Sign of the Month: Scorpio
by Maya del Mar

"November." Say it aloud … sounds like a solemn power mantra. And Scorpio time is high power time. What is power? According to Webster: "the ability to act, possession of controlling influence over others, force or energy, a superhuman agent."

Scorpio is powerful because it dares to go to the bottom of things, to move through the deceptions and illusions of false ego, and to find the core of reality, which is the seat of vitality. Scorpio, in fact, must do this. It is its destiny.

Scorpio time brings us face to face with the core center of ourselves. In Libra we found ourselves through the give and take of relationship, through seeing ourselves reflected in the mirror of the other. In Scorpio we look into ourselves as we really are.

As we die all of the little deaths necessary to penetrate our cover-ups, false personas, and pretenses, we come to see our character as it truly is, with all of its strengths and weaknesses. Only by facing ourselves squarely can we know our true potential, our power for growth and achievement. Only by shedding our self-deceptions and falsenesses can we become acquainted with the creative spirit which is at the center of our being, continually transforming us.

It is through crisis and conflict that we are pushed to look within, to die those little deaths, to strip away false layers, and to reach a better understanding of our true natures. Thus the forces of Scorpio stir up sleeping problems, penetrate to deeper truths, and open channels for the emergence of dormant forces.

As we cooperate with Scorpio’s drive to grow, we can make great strides in developing strength and maturity.

The process is intense. It is one of death and resurrection. Under Scorpio we are forced to let go of old ways which are no longer appropriate and to cut bonds which no longer serve. Each severance allows us to be reborn to ourselves, to take another step into that vast and deep world within us.

Scorpio has three symbols: the Scorpion, whose sting is death; the Snake who periodically sheds its old skin and grows a new one; and the Eagle, who soars on high and has a strong connection with spirit. These can represent three parts of Scorpio’s pathway: as the Scorpion, a pull towards the dark mysteries of life, perhaps with negative obsessions; as the Snake, a focus on the hard work of continual self-renewal—rooting out selfishness and transforming it to strength and nobility; and as the Eagle, the ability to use her great spiritual power to uplift others.

Scorpio is the urge to merge—to throw all the resources into one pot, and out of the mixture to create something new—a child, a business, a work of art, a case of law, a productive life goal, a healing. Fertility is very strong during Scorpio time.

Scorpio asks for tests and challenges, and there will be obstacles during this time. If we identify with our spiritual nature, we will tap the strength we need to overcome our difficulties and resolve them.

The opportunity of Scorpio is to come to a deeper understanding of ourselves and what we can accomplish, to release our kundalini force.

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