Summoned: Encounters with Alien Intelligence. Dana Redfield. Hampton Roads, Charlottesville, VA, 1999. $13.95.

Pisces is about expanded consciousness, and new images, and Dana Redfield opens for us a door into another level of consciousness.

She is a gifted writer, with a talent for bringing the reader along on her journey of mystery and expanded consciousness. Dana’s whole life is a typical history of an abductee—missing time episodes in early childhood, suspicious phenomenal events throughout her life, evidences of insertions into her body, and indications of an orchestration of events that prepared her for the realization of the "alien presence" in her life, which occurred during 1993.

1993 was the year of the major conjunction of Uranus and Neptune, which began a new 171-year cycle in consciousness for all of us.

Dana was living in Moab, Utah. Her background includes Mormonism and military connections. She obviously reads, studies, ponders, and thinks deeply about the questions of life, and the meaning of consciousness.

The book is fascinating, written more from her thought-consciousness perspective than from external events. A big problem with which she grapples is the fear and protest aroused in being taken over by strange beings, and at the same time the love which she feels in contact with the alien babies.

Dana asks hard questions of the aliens, and they answer her. Yet, the ultimate outcome is mystery.

"Sometimes I believe the abductors are powerful energized personifications of us, flashing through our consciousness from a Probable Future, to show us in virtual horror what we will surely become, should we continue in the direction we are headed," writes Dana.

On the other hand—or maybe not the other hand—Dana believes that we are breaking through into an expanded consciousness, "In the eyes of my heart, I can envision a new human being who is you, me, and everyone breaking free. This new human being knows that s/he is not separate but a unique expression of the Divine, interconnected with all, now matured like a butterfly emerged from a cocoon; now ready to develop will in the light of a conscious awareness expanded to include memories of all of our lifetimes; now ready to live in true community…"

I believe that much will be revealed to us and in us as slow-moving Transpluto makes its first steps into Virgo from 2011-14. Transpluto remains in Virgo throughout the twenty-first century, giving us a long spell of healing.

Transpluto has a long cycle, over 500 years. It had just entered idealistic Pisces when most of the "founding fathers" of the United States were born. In Virgo it will begin its opposition, or full phase, and those early ideals can begin to be truly grounded. The practical work of realignment will begin in the next decade, and babies born then will be instrumental in teaching a new ethos in the new century.

Transpluto is an energy of resurrection. Dana’s timing and conclusions fit our embarking on a long process of the resurrection of consciousness. Her book gives us views of that journey.

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