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October 2006 General Astrological Influences

Note: These influences are working during the entire month, and form a substrate for each individual day.

October feels like a farewell to autumn. Watching the plants dry, and the leaves give their last burst of color as they fall, evokes a nostalgia for the fading year. And at the same time we, heeding the deep call of our ancestors, gather our supplies, repair our homes and vehicles, and prepare for the long shadows of winter. Socializing has a special value now, while the weather still allows us to be out and about.

Libra, October’s sign, is all about sharing with others, with love, harmony, and fairness. In Libra, we find ourselves by seeing our reflections in others. Libra is a sign of partnership, of give and take, of relating as equals. Libra can walk in another’s shoes, and thus understands that injustice to one is injustice to all. Yes, Libra wants peace and harmony—but she can be a fierce competitor, and fierce in her defense of the downtrodden.

This October is a super-Libra month. Sun moves through Libra during most of the month, along with Venus, Mars, and Vesta. Venus catches up with Mars to create an exciting love nest. On the big day of October 25, Venus and Mars come together in the second degree of Scorpio to begin a new two-year relationship cycle. Venus and Mars together show us the lovers, the artist, the passionate creator. We see here aggressive love and desire. Venus is love, and Mars is passion. Venus wants, and Mars goes after those wants Venus sees beauty, and Mars enables her to create it.

Venus is also a money planet, and Mars keeps money circulating for her—both coming in and going out. Mars is not patient, and there can be an impulsiveness here in reaching out for one’s desires.

Libra is an air sign, and thus feels an affinity with things that go through the air—thought, communication, and personal connections. Ideas and idealization are important to Libra. This is especially true now, for Libra is supported by Ceres and Neptune in Aquarius, another air sign, filled with ideals and ideas. This is a good month to sort out your highest ideals, and see how you can cooperate with others to work towards them.

John Lennon is a good example of a Libran, in both his life and in his work. His wife, Yoko Ono, also a fine artist, is an Aquarian. There is a website dedicated to John called John Lennon Dreamsite. Check it out. It is a great illustration of Libran energy.

All planets in Libra will be moved to action this month. This includes George Bush’s stellium in Libra—Neptune, Moon, Chiron, Juno, and Jupiter—which will be highly stimulated. This stellium is in his third house of everyday mind. His art appears to be using fear-mongering to create insecurity for ordinary people. This all happens in the U.S. 10th house, which is like a stage. Whatever happens there can be seen by the world.


The most important aspect of the month may be the least obvious, because it is so deep and so universal. All year, in fact since Winter Solstice 2005, which set the tone for the following year, Pluto has been squaring the Moon’s Nodes. The Nodes slowly move backwards, and Pluto slowly moves forward, and they have slowly been approaching their exact square. This month, on the historic date of October 25, that square becomes exact.

Moon’s Nodes, always opposite one another, represent our spiritual direction—where we’ve come from, and where we’re going. They operate unconsciously to pull in help for our spiritual evolution. North Node is now in Pisces, the sign of spirit, showing our current direction. Pisces is the sign of universal brotherhood and sisterhood. We are moving from Virgo’s picky separateness and judgment towards identifying with the whole. Our growing connection with nature’s cycles and consciousness of our interconnectedness is an example of this movement.

Pluto is deep power, the power of birth and death, of transformation. It powers the energy of a volcano and of a germinating seed or baby. Pluto means deep change. Pluto, then, has been helping us move towards that North Node in a big way. Now, in October, this high-powered movement reaches a kind of culmination. Pluto at the same time is conjoining the Galactic Center, a great energy vortex.

A very prominent example of this powerful square is the Lunar Eclipse of March 14, 2006. That eclipse was in Pisces, conjoined the North Node, and squared by Pluto. Lunar eclipses relate especially to “the people.” Among other things, this eclipse brought out surprising crowds of immigrants, both in the U.S. and in Europe, asserting their worth, and asking to be treated with dignity. We are, indeed, all brothers and sisters.

The Nodes remain in Pisces-Virgo through 2007. This is an abnormally long time in one polarity. The universe is giving us some extra time to move towards spirit. The Nodes will, however, not square Pluto again. I call Pluto the Lord of Evolution. Just as there is no denying birth and death, there is no denying the deep changes which Pluto instigates.

This year of 2006 has been an extraordinary year in which to make preparations for the major shifts which are coming. And October is a kind of climax month, in a number of ways.


October is also highlighted as a completion of the 2006 fixed sign square about which I’ve been writing all year—and last year as well.

The four fixed signs represent four different kinds of power, and squares show that there is conflict between them. If we want to move ahead, we must release some form of our power, and fixed signs do not want to let go. Thus we have been struggling this year with how to move ahead.

Two of the planets involved in this struggle are Jupiter and Saturn, those planets which are associated with the running of society’s affairs, and with our own social roles. Jupiter has vision, and with it we can feel expansive and reckless. Saturn is the stern accountant, and lets us know about all our liabilities. It also presents tests and obstacles—are we really dedicated to our goals? Are we willing to pursue them despite setbacks?

This square has been moving in and out of orb all year. Jupiter and Saturn do need to work together, but the square makes cooperation difficult. It is not helpful to social or personal stability, except as we finally resolve issues, and, in general, this has been a difficult year in many respects. Well, on October 25, the Jupiter-Saturn square makes its last stand—a culmination of the year’s efforts.

Saturn is in Leo, enhancing our search for personal authority. This is a historic configuration. The next time there might even be an opportunity for such a square will be at least 600 years in the future.


Jupiter is in Scorpio, adding to our desire for power. Jupiter will be highlighted this month by being accompanied by Mercury traveling through Scorpio. Scorpio is a sign of secrets, and the Jupiter-Mercury combination can stimulate a real insight into the deep machinations of power. It can also be obsessive.

On October 29, Mercury, while it is conjoined Jupiter, turns retrograde. By this time the Scorpio onslaught will have begun. Mercury has picked up an enormous amount of information this month, and will have much to review and ponder during its 3-week retrograde trip. Of course the U.S. election falls during that retrograde time, and it appears that the electorate will want a return to the past—but which past?

Cement good relationships this month, complete major projects, and pay attention to information, much of which will be most revealing. The most effective way to increase your power is to maintain your spiritual practices.

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Maya's October 2006 Daily Success Guide

Note: A VOC Moon period is when the Moon is making no further major planetary aspects before it changes signs. Moon and its aspects are strongly associated with our everyday behavior, and without those aspects to direct our course, we are left much more free to pursue our own ends in our own way. It is like you're driving down the freeway and find the road signs removed for awhile. On the one hand, plans may go awry, you may miss your exit; on the other hand, inner work is greatly favored as those external "instructions" are reduced.

Times used are EST, because the overall influences for the United States are centered in Washington DC.
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Today feels good, and it can be lucky. Earthy things will appeal—perhaps a walk in nature, preferably with a pleasant companion. We may be ambitious to accomplish things, and we can, but at the same time over-expectations are likely. Communication is on tonight’s program, possibly with a drive for investigating.


Moon is in freedom-loving Aquarius, and we may feel like being off and flying. Mothering takes center stage today, but it is mothering freedom and independence. People will be featured, for Moon, the people, exactly conjoins Mother Ceres at the moment she turns direct. They both are approaching visionary Neptune, and people are willing to demonstrate their ideals to the world. Venus has just entered Libra, emphasizing values of equality and justice. Mercury has just entered Scorpio, and our thoughts focus on power, especially hidden power. Energy is potent, but it moves along smoothly.


Yesterday’s independent energy continues, and is thrown into the social cauldron today. How do we fit our need for independence into our work, into our social roles? An obstacle this morning may show us something about its limitations, but after we pass through that crisis, we can accomplish much. Moon goes VOC at 4:13 p.m. EDT. Enjoy the evening in conversation with friends.


Although Moon today is in mystical Pisces, the independence continues. Uranus, the planet of freedom, is now in Pisces, and tonight Moon passes directly over it, and occults it. This hiding of Uranus is like an eclipse, and highlights Uranus, an energy which breaks through conventional boundaries. It occurs at 8:20 p.m. EDT, and is visible in southern South America and in central Africa.

Uranus is traveling on the ecliptic this year, and almost every month during the year, Moon occults it. All of these occultations occur in the Southern Hemisphere. There has been time to observe this phenomenon, and I think that each of these eclipses is a prod towards people of the world breaking free of subjugation. This movement is spearheaded by the global South.

This is an exciting day in the heavens, and the month’s major changes begin now. There is much idealism in the heavens, but at the same time we have bottom-line Scorpio checking out the real deal. Also, healing energy is strong now. Chiron will turn direct in a week.


Moon continues in empathetic Pisces, and makes a lovely trine to expansive Jupiter in Scorpio. We can get carried away with emotions, which are deep and strong. Being helpful, nurturing, and healing would be most satisfying now. Moon conjoins North Node in Pisces, the sign which represents the disenfranchised. Moon squares Pluto to give us a jolt at 4:33 p.m. EDT, and then goes VOC. An exciting movie might fill the bill tonight.


Today we prepare ourselves for the illumination of the Full Moon, which occurs tonight at 11:13 p.m. Preparation includes tuning into Venus, goddess of love and beauty and Maat, goddess of justice. Friday is always a Venus day, so we have a double dose of the love and justice goddess today. We might also connect with Mars, god of war, and Sun and Moon, the core of earth’s rhythms.

Full Moon is opposite our Libra Sun, at 14 Aries. Aries Moon reminds Libra to think about self, and the timing is perfect, with the current gang in Libra making our consciousness highly other-directed.

But even here, Libra has the last word. With Aries, we look at Mars. And lo and behold, Mars is also in Libra, finding self through partnership. In fact, bright Sun sits cozily midway between Venus and Mars, vitalizing the potential for soul union shown by Venus and Mars in Libra. Even further, Mars trines Neptune, the energy of unconditional love. This is all very idyllic, but beautiful ideals often conceal the seeds of disillusion. Rose-colored glasses are powerful, but they can block daylight from showing. So take nothing for granted.

This is a wonderful full moon under which to meet with groups, with friends, and with loved ones.

The Sabian Symbol for 14 Aries is

“A SERPENT COILING NEAR A MAN AND A WOMAN. Identification in bipolar relationship with the impersonal rhythm of natural energy.

“We see a man and woman in love walking together. At this new level of experience, a third factor appears: the serpent, whose coiling represents the spiral-like process of evolution—not merely 'sex' according to the maker of cathartic symbols, Sigmund Freud. In this symbol, the serpent represents the acceptance of relationship by the two polarized human beings.

“There must be a polarization before there can be fulfillment. The tragedy of so many contemporary lives is that, having become sharply individualized, the men and women cannot find their truly matching polar-opposite. Because they are not fulfilled at the root level of human emotions and vitalistic forces, they pass their lives seeking the ideal complement, often glamorized as the 'soul mate.' This search can find its expression at several levels. At the mystical level we have the examples of the “spiritual marriage” of Saint Francis of Assisi and Santa Clara, or recently of Sri Aurobindo and Mother Mira.

“The Adam and Eve story (in Hebrew Ish and Isha—much more significant names) refers to this principle of polarization, although the story has been turned upside down by priestly intellects to serve their purposes. Adam and Eve accepted the Presence, not of the Tempter, but of the Individualizer, who sought to have them born out of the womb of unconscious passivity to Nature’s God. But the result of the experience frightened them. They 'hid;' they failed in the great test of individualization, and in this sense the archetype of that failure is deeply imbedded in man’s generic consciousness. It is repeated time after time.

“Modern 'individuals' are confronted with another test, but they do not understand its meaning. It is the test of polarized conscious participation in the evolutionary process—a polarization that could dissolve alienation, isolation, and egocentricity. In a sense at least, this was the old Tantric concept in India; but today many young people accept the concept only superficially and miss its real essence. They cannot understand the meaning of entering into the serpent, i.e. of developing eonic consciousness and that transpersonal living which once was characterized by the words: Not I live, but Christ lives me—Christ, whose symbolic number in Gnosticism is 888.

“We are confronted with an image suggesting the transpersonal way to the “cosmification” of desire and the conscious acceptance of polarization as the solution of the problem generated by individualization. But this need not mean what is currently meant by 'sex' and the glorification of the orgasm. It implies rather the RITUALIZATION OF RELATIONSHIP.”

There is much to ponder in this powerful symbol and its interpretation.

The Moon family leading to this Full Moon has been very active. It began with a Solar Eclipse in April 2005, at which people in droves spoke up, e.g. in Mexico City 300,000 demonstrated against the government which was trying to arrest Lopez Obrador on fake charges; in Baghdad 300,000 demonstrated for the U.S. to leave; in San Francisco there was a big demonstration against Gov. Schwarzenegger for his anti-union, anti-worker stance. Pope John Paul was buried in Rome, and Charles and Camilla were married in England—the end of an era, and the end of a royal tradition.

At the first quarter in January 2006, Lopez Obrador announced his candidacy for President, and the Zapatistas launched their “Other Campaign.” The House passed the cruel and ill-fated Sensenbrenner Bill against immigrants. They also passed an “anti-torture” bill, which Bush countermanded with a signing statement. (He must be close to 1000 signing statements by now, which say that he can take exception to a bill that he signs.) Ariel Sharon had a massive stroke, an end to an Israeli era.

There were many other turning-point events. And always, when we have Moon turning points, the U.S. is stepping up the bombing and killing in Iraq.

It looks like the part of Libra which fights for social justice will be emphasized this month. We really need the Goddess of Justice, Libra’s symbol, standing strong! Aries Moon can support a firm stance for fairness and honesty.

Can we fight for justice by letting nonviolence and transpersonal love flow through us? As the Sabian Symbol suggests? Gandhi was a Libran, and he, as a channel for love, made possible the liberation of the huge nation of India from Britain’s firm grip.

The chart for this Moon is very similar to the autumn solstice chart. Its dynamics and its locations represent the autumn. Uranus and Pluto hang out in eastern U.S.—shocks related to government, Jupiter on the west coast—working positively with resources, and the difficult Neptune-Saturn opposition runs through the middle of the country.

Neptune-Saturn moves across the U.S. all autumn. This is authority spread wide, or authority widely opposed. But what kind of authority are we talking about? Again, much happened with this opposition. I am most worried by such things as the California Supreme Court making a 6-1 decision that police MUST withhold their police disciplinary records from the public, and the huge push to continue torture by the Administration. These are very big further steps towards an all-powerful police state.

On the other hand, the California Legislature passed the Global Warming Solutions Act on August 31, requiring California to reduce overall greenhouse gas emissions to 1990 levels by 2020, a cut of about 25%. This is the first time that mandatory emission caps have been imposed in the United States. But requirements are still below those of Kyoto. This Saturn-Neptune opposition also represents global warming being taken seriously in the United States, and it looks like that consciousness is spreading during the autumn.


Moon continues in Aries, with some driving aspects.

At Full Moon last night, Juno sat in a definitive place at the bottom of the chart, squaring Pluto. This morning that square is exact, with Juno on display at the top of the chart. This shows her very stressful connection with deep power. We see that Juno is now both the foundation and the guiding force in the country.

Juno is in Virgo, and now conjoins the South Node of the Moon and opposes the North Node, putting her in a pivotal place, along with the pivotal locations of 10th and 4th houses.

Juno represents powerlessness in relationships. In mundane charts, she is associated with some kind of terror. Torture and terrorism take over the nation, just in time for the election. Read the article on this subject in this issue. The Nodal involvement shows that this is a worldwide issue, particularly illuminated by this full moon. And the world focuses on the U.S.

With Moon in Aries, we may be militant about pushing our support of social justice. Action is called for today, and any kind of physical activity would satisfy.

Moon goes VOC at 4:05 p.m. EDT, but well-directed activity can continue into the evening.


Moon is traveling through Taurus, normally a slower, more relaxed sign than Aries. Taurus identifies with earth’s abundance, and it’s always a good time to be in nature, to garden, or to work with food. Moon opposes Mercury, so we continue to be stimulated to move. A walk in the woods would be very nurturing.

This Taurus moon is particularly excited. Mercury is in Scorpio, unearthing and exposing secrets, and getting to the nitty gritty of matters. (Actually, it would be a fine day to actually dig in the ground.) Resources, including money, may be up for discussion.

Also, Taurus completes the fixed grand cross, and it is getting ready to undertake that journey tomorrow morning, ticking off Aquarius, Scorpio, and Leo one by one. We may feel apprehensive, for Taurus moon will be an outlet for tensions of that grand cross. Moon is feelings, and we may feel torn in several seemingly crucial and conflicting directions.

Soothe your soul with some good music tonight.


Who is stubborn? Is it us or is it somebody else? With determination and hard work, we can set a course and pursue it successfully.

Moon goes VOC at 1:07 p.m. EDT. Our energy may be low for the rest of the day.


Moon is traveling through stimulating Gemini for the next two days. At the same time there are many harmonious planetary aspects. We are also still in the throes of Pluto squaring the Nodes and Juno. With this combination it appears that the transformation represented by the Nodes will flow along easily. Air signs have the floor now, and this means lots of talk and discussion. It’s a perfect day to catch up on email and desk work. Phone calls and chores can move right along. Tonight do something that gives you special pleasure.


Yesterday’s quick, but easy-flowing, energy continues, and we can accomplish much. This can be a magical day.


Moon enters security-conscious Cancer, and we have an early-morning wake-up, get to work, call. Moon is making a T-square with Vesta and Pallas, an excellent pair of guardians. This adds to the emphasis on security, and perhaps a focus on women as well.

Chiron, the Wounded Healer, turns stationary direct today, and it’s a great time to set your healing routines in motion. In Aquarius, energy healing is the ticket, particularly through such modalities as acupuncture, chiropractic, vibrational, and various forms of electronic healing. Chiron in Aquarius also opens the door to new technology. Vibrations are a bit unstable today, and electronic equipment is subject to being thrown off course. If you can, give your computer a rest. Clean out your refrigerator, and get your (healthy) food organized for the next week.


Last Quarter Moon at 21 Cancer occurs at 21 Cancer occurs at 8:26 p.m. EDT. In the meantime, the day moves along swimmingly, with water trines which throw us into mental-emotional-spiritual activity. Remember to emphasize the positive. Whatever our focus, it just goes round and round, like a whirlpool. And water has a tendency to be especially tuned in to the negative. The major themes now are healing and love. With Cancer, we focus on emotional and family healing.

This quarter moon lights up the Libra ascendant and the Cancer midheaven of the Israel Chart. It’s most relevant that at the new moon in July 2004 which began this cycle, the World Court, by a decision of 14-1, came down with these judgments in regard to Israel:

  • All territories since before 1967 are occupied territories. It is illegal to occupy territory by war.
  • All of the settlements are illegal.
  • The West Bank, including East Jerusalem, are occupied territories. This is illegal.
  • The Wall is illegal. It must be dismantled, and compensation paid to the Palestinians.

Still, Israel has been blithely proceeding with her territorial occupation, settlements, wall-building, and general ethnic cleansing of Palestinians. We, the U.S. citizens, finance and support this lawless activity.

Last quarters of cycles are times to evaluate and release. In gardening, this is when we prune.

The Sabian Symbol for 21 Cancer is

“A FAMOUS SINGER IS PROVING HER VIRTUOSITY DURING AN OPERATIC PERFORMANCE. The emotional reward accompanying cultural excellence. We find the drive towards individualization by means of concrete forms of cultural activity glorified in social and financial success. In its deepest sense, the symbol refers to THE PRICE OF SUCCESS. What is success really worth? A question few people ask.”

Late tonight Moon squares Mars. This is a super-sensitive aspect, and also prone to argument. At the same time, today’s flowing water aspects encourage partying and drinking. Be forewarned.


Moon is VOC in Cancer this morning. After last night’s activity, we may want to sleep late. True love vibes still permeate the airwaves today, even during the morning’s VOC moon. At 2:38 p.m. EDT, Moon enters bright Leo, and we’re ready to dramatize ourselves to the world. Have fun, be generous, spread tokens of love around. It’s a great day.


We are enthusiastic and energetic today. At the same time, we feel a cosmic connection. Spend the day in nature, preferably near water, or taking in an art exhibit. Art and beauty can dominate this day.


We begin the last week of this Virgo moon cycle. It is time to let go of the past, and the energy now allows us to do just that. Until New Moon in Libra next Saturday-Sunday, the pressure is off. We are building up to a very dynamic week after that new moon, so relax while you can.

Moon continues in fire-sign Leo, with many aspects, and we will be very busy. This is a sociable, pleasant, and productive day. We enjoy whatever the world calls on us to do. At 5:01 p.m. EDT, Moon connects with lively Mars, and we want to initiate some action, perhaps in communicating with someone special. At that time Moon goes VOC, so flow with the rest of the day.


With Moon traveling in Virgo, we are more serious and practical. Fine aspects help us to work hard, and we might consider undertaking a final autumn cleanup. It’s easier now to throw out things which no longer serve us. Ideas, information, and discussion remain favored focal points.


Moon is VOC in Virgo for most of the day. Catch up on odd jobs. At 3:19 p.m. EDT, Moon enters Libra, and the love goddess joins the party. Energy for the rest of the day is extremely intense and desire-oriented. Pay attention to what you want; you’re apt to get it.


Strong love is still with us, but idealism and altruism take over today. This is dark-of-the-moon time, a vulnerable period. Our urge is apt to be to hibernate and contemplate. Tomorrow night we have a new moon in Libra. Today is an effective visioning time, as we move close to the new cycle, and we can envision what we want from partnerships, and how we can best contribute to them. Libra wants a give and take of equals, a balance.


This is another super-Libra day. This is the last day of the moon cycle, and it’s last call to finish cleaning up our Virgo acts—but in Libra mode. Balance is the key here. Clean out your desk, for instance, but don’t get too picky about it. Energy can be super super-loving tonight.

It can also be fraught with problems. See below.

New Moon occurs at 10:14 p.m. on the West Coast.


New Moon at 29 Libra occurs at 1:14 a.m. EDT. Moon immediately conjoins Mars, and then moves into Scorpio at 3:54 a.m. A Mars-filled Moon moves into Scorpio now, and tomorrow both Sun and Mars enter Scorpio. On Wednesday, Venus joins them. It appears that with this new moon, we end diplomacy, and begin power plays. However, the new moon IS in Libra, all of these planets are just finishing passing through Libra, and so the power plays are all about relationships. For instance, the dark side of politics gets a real jump start now.

And this switch is a powerhouse in itself. This New Moon sits exactly on Black Hole Pele. Venus and Mars are there as well. Alex Miller-Mignone says about black holes:

Black holes represent the principle of transubstantiation. They depict areas of susceptibility to dramatic, intense, sometimes violent, and usually unsuspected shifts in the status quo reality, shifts which leave their mark in rite-of-passage type situations. They further show points of energy influx or energy drain.

Furthermore, Pele makes an explosive T-square with black holes at the ends of two other cardinal signs, Cancer and Aries. The U.S. Pluto at 28 Capricorn completes a volatile grand cardinal cross.

Pele was an ancient Hawaiian goddess of volcanic fire. She personified the female power of destruction, and lived in a vast burrow beneath Mt. Kilauea, Hawaii’s most active volcano. Sun opposed her at the Oklahoma City bombing, and at the Waco confrontation.

Square to Pele is Black Hole Kali at 28 Cancer. The Juno at the top of the 9-11 chart conjoined Kali. GW Bush’s Saturn conjoins Kali, as does Iran’s Jupiter.

Late degrees of cardinal signs are certainly ready to be pushed into action by the black holes associated with this New Moon. Look for a dramatic event which changes our status quo reality.


There are two other major stellar events associated with this New Moon. One of them is the approaching Jupiter-Saturn square (see article) and the other is a special Mercury-Jupiter in Scorpio conjunction. They are both historic events, last having occurred in the mists of antiquity.

The unique thing about the Mercury-Jupiter conjunction is that these two planets will hold this conjunction from today until the U.S. election. It squares Saturn, which adds a governmental influence.

Mercury is traveling slowly now, and will turn retrograde on October 28. This conjunction returns on December 10, but in early Sagittarius. This Scorpio Mercury-Jupiter combination concerns political, financial, and sexual matters. It can be superb at manipulative propaganda.

We also have Vesta in Libra squaring Pallas Athena in Capricorn at nine degrees. They make a stressful connection to the Aries Solar Eclipse of last March. That was when Olmert took over in Israel, Hamas in Palestine, Joshua Bolton as Bush’s chief of staff, and Ben Bernanke at the Federal Reserve. Finances are apt to be involved.

Then we have Chiron squaring the midheaven. Chiron in Aquarius is especially oriented towards technology.

And very significantly, Juno enters Libra right now, the Juno sign for both the U.S. and for GW Bush. This New Moon, then, is her significator for her journey through Libra. Juno is now at 0 degrees of a cardinal sign, which is another particularly dynamic degree. It will be nearly five years before Juno returns to Libra.

So what do we do today? First of all, make sure that we attend to our spiritual work. We need to stay centered now. Secondly, pay strict attention to being fair in relationships. If you’re uncertain about what’s fair, check it out. Check your own impulses for aggrandizement at someone else’s expense. Relationships are our milieu now, and that is where we are being tested. Thirdly, we could begin a big constructive project, preferably with a team.

This is an intense day. Hard work and critical problem-solving can siphon off some of our need for activity.

The Sabian Symbol for 29 Libra is

“HUMANKIND’S VAST AND ENDURING EFFORT TO REACH FOR KNOWLEDGE TRANSFERABLE FROM GENERATION TO GENERATION. A deep sense of participation in, and commitment to, social processes which seek to bring to all persons Truth and a greater life. The most characteristic trait in human nature is the ability to “bind time,” that is, the ability to transfer to others as yet unborn the harvest of conscious experiences and deliberate endeavors. This ability far transcends instinct and biological mutations, for it is based on consciousness, choice, will, and self-sacrifice for the sake of future human beings. It rests upon a deep feeling of the value of community; its use increases this feeling, and eventually destroys the roots of loneliness. This suggests the technique that makes life truly “human.” To join other men and women in the vast process of a living civilization is to fulfill the basic implications of the human stage of cosmic evolution—a stage characterized by CONSCIOUS PARTICIPATION.”

What an inspirational symbol as a guide for participation in the U.S. election!

Astro*Carto*Graphy shows difficult planetary lines in much of the world. Western Europe looks most peaceful, and perhaps it can have some objectivity about events now being stimulated.

The great Sun-Moon-Mars-Venus gathering runs down through eastern United States, the Caribbean, and southern Mexico. It also goes through eastern Europe, central Africa, and southeast Asia.

Neptune—universality—and Saturn—boundaries and definition—together run through Alaska, the eastern part of the Americas, Russia, Israel, eastern Africa, and Japan and Indonesia.

Mercury-Jupiter goes through central South America, the Middle East, centering on Baghdad, eastern Africa, and Indonesia.

Indonesia is particularly stressed.

Unpredictable Uranus goes right through Tehran, Australia, and is close to the west coast of the U.S.


Moon continues traveling in Scorpio, and the high voltage continues. Every few hours between midnight and noon we put another log on the burning fire. We begin and end with Moon in Scorpio trining Uranus and squaring Neptune, those two planets which draw us into weird spaces and dimensions.

First we experience Sun conjoined Mars, a vitalizing aspect, setting in motion a 2-year Mars cycle. Mars will be imprinted with today’s energy throughout that cycle. This occurs at 30 Libra, still conjoined Black Hole Pele. Venus is close behind, bringing desire into the intensity of the energy. There are many aspects at this time, including two Fingers of God.

Next, Mercury squares Saturn, the obstacle course, while at the same time conjoining Jupiter, the gambler, both in Scorpio. With Mercury, we are very conscious of the Saturn-Jupiter square now occurring. Mercury is on Jupiter’s side, ready for adventure despite warnings of caution.

Sun then enters Scorpio, to really bring power to the fore. Jupiter-Mercury are exactly rising in Washington DC at this moment, and Saturn (whom they square) sits above Washington. That historic square is front and center—literally—in the nation’s capital.

When Mars enters Scorpio at 12:38 p.m. EDT, it is right over Washington DC, between Sun and Venus.

Investigate, listen, learn, but keep your cool. Stay busy. Do physical exercise. If you have time for a nap this afternoon, take one. Sleep might be difficult tonight.


Important aspects continue throughout the night. At 2:56 a.m. EDT, Moon goes VOC for a 12-hour stretch, although in the meantime Venus enters dynamic Scorpio. Hopefully we can use this time to absorb the weekend’s energy. At 2:53 p.m., Moon enters Sagittarius, and the vibration becomes more upbeat. Still, with 5 planets in Scorpio, extroversion is not about to take us over. And tomorrow is another big day. Again, we may find sleep difficult.


Moon is in adventurous Sagittarius, and it becomes easier to emphasize the positive. Early in the morning we have Venus conjunct Mars—and Sun as well—at two degrees of Scorpio. Venus and Mars together are the creators, and we begin a two-year creative cycle now. Venus-Mars together also represent relationships, and thus we can expect two years of transformation in relationships. The last Venus-Mars cycle also began in Scorpio, so we continue this process of crisis and rebirth. During this week, Venus moves over Sun and Mars, and transmits her magnetic energy to them. This is a super charismatic time.

And in its throes, Jupiter and Saturn finally make their waxing square in Leo and Scorpio. This kind of square will not happen again for hundreds, perhaps thousands, of years. Mercury is right there, telling us all about it. Money will be one of the issues. The exact square occurs at 1:26 p.m. EDT.

For many of us, the struggles which we have been undergoing will begin to come to a climax now.


We have a hard working, but successful, morning, and then Sagittarius Moon goes VOC at 2:02 p.m. EDT, for the rest of the day. Take a well-earned rest this afternoon. Tomorrow we get into action early, with Moon in industrious Capricorn.


Today is filled with easy, pleasant aspects, and with Moon in Capricorn, we can take advantage of them to be productive professionally. This is the perfect day to schedule an important business meeting, for instance.

Healing is vitalized today. Sun conjoins Venus—in Scorpio, of course—to begin a 19-month Venusian cycle. This is about attracting to us what we want; Venus is magnetic. Scorpio can be a healing sign in itself, but more than that, Venus-Mars squares Chiron now, to thrust that conjunction into higher vibrational levels. There is always the possibility of a jolt from Chiron. Venus will carry this new age energy into her cycle.


Moon continues in Capricorn, with connections to important people and society’s doings. At 3:16 p.m. EDT, Mercury turns retrograde. Mercury is at 26 Scorpio, an intrinsic part of the Jupiter-Saturn square, and people everywhere undoubtedly have a lot to think about. Jupiter is associated with expansion, and there is apt now to be some sort of contraction, as its partner, Mercury, turns retrograde. For the next three weeks, you are warned against signing contracts or making important purchases or decisions.

Today and tomorrow are unstable, due to planetary directional changes. Tomorrow Neptune turns direct. The combination of a Mercury retrograde station and a Neptune direct station can induce major earth changes.


The first of today’s two big events is visionary Neptune turning direct just after we turn the clock back to standard time. Neptune turns at 2:57 a.m. EST, while Moon is still VOC in Capricorn. VOC Moon can indicate unpredictability. This Moon happens to conjoin the U.S. Pluto. This turn could shake up the power-money structures of the nation. Capricorn is an earth sign, and concerned with structures. Earth and all of her products are subject to a shakeup. The food-labor system may be central, for earth mother Ceres has conjoined Neptune since last April. This includes Neptune’s five-plus months of retrogradation. Note that Ceres, too, just turned direct this month. One thing that is certain to be outfront now is the immigration issue.

Moon moves into Aquarius at 5:17 a.m., and the day is lively, and awash with future-oriented ideas. We will enjoy discussing issues, especially as they concern the current political situation.

At 4:25 p.m., Moon comes into a square with Sun, and makes its First Quarter at 7 Aquarius. The current Moon cycle is Libran. Libra is an air sign, and so is Aquarius. Air is well supported now, i.e., thinking, planning, and sharing thoughts. This is a vital element, for it is thoughts that set manifestation in motion.

This Moon also supports the changes to direct traveling of Ceres, Neptune, and Chiron, all in Aquarius. Chiron is Moon’s closest companion now, and this too promises an unpredictable shift which—eventually—puts us into healing mode.

Moon and Chiron very closely square the Mars-Sun-Venus in early Scorpio. A Scorpio-Aquarius square can tie power to altruistic, humanitarian ends. (This is Lopez Obrador’s Sun-Moon combination.)

The Sabian Symbol for 7 Aquarius is

“A CHILD IS BEING BORN OUT OF AN EGG. The emergence of new mutations according to the great rhythms of the cosmos. Here we see the appearance of a new type of human being who is not born from “Ancestors” and who is therefore free from the inertia of mankind’s past. He constitutes a fresh projection of the creative Spirit which emanates from the cosmic or planetary Whole, and not from any cultural or racial tradition. THE EMERGENCE OF GLOBAL HUMANKIND.”

This so fits the energy now. Scorpio is the sign of rebirth, Aquarius the sign of the future and of breaking through the restrictions of the past.

It’s relevant that rising in Washington DC now is 21 Aries, the degree of the U.S Chiron. It makes a grand fire trine with Saturn in Leo and Pluto in Sagittarius. The quest has very strong and enthusiastic backing.


Moon continues in progressive Aquarius, and furthermore we have additional support for that Aquarian rebirth. Mars in Scorpio squares Chiron this morning to play hero, and push along Chiron’s drive to better the world.

Since the Libra New Moon, there has been much powerful movement in the heavens, i.e., deep, permanent change in our affairs. The planets promote huge, positive transformation. May we take the high road, despite the temptations of “winning” at a cost to our souls. The Moon's Nodes and Pluto have been the center of this transformation. As the month progressed, Saturn, Jupiter, and Mercury have also become part of the core activity. Political communication about social conditions and power is the crux of this gathering.

Today, perhaps, we see the truth of what we’ve been about. Mercury has its retrograde conjunction with Jupiter at 25 Scorpio, still square Saturn. (Their final conjunction is on December 10.)


Moon is VOC until 9:11 a.m. EST. Even then, gentle Pisces is not likely to fill us with “doing” drive. With Pisces, we like to flow with the current, dream, create, contemplate, connect with the subtle vibrations. The artist is strong in us today. Evening is lively, and participation in any of the arts would be satisfying.

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