by Maya del Mar

Note: A VOC Moon period is when the Moon is making no further major planetary aspects before it changes signs. Moon and its aspects are strongly associated with our everyday behavior, and without those aspects to direct our course, we are left much more free to pursue our own ends in our own way. It is like you’re driving down the freeway and find the road signs removed for awhile. On the one hand, plans may go awry, you may miss your exit; on the other hand, inner work is greatly favored as those external "instructions" are reduced.

Times used are EST, because the overall influences for the United States are centered in Washington DC.

WEDNESDAY NOV. 1. Business consciousness tops today’s agenda. Developments geared towards reform, and towards the future, will move along nicely. Reliance on spiritual guidance and intuition is the key to today’s success. An overly pragmatic approach will lead to confusion, and exacerbate the difficulties of Mercury retrograde. Oil issues will be in the news. This can be an important healing day in general; in particular, there are special opportunities now to heal the wounded feminine in all of us. We may see examples of abuse and exploitation which bring that need to our consciousness in a new way.

Neptune comes on strong today, and dominates the month, especially the first half. Neptune stimulates the imagination, and can bring dreams, ideals, and great inspiration as well as illusion, delusion, and denial. Usually with Neptune there is some of both, for with cosmic Neptune it can be difficult to sort out the reality of earthly circumstances.

With Neptune we are pulled into whatever images and ideals impinge on us. The big challenge is to use discrimination. It is like being constantly brainwashed, and we need to observe carefully, to think, to remember past experience, to listen to that still small voice inside—which is easily drowned out by Neptune’s oceanic roar, and to recheck our own values, beliefs, and inner truths. Whose ideals are we latching onto?

Neptune dominates the U.S. natal chart by its position near the top. It is in the ninth house of advertising and exporting—and thus the nation is ruled by advertising, and exports its dreams around the world. Styles, movies, and oil are all associated with Neptune.

Neptune is major in our perceptual field now and through the election. This favors Al Gore, with a strong Neptune, and the two Piscean candidates, Sen. Lieberman and Ralph Nader. It also favors Hillary Clinton, whose moon is in Pisces.

Venus, now in Sagittarius, is featured today both energetically and visually. It enters evening twilight tonight for its brightest apparition since 1992-93, and begins its climb to its peak on Feb.2. Look in the West one-half hour after sunset. Observe the western horizon each evening to follow Venus’ slow climb and then descent until mid-March, when it turns retrograde. Venus has an 8-year cycle, and it will be 8 years before it is again this bright.

THURSDAY NOV. 2. This is a very productive, constructive day. We can work hard, perhaps on into the evening, and accomplish much. In fact, be prepared to stay up late for the next five nights.

FRIDAY NOV. 3. Moon is in Aquarius with lively aspects. The excitement mounts all day, as we build towards First Quarter which occurs around midnight. We are in a building phase of the Sun/Moon cycle, and at First Quarter we encounter obstacles which we must break through to continue on our path. Aquarius ideals now challenge Scorpio pragmatism. Mars has just entered cooperative Libra, and perhaps that friendly Mars can help us put both of those impulses together. Aquarius is gregarious, and sharing ideas with others may attract us this weekend.

SATURDAY NOV. 4. First Quarter Moon in Aquarius occurs at 2:27 a.m. EST. Reform is in the air. Sun and Moon here both connect with Pluto, the Great Regenerator, and with Jupiter, expander of visions. Juno joins Uranus to declare her independence, and to add "women" and all minorities to the declaration of equality in the U.S. Constitution. A new independence stirs us, and no one is willing to accept disenfranchisement. Three major areas are now up for rebalancing: the health system—and health and healing in general, the money system and its consequences, and the family system. Mars entering Libra today sets in motion a call for justice on all fronts.

SUNDAY NOV. 5. The challenge this morning is to adjust our ideals to the possible. The builder of new forms is in charge now, and we must be real. Moon goes VOC at 11:26 a.m. and enters Pisces at 2:13 p.m. EST, and new dreams flood our consciousness. Movies, music, nature, and water all have a special appeal now. Take some time alone and tune into guidance. It’s particularly appropriate now as we move towards election day.

MONDAY NOV. 6. Both power and magic are in the air. Look for a sudden surprise which springs something loose. Weather will be unpredictable in some places, e.g., China, Europe, and the Great Lakes area. By evening the mood will be mellow.

TUESDAY NOV. 7. Election day. Moon remains on course in Pisces until it sextiles Saturn at 9:04 p.m. EST. This shows that sober responsibility will loom in voters’ decisions. West Coast voters voting after that time (6 p.m. on the West Coast) will have a much more difficult time making their choices. Not only is the Moon VOC, but they get caught in the pincers of a Mercurian dilemma. Mercury in the heavens is standing still now, precariously balanced in the process of moving from retrograde to direct. Furthermore, it is placed in the very last minutes of Libra, guaranteed to cause agonies of indecision in anyone. Do try to vote before 9 p.m. EST. Early morning voting favors women, and "women’s issues" (which are human issues).

Mercury turns direct at 9:28 p.m. EST. The chart for that turning is very rich, with enough material for a book (or a country!). Suffice it to say that it connects incredibly with Al Gore's planets, and very little with George Bush’s.

Connections with the U.S chart are very favorable, especially in regard to female energies.

I personally am voting for Ralph Nader, and am delighted to have the opportunity to do so. There is no one with more credentials as a voice for the people and for the earth, and that is exactly what the political sphere needs.

I remember when Ralph Nader began his public work in the 60’s, when many revolutionary seeds were planted. For all these years he has been dedicated to fighting corporate exploitation, which is the big underlying issue of the entire world. The radical 60’s opened its Pandora's box to public view, and Ralph Nader has been a major figure in that opening. He has courageously spoken truth.

Mr. Nader has also carried the torch of justice and human dignity on high for all of these years. And he has been effective. It is he who has been behind such legislation as the Clean Air Act and the Clean Water Act, as well as a great body of consumer-protecting legislation. He has also mobilized countless people as activists on behalf of earth and of humanity.

In the current Aquarian vibration, the voice of the people is growing. By 2020, when the 20-year Jupiter-Saturn conjunction is in Aquarius, where it begins a 200-year air cycle, we will be ready to begin to develop a new kind of democracy, one where everyone has a voice. (Air waves carry speech.)

Jupiter and Saturn are the biggies that relate to normal expressions of society—economics, government, laws, beliefs, and attitudes. They get together every 20 years to initiate a new cycle. This meeting occurs in the same element for approximately 200 years. In May we started a new 20-year cycle in earth sign Taurus, which we are now beginning. This was the final earth conjunction for another 600 years, and so this period from 2000-2020 is like this season—the autumn of Saturn-Jupiter expressing through the earth element.

This Saturn-Jupiter earth order is in its dying days, and is fighting for survival. The new air order, of ideas and ideals and concern for humanity, is beginning to grow, and it has buds all over the old branches.

The air element refers to all activities focused in the atmosphere, and space as well. When Saturn-Jupiter last began an air cycle, in 1226, the Chinese fired the first rocket into the air. It is likely that the planned U.S. "conquest of space" will emerge in 2020. It is imperative that during this next 20-year preparatory period, we focus on visions of world and space peace, in an aura that supports the sacredness of life.

Perhaps the precariously balanced Mercury on election day is about the precarious balance of life right now. Can we support its survival for a final winter so that it is here for that new spring in 2020? And can we begin to build a peaceful, life-affirming world which supports the viability of all life?

WEDNESDAY NOV. 8. Reform gets a jump start today, with money and oil two of the issues. Moon is in gung ho Aries, Sun runs smack up against independent Uranus and Juno, and both Pallas and Mercury enter no-holds-barred Scorpio. On the one hand, we do change with the times; on the other hand, resistance is also strong. In fact, new freedom is on our plates, and it will work out fine. Allow big change to enter your life.

THURSDAY NOV. 9. Moon continues in lively Aries, encouraging us to march to our own tunes.

Mercury, always close to the Sun, is difficult to see. However, it begins today to be visible in the morning dawn. Look low in the east one half hour before sunrise. It will be visible until Nov. 22.

FRIDAY NOV. 10. Moon enters earthy Taurus, and we prepare for one of the year’s major Full Moons tomorrow afternoon. Again, take time to listen to your inner self. New messages are streaming in from the cosmos which encourage us to break the chains of ancient bondages, speak out our truths, and pursue our dreams. Take a look at Crystal’s Moon Meditations now, and begin to work with them. They enhance inner growth in a magical way.

Full Moon at 20 degrees Taurus occurs at 4:15 p.m. EST. The Scorpio lunar cycle is always about deep change. Along comes Full Moon Taurus to illuminate the need for stability and continuity. Taurus and Scorpio are both about the use of power, energy and resources, and this Full Moon often represents a turning point in how we approach our basic survival needs.

The grand fixed cross, which was in effect from 1998 into 2000, is back in place. Planets in all of the four fixed signs challenge and oppose each other, and none of them wants to budge. The four fixed signs—Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius—refer to power centers.

However, power centers are changing form, along with the dominant players on their stages. The change of Administrations in the United States is an example. Issues which have been hanging, resisting resolution, can now be resolved with sudden breakthroughs. Catalytic events can happen abruptly or explosively. This is because the big planetary influence with this Sun and Moon is Uranus, nothing if not spontaneous.

Liberation is a key word for Uranus. It’s now a moment of liberation of new energy and power.

The Full Moon of last Aug. 15 also featured disruptive Uranus, and fixed signs. Examples of that energy are the protests and Shadow Convention at the Democratic Convention, the sinking of the Russian submarine Kursk and its ramifications, and several new developments on the economic front in Mexico.

Breakthroughs now can occur particularly in the areas of family and racial abuse, and in the health field. Government, money, business, and finances are also of concern. Issues of war and peace are important to Mars in Libra.

Sun and Moon are now infused with independent Uranus, but they are heading quickly towards responsible Saturn. New directions will be well grounded, and woven into established institutions.

The Sabian Symbol for 20 Scorpio is "A WOMAN DRAWS AWAY TWO DARK CURTAINS CLOSING THE ENTRANCE TO A SACRED PATHWAY. The revelation to the human consciousness of what lies beyond dualistic knowledge. The "Woman within"—the faith that is rooted in the deepest intuitions of the soul—is seen here as the hierophant unveiling the realities which the either-or, pro-and-con mind of man alone cannot perceive. The path to the mystic’s "unitive life" is opened up once the darkness of fear, egocentricity and dualistic morality is removed. Courage is needed—TO PLUNGE AHEAD INTO THE UNKNOWN."

This is perfect inspiration for this time.

This exciting New Moon runs through every continent. It runs right through Moscow, Israel, Tokyo, the Philippines, Indonesia, and Brazil. It is a new Declaration of Independence for the people of the world.

Both Prague and Belgrade, seat of protests and demonstrations at the end of September, continue to be highly stirred throughout November.

U.S. action centers on Washington DC, Washington State, and New England. Europe and Africa are both extremely stimulated, and there will be much movement and communication on both of those continents. China is also in the news.

SUNDAY NOV. 12. Moon is VOC until 9:27 a.m., when it enters playful Gemini. Gemini sparkles in the excitement of each moment. It is interested in everything and everybody, and today we can have fun just being spontaneous and exploring whatever byway draws our attention. Good feelings prevail through the late hours.

MONDAY NOV. 13. Early morning may bring a desire to speak up about changes in our own lives and in the world. At 1:51 p.m. Moon goes VOC for a 22 hour stretch. Many interesting connections can come into our lives, and new ideas pop into our heads during this time. Be alert to your perceptions now. They are apt to be more in line with your inner self than at other times. Let spontaneity rule.

TUESDAY NOV. 14 and WEDNESDAY NOV. 15. Early morning may feel a bit disorganized, but at 11:21 a.m. Moon enters Cancer to put us back on course. Cancer draws us towards home, family, and the security of our cozy nest, wherever that is for us. Cancer encourages us to take care of our everyday needs. During these days—and night—energy is especially creative, potent, and far-seeing.

This Moon in Cancer is extra significant because it aspects both Venus and Mars, who had a conjunction (meeting) in Cancer last June 21, on Solstice, to begin a new creative cycle in Cancerian affairs. Venus and Mars will have their first turning point in that cycle on Nov.22 and that action is set in motion now.

What were you doing around the time of the last Summer Solstice? That activity provides a clue about the meaning of home, family and security for you, and how you are expressing it, as well as what changes you can now make in your quest.

Prophecy and vision are very strong now. Take time to listen to your inner guidance, and trust its messages.

THURSDAY NOV. 16. Moon is VOC in Cancer for much of the morning. Solitude, quiet, and contemplation are favored. Absorb your new revelations. At 1:09 p.m. Moon enters passionate Leo, and we’re on the road again, putting will, drama and purpose into our activities. Energy is high today and tonight as well, and we will be motivated to act on some of our new insights. These days preceding our Last Quarter Moon turn in the road are extraordinarily creative.

FRIDAY NOV. 17. We are taking care of business, as we have been doing all month, and many things move into place today. As the day moves on, we may be restlessly seeking release. Perhaps we simply hear the siren call of the weekend’s freedom.

SATURDAY NOV. 18. Last Quarter Moon in Leo occurs at 10:24 a.m. Scorpio and Aquarius have their last big tug of war until the Scorpio Lunar Cycle next year. At this quarter we move into the home stretch of the cycle, shedding baggage along the way. The grand fixed cross is again in full force, and again there is resistance to surrendering what is no longer needed. The solution is to create an attitude of generous, open-hearted giving—recheck the Full Moon Sabian Symbol. With Leo Moon this is quite possible to do. And in fact, with Moon now conjunct Transpluto, the energy of Resurrection, the hope of a new future beckons us on. Slow-moving Transpluto has been conjoining Pres. Clinton’s Sun for some time, helping him move through profound inner change. Now, at this Moon, he can truly relinquish his role as President. Any planet at 26-28 degrees of the fixed signs undergoes deep restructuring now. This includes the Suns of people born towards the end of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio or Aquarius.

The Sabian Symbol for 27 Leo, the degree of the Moon and of Transpluto is "THE LUMINESCENCE OF DAWN IN THE EASTERN SKY."

Sun and Moon both aspect Saturn now, and that means work and discipline, perhaps feelings of heaviness or grief about what we are giving up. At 12:03 p.m. Moon goes VOC until it enters Virgo at 4:15 p.m. We might plan to take those few hours to be alone with our feelings and honor the hard work which our heart is doing now.

SUNDAY NOV. 19 and MONDAY NOV. 20. Deep perceptual realignment is occurring now. There may be relief that we have moved through the death which Scorpio’s season brought us this year. We can forever let go of some things dear to our hearts, but Virgo Moon is quietly helping us to heal. Virgo Moon also helps us attend to daily life, which is very grounding.

TUESDAY NOV. 21. Moon is in Libra with sociable, vivacious aspects, and we may want to share our profound journeys with others. Others are mirrors for us now, and talking with them can help us formulate and clarify our new visions--the major work of the next few days. Tonight we can wipe our brows with relief as Sun enters Sagittarius. We have entered Pluto’s deep underground stronghold and emerged, not only alive but hopeful. Persephone is back on Earth, and life begins again to grow.

Persephone’s mother, Ceres (Demeter), has made her own Scorpionic journey this month. It was she who in her grief at Persephone’s descent caused the fields to die and winter to blanket the land. This month we may, in fact, have been seeing winter come fiercely, and resources shrink. Problems with food, resources, labor, and the work force are all expressions of Ceres’ woundedness.

WEDNESDAY NOV. 22. Moon is VOC in Libra for the entire day. Don’t make plans. Simply enjoy the people you meet throughout the day. Be open and giving. Leave ego motivation out of your exchanges as much as possible.

Action and desire clash today, as Venus and Mars challenge each other. Relationship conflicts may arise. Reread the above paragraph, try to be objective, and remember that we are at the end of the lunar cycle, where we are divesting ourselves of old patterns which no longer work. We can finish now what we started a week ago, when Moon was in Cancer.

THURSDAY NOV. 23. We enter the holiday season, a time when family patterns are either reinforced or shifted. For many, yesterday’s conflict was undoubtedly about that shifting, for the original Mars-Venus conjunction, which began this cycle, was in Cancer, the family sign. With Mars now in Libra, our partners enter strongly into this changing family dynamic. And with Venus in Capricorn, tradition has a strong attraction for us.

Moon is in intense Scorpio today, under the influence of Neptune in Aquarius. It might be a strange day, with confusing signals combined with strong feelings—all at the very end of the lunar cycle, which means finishing things. It can also be an extraordinarily loving day, with a nostalgia about the passing of the known and familiar. Scorpio, remember, is the sign of death and birth, the two great initiations of life.

FRIDAY NOVEMBER 24. Moon continues in deep Scorpio, with a disruptive aspect this morning, perhaps another difficult letting-go.

SATURDAY NOV. 25. New Moon at exactly 4 degrees Sagittarius occurs at 6:11 p.m. We have come through Scorpio’s dark tunnel of transformation, and emerged into this beautiful world. All of the fire signs are "born again" signs, and we are born now into the wider world. Suddenly our vistas are enlarged, our possibilities increased, and we are eager to go off and explore this big world full of wonders. We also have a new inner spiritual strength, for we have survived death. We return now to appreciate and love this world, and to share our spiritual wisdom with others.

This is a bountiful and benefic chart. Sun and Moon have tremendous spiritual and practical support as they lead us into new frontiers. The list of dignitaries feasting at their table runs the gamut of planets, as it should for Jupiter’s favorite sign.

Closest to them is Mother Ceres. Now that her daughter Persephone has returned from the dead, she is happily ensconced in Sagittarius, dining with King Sun and Queen Moon. She mothers through inspiring others to stretch their visions of the possible.

Next comes Neptune, beaming its oceanic rays to further broaden the scope and idealism of Sag’s vision. And Hygeia, intent on providing healthcare for everyone.

Expansive, optimistic Jupiter in Gemini is filled with information and the silver tongue to communicate it.

Sun and Moon will provide the understanding, Ceres the caring and grounding, Neptune the rosy dreams of new possibilities. Hygeia is the Surgeon General, and Jupiter will be the orator to communicate all this—and much more, for all of the planets have input here.

The planets and asteroids are mostly in universal signs, and it is thus universal ideas, philosophies, insights, and truths which grab us now.

Pluto is important now.

Pluto, the Regenerator, has been travelling in Sagittarius since late 1995, and as long as it is travelling through Sagittarius (through 2008), the Sagittarian New Moon each year will support a fresh turn in the spiral of transformation of all matters Sagittarian, e.g., religion, politics, law, sports, publishing, education, travel, exploration, advertising, all types of preaching and promotion, and all other activities which enhance our understanding and our being active in the wider world. Sag’s stage is a big one.

Sag’s scope is big, and it understands the power of community. Business mergers are Sagittarian, as are clubs, foundations, government groups, sports teams, bands, the old boys’ club, and all congenial, fraternal groups.

All of these groups are favored for change during this next lunar month. And in some cases, reversals, for Jupiter, Sag’s familiar, is retrograde.

Generous Jupiter, King of the Gods, is in charge.

Jupiter, associated with Sagittarius, is retrograde. Its action will be more individualistic and idiosyncratic. Yes, Jupiter is associated with promotion, groupings and mergers, but philosophical differences may arise now which create obstacles to joining with others in common interest. E.g. religious fundamentalism can shut out nonbelievers. This is a time for people to search their hearts, and find their own truths.
The seeds of change which are planted now are at inner levels, to be absorbed and nurtured within each of us. On next Jan. 26, when Jupiter turns direct, we can begin to share our new understandings and realizations with the world. This is just after the U.S. Presidential Inauguration, which occurs under Aquarian influence, and the timing is perfect for new forward movement.

The Sabian Symbols for both 4 and 5 degrees of Sagittarius are most descriptive of this month’s dynamics.

"A LITTLE CHILD LEARNING TO WALK WITH THE ENCOURAGEMENT OF HIS PARENTS. The natural assistance of superior powers during crises of growth. This is a picture of the conditions under which A RESOLUTION OF CONFLICT can be ensured at whatever level of unfoldment."


"AN OLD OWL SITS ALONE ON THE BRANCH OF A LARGE TREE. A poised and wise approach to existence based on a clear perception of unconscious factors and their operation. It suggests the possibility of developing a wisdom beyond tragedy, a peace and poise beyond conflict. TRANSLUCIDITY."

This New Moon energy runs through all of the continents. It is ascending in the Americas, with focal points in the Mississippi Valley, Chiapas, Mexico, and Lima, Peru.
It is on the nadir throughout Europe and Africa, showing new beginnings for those continents. In Europe, Ireland and all of the northern Mediterranean areas are featured. In Africa, we see Angola, Nigeria, and Capetown highlighted.
In the Far East the spotlight is on Bangladesh, China, southeast Asia, Jakarta, Tokyo, and Adelaide, Australia.

SUNDAY NOV. 26. Moon runs right over all these Sagittarian planets, and we are off and running. Exuberance may be hard to contain today. Plan an adventure—or create one.

MONDAY NOV. 27. Moon is VOC in Sagittarius all day. We are eager to get something new going, and yet we may feel at loose ends. Plans may not work out. Follow where your heart leads you, and ponder the meaning of that experience in your life.

Tonight, at 8:57 p.m., Moon enters sober Capricorn, and we get down to business. Grounded Saturn, who likes to form and build, is featured now. So is expansive Jupiter, who likes to enlarge its sphere. Our social role, our work, and the workings of society at large become important now.

In the midst of this serious Capricorn influence, Sun and Jupiter have their annual opposition. Here they take a look at how Sun has spread Jupiter’s messages so far this year, and how they might want to change their operation. Sun and Jupiter joined in Taurus last May 7 to begin this cycle. In Taurus the question is, "How does expanded vision connect to practical earth events?"

What special event or attitude occurred for you around May 7?

Many major events occurred in the world then. One major one was the installation of Vladimir Putin as President of Russia. Another was the meeting of the Asian Development Bank in Chiang Mai, Thailand, which included both mass protests and an agreement to prop up each other’s currency if necessary, a big step out of the shadow of Western economic domination. This move initiated a third economic bloc, along with those of the EU and the U.S. It was then that Pres. Mbeki addressed the AIDS conference in Pretoria, dramatizing the scope of the problem in South Africa.

The Jupiter-Sun opposition always occurs with Jupiter retrograde, and we get to rethink those positions taken at the conjunction. What shifts do you want to make now in how you expand your horizons and at the same time ground your new understandings?

Giving special advice now is Hygeia in Capricorn, giving her input on the health of all systems, and on health systems specifically. Pallas Athena in Scorpio offers shrewd strategy on all handling of energy and resources. She is also a good defender, and can participate now in creating workable defenses wherever they are needed. Specifically, a new strategy for dealing with AIDS may be developed.

Hygeia and Pallas Athena are two intelligent, capable, and service-oriented goddesses, now in signs which deal with crisis and survival. We welcome their practical input during this Sagittarian time of inspirational motivation.

TUESDAY NOV. 28. Moon continues in disciplined Capricorn, and we move ahead with our new insights. Ramadan begins today and lasts until Dec. 26. Jupiter is associated with religion, and with the Jupiter-Sun opposition happening now, there will surely be some special happening in regard to the Ramadan observance. Mars in the New Moon map runs through Iran and Saudi Arabia.

WEDNESDAY NOV. 29. Moon continues in Capricorn, with congenial aspects. At the same time, it stimulates the creative Venus-Mars combination which we encountered Nov. 15 and Nov. 22. Constructive work is favored.

THURSDAY NOV. 30. Moon is VOC this morning until it enters Aquarius at 9:26 a.m. We lift our eyes from the ground, and tune into our ideals of a better future. All idealistic planning and communication is favored. Again, notice those ideals permeating the culture, and try to disentangle those with which your heart can ally. For support, seek out others with whom you share ideals. But again, remember not to give up your power to them. Neptune join-the-flow is very very seductive.

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