General Astrological Influences, November 2000
by Maya del Mar

Scorpio promotes deep change.

November is a feisty, transformative, and very integrative month. Scorpio rules now, and it is all about birth and death, death and birth, always intertwined. In the northern hemisphere nature is laying itself to rest, while in the southern hemisphere nature is springing forth rejuvenated. Leaves are falling off the tree at the same time as tiny new buds are growing on the branches. It is time for the old to go, as we prepare for the new.

Scorpio is a time of the greatest evolution. It works with deep energies, and twists them and turns them until something new is born. It is a sign of investigation, depth, intensity, desire, sexuality, and power. It is a fixed sign, and once set on a course does not easily change. Bill Gates, Hillary Clinton and feisty Barbara Boxer were born when Sun was in Scorpio.

Reformer Aquarius joins Scorpio.

Enter Aquarius, another fixed sign, also set in its ways. Scorpio is a water sign, and does not let go of its feelings. It can love lastingly, or carry revenge in its heart forever. Aquarius is an air sign, and stuck on its ideas. Those ideas are about improving society. Whether or not they’re workable, Aquarius will fight for them to the end. Paul Newman and Ehud Barak are Aquarians.

Both of these signs are concerned with deep change, but they each want to do it their way, and sparks can fly. Scorpio is personal, pragmatic, survival-oriented, and more apt to be conservative. Aquarius is universal, idealistic, and relies on spiritual support—which can seem impractical to Scorpio.

The interplay between these two signs provides the dynamic drama for November. With this pair of forceful signs challenging each other, we can make big changes in the status quo.

Regenerative Pluto and expansive Jupiter are the focal point of action.

There will be many major adjustments, some easy, some difficult, some quick and sudden, some a long-lasting process. There is also a focal point which eases the changes. It is the Pluto-Jupiter opposition which occupied our attention and lives during September and October.

This is an aspect of the magician, the wizard. They are moving apart now, Pluto forward in Sagittarius and Jupiter backwards in Gemini. But even so they center November’s energy by giving us doorways into the future and an inviting look at new possibilities. They inspire us and keep us moving and changing.

Mars and Mercury in Libra encourage cooperation.

Mars, too, helps. In Libra, it encourages teamwork. It also keeps our autumn grand air trine going. Thoughts flow quickly, and communication is easy.

Especially active days are Nov. 1, 7-12, 16-19, and 27-29.

If you have your chart, check the degrees to get a hint of where the action is for you. The most stimulated degrees throughout the month are 3-4 degrees, 7-10 degrees, 15-19 degrees, and 26-29 degrees. Fixed signs are especially sensitive to these degrees, but all signs are stirred.

Mercury, the Messenger, is the star this month. Not only does it have many meetings with the other planets, but it makes a dramatic station at the very end of Libra on election night. 29-30 degrees of Libra will remain energized for many months.

Jupiter and Saturn, those big managers of Earthworks, Inc., are both retrograde now. For the next three months, we get to turn inward and figure out our own philosophy and our own choices about responsibility and government. Social cohesion is not very high through the rest of the year. We are less constrained by convention and custom, more willing to go our own way.

Weather patterns follow the celestial energy patterns. We can expect turbulent, intense weather, with much air activity. With water signs (Scorpio and North Node in Cancer) it will be wet and cool. Strong Aquarius means that patterns will be unusual. A persistent fire sign Sagittarius influence indicates that despite the quenching of fires by the water influence, we are still in a fire danger zone. Scorpio can be explosive, Aquarius unpredictable, so sudden storms or eruptions are likely.

Weather changes often occur around the times of new and full moons.

Financial markets also follow celestial patterns. Expect deep changes. Both New and Full Moon maps for this month show Uranus, the Shocker, through the U.S. West Coast. This shows big changes in resource and energy alignments. With revolutionary Uranus, continued protests against the exploitive activities of global capitalism are likely to erupt along the West Coast. A big vote for Ralph Nader may come from that region.

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