your identity is transforming during these years (2000-2002) of eclipses in your sign. This month the focus is on you as Cancerian—emotionally vulnerable, and nurturing. It is also on your partner, and other people, in their roles as providing a structure for you, a safe nest in which you can thrive. Emotions are your forte, and this month your feelings motivate you to work with others in creating those conditions which are protective for you. Ask for what you want, and it will come, perhaps in surprising ways.

LEO. You thought relationships have been weird for awhile? This month is the capper. There may be a battle royal. Some very long-simmering resentment on the part of someone whom you know well may erupt in explosive violence, or at least in some way that lets you know where you stand. Your change in consciousness is about how you solve long-standing problems. This month’s events force you to see new ways of dealing with others, particularly family members.

VIRGO. Surprises and challenges in your work situation force you to see it in a whole new light. Your need to shine now is strong, and you may push for a new kind of recognition. New opportunities may come through reaching out— publishing, traveling, teaching, or some form of promotion, perhaps getting the word out on the Web. This is all preparation for your coming debut in a new public, or work, role, one which features your communication abilities. This month you complete the foundation, and lay the bricks in the months to come.

How do you combine making a living with expressing your creativity? This is your action front this month, and there is lots of action. Hard work on the principles of abundance and your own deservingness will see results in a new awakening of your creative work. Autonomy is vital now, and you find new ways to express your individuality. A new security in home base opens to you, and it helps you take risks in creating the place you want in the world. Communication flowers.

SCORPIO. You are dynamic this month! After months of relationship stalling, your connections with others take off, thanks to your own assertiveness. Family secrets, or old issues, may suddenly come to light. Whether it’s through psychological, emotional, or physical remodeling, home will not be a peaceful place. You are releasing some old securities. Your consciousness changes focus on how you communicate with those close to you, and how you organize your daily life.

SAGITTARIUS. Old ghosts pop out of nowhere to wake you up to a new reality. Normally you tend to be focused on distant horizons, but this month you need to pay attention to all those things and people around you. Your mind will not rest until there is some kind of resolution in a partnership situation. In the meantime your mind is opening up to whole new dimensions of creativity. Your special focus is establishing a sound financial and business structure. This will require some adjustments, perhaps in curtailing your freedom.

CAPRICORN. You make dramatic changes in your money situation this month, Capricorn, and in all types of resources. Unexpected surprises make you rethink your whole value system. Go-it-alone independence is important to you, but now you find you must depend on others in a new way. Before the month is over, you may find yourself alienated from a friend, perhaps over a money issue. Saturn, your planet, turns direct towards the end of the month, and can bring a reward, or completion.

You may feel like a nervous chameleon this month. Everybody’s buck seems to stop with you, and the stress can be intense. You’re pushing very very hard to fulfill your obligations and handle your goals in the world, and you have to remember to give yourself a break. That will be difficult, for the pressure never ends. Deep and major change is going on within you, as you newly discover yourself. Spirit is your greatest ally now. Take daily time to allow it to infuse and nurture you.

PISCES. Love, receptivity, compassion, and empathy all come to the fore for you this month. Indulge yourself in creativity, music, the arts, and your romantic dreams. Feelings flow deeply, and will hold surprises. You are beginning, deep down, to release or to transform some old conditions, and the process may be disconcerting. Family—whatever that means to you—tugs at your heartstrings. You plant practical seeds now for long-range life aspirations. Travel is important for you, and in some way adds to your self-value.