November Sun Signs
by Maya del Mar

ARIES. A great deal of money may move through your hands this month, Aries. It may be connected to your past, for instance winning a lawsuit or a legacy left you by someone. It could be a result of excellence in your field, perhaps sports. Or it may be associated with your communication, such as teaching or publishing. At any rate, your net worth changes for the better. You begin now two months of partnership challenges. You can take a lesson from Libra—that others are mirrors for us—and use this action for self-reflection.

TAURUS. Saturn has returned to your sign, Taurus, to allow you to clean up unfinished business for the next few months. You may have been resisting it because it means you have to make major adjustments in your life. And you don’t like to do that. But now’s the time. Take the bull by the horns. Be proactive and make some choices. If you don’t, others will decide for you. For change is in the cards for you. Money is involved. In fact you could reap a profit. Just don’t make or sign contracts while Mercury is retrograde.

GEMINI. Your position now is quite amazing. For the last few years you’ve been tossed hither and yon by other people laying trips on you. Now you suddenly have a voice and considerable say over your world Can you stand it? After Mercury turns direct on Election Day, you can begin a new self-assertion. Some of your new leverage may come because you know other people’s secrets. And some you have simply because of your special powers of communication and persuasion. You can also be a more objective observer now than many.

CANCER. Scorpio now supports you in your current emotional work. You may feel less vulnerable than usual, better protected, and thus more able to assert yourself in your own behalf. This autumn is a time of huge realignment for you, and your partner plays a major role in these adjustments. He/she can be a rock and a fulcrum for you. One of the things you take charge of now is your creativity, especially in the area of communication. At Full Moon you may break free of placing excessive value on others’ opinions of you.

LEO. New home base, new partners, new work—any or all of this is possible now. For two years you’ve been working hard at inner transformation. Now the results appear out in the world. The career sector is your main focus, and it’s still a work in progress. Now is a good time to correct course, and be ready for next month’s benefits. Full Moon may coincide with a partnership disruption. However, goodwill and good communication prevail.

VIRGO. You continue to be obsessed by home and work, Virgo. In fact, these autumn months have provided you a unique opportunity to make deep, long-range changes in both those areas. This month your everyday life gets a new start, and it may be related to your work environment, to unusual health needs, or to new freedom in your daily routine. The first week of the month, with Mercury retrograde, may be difficult for you. Also, forward action in your work sector may slow down in fact, but there will be lots of talk and movement connected with work.

LIBRA. You’re the one who gets to decide—to mediate, to negotiate, to balance the opposing forces, especially for yourself, but for others as well. That one day, Nov. 8, of Mercury stationary in your sign is extremely powerful, and that fence-straddling position may linger with you. On the other hand you do have Mars in your sign and Mars does induce action. Just be careful you’re not just batting the same ball back and forth in a dead-end game. That’s one way Libra can avoid the commitment of a real decision. Travel beckons, and is beneficial.

SCORPIO. You have Mercury retrograde in Scorpio until Nov. 8, and have been doing a makeover on yourself. Full Moon will illuminate the new you! Greater self-esteem is one of the benefits, and that will continue to develop throughout the rest of the year. Money is an issue now, and you are pushed by circumstances to make adjustments with others. You don’t like losing control, but you may have no choice. Look for a surprise in the career sector, one which frees you.

SAGITTARIUS. Your transformation continues apace, and is working out well—as most things do for you. You’re re-evaluating the entire area of partnership, and perhaps feeling a need for more freedom than you’ve had. There will be much thinking, talking, and moving with and about partners and friends. You have lots of connections with people. At the same time you’re going through renovation deep in your unconscious, and one of your partners may be one who holds your hand as you dig for your hidden feelings.

CAPRICORN. Your partner wields extra power this month, Capricorn. Listen, because that is the direction of your future. You do, in fact, solidify your future security now. Be careful that you are not being taken in by a good story, for you could be fooled in the money arena. Your balancing job is to balance your intuition, which is good now, with logic—which may not be so good now but which is essential. You’re going through a very big personal re-alignment, which will, in fact, pick up steam next spring.

AQUARIUS. You’re changing old family patterns as you grow in independence, which is your life path. This frees you to improve many aspects of your life, including your health. You’ve gone through a lot of soul-searching with Mercury retrograde, and now as it turns direct you can begin to put new life into new goals. Mars brings restlessness, and you will want to travel, with your mind if not your body. Awareness comes that home base is not entirely settled yet.

PISCES. Keeping up with your own life is a challenge. Lots of new things have come in this fall, and you are now beginning to work constructively with them. As a result of these demands you are learning an enormous amount, and developing a new power in the world, for which you are being recognized. Focal points for your growth are family and creating security. Far places call to you, and you may travel, or establish important connections in a foreign land. Exciting new things will come to you out of the blue. Let intuition be your guide.


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