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October 2005 General Astrological Influences

Note: These influences are working during the entire month, and form a substrate for each individual day.

October is Libra’s month. Libra is the season when we work to balance opposites, and relationships are our main instruments. Special issues are giving and getting, cooperating and fighting, going it alone and encouraging teamwork, pleasing others and pleasing ourselves, not making waves but stirring up consciousness of injustice. With all these opposing forces to balance, it’s small wonder that Libra can sometimes be a fence-sitter!

In Libra we are very conscious of imbalance, and our impetus is to set life on a fair, steady, and harmonious course. We may let things pass for the sake of harmony, but on the other hand we may fight fiercely for justice, to speak for the underdog. “Fighting for peace” is a Libran idea.

The U.S. has a Libran midheaven. It is Libra qualities which we show to the world in being arguably the most aggressive nation, and yet (prior to the Bushes) promoting “Pax Americana.”

Engraved on the Supreme Court Building in Washington, is EQUAL JUSTICE UNDER LAW. This is a major ideal of the United States, and we continue to struggle for that equality. But we never have it. Libra is a very difficult energy, always reaching for the “impossible dream.”

In Libra, we notice people as people rather than as stereotypes, and value their individuality. Now, for instance, we are particularly aware of the hundreds of thousands of people who have been displaced by Hurricane Katrina. We are aware of their needs as human beings, and aware of the social injustices which many of them have endured and are enduring, and how those same injustices may block a decent future for them. And how by a small twist of fate, we could be in their shoes.

A major Libran question which people are asking is, “How do we turn this catastrophe into a more equitable society?”

In Libra, we look in a mirror, and see parts of ourselves reflected. We can jump into another’s shoes. The trick is to stay in our own shoes as we do that, to identify and balance the real self and the reflection.

Libra is the true sign of opposites. There is me, and there is you. Separate but equal. This is also the sign of partnership.

Nodes of the Moon, always opposite one another, are featured this month. It is the Nodal polarity in which eclipses occur approximately every six months. Nodes remain in the same polarity for about one and one-half years. Thus there are eclipses in a particular polarity for about one and one-half years. South Node shows what we have come from; North Node shows where we are going. We discard the outmoded at the South Node; we attract those things and people which further us on our pathway at the North Node. Nodes operate unconsciously and inexorably.

By their very nature, Nodes have a Libran quality. Thus Libra time always emphasizes the Nodes. But more than that: currently the Moon’s Nodes are themselves in the polarity of Aries and Libra—self and other, war and peace. (The Nodes, which move backwards through the zodiac, enter the Pisces-Virgo polarity in June 2006.)

This means that we also experience eclipses in Libra and in Aries—a New Moon Solar Eclipse on October 3, and a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on October 17.

“Eclipse” is often a scary word for people. It does mean change, and that change tends to be sudden and unpredictable. What is predictable is that the change furthers progress along a pathway which is already underway. The eclipse is a catalyst which opens new doors or closes old ones, often dramatically.

Times of action of eclipses vary, from on or around the eclipse itself to weeks, months, and even years before and after. Eclipses sensitize points in the zodiac, and stimulation of those points activates them.

So with eclipses now in Libra and Aries, it is Libra-Aries issues which are catalyzed—war and peace, social justice, justice in general, and partnership. This is the axis which is the backbone of both the United States and of GW Bush. Security and goals are involved in both instances.

Examples of eclipse issues arising around this time are intensification of the Iraq mess around its constitution, where the big questions are about balancing power, and balancing ethnic groups. Cindy Sheehan questioning the justice of the war in Iraq is Libran, as is further U.S. military participation in Iraq. We have the changes and the proposed changes in the Supreme Court, where all kinds of minority rights are currently in question with the Roberts hearings. Most dramatically, Hurricane Katrina is showing us ancient, current, and future inequities in our society.

Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans exactly when Venus transited 11 Libra, the same degree as the Solar Eclipse which will occur on October 3, an example of eclipses acting before their literal occurrence. (Venus rules Libra, thus is particularly significant now—as is Mars, ruler of Aries.)

In the wider world there are many shifts in economic, business, and governmental relationships, and the UN is at a critical point in its reformation. Is the U.S. the boss of the UN? Many states are also focused on similar issues, e.g., the California legislature passed a bill legalizing gay marriage—which was vetoed by Gov. Schwarzenegger.

Scientists tell us that in regard to global warming, we have probably reached the tipping point. The balance has shifted.

In our personal lives, many relationships are undergoing major change. Planets have been clustering around the Libra South Node for the last two months, and there has been a loosening of the kind of community and cooperation which we have known. We are left floundering towards the lonely Aries North Node, where we are more on our own. The hurricane survivors are prime examples.

This emphasis on the Aries-Libra axis exacerbates the major changes which we are all undergoing, and there is much insecurity now.

The insecurity, and the issues which are current, continue during October. However, new large and surprising events will happen. They affect each of us primarily in the areas of partnerships, and all relationships, as well as social justice, equality, our Aries and Libra planets, and those houses in our charts with the signs of Libra and Aries on their cusps.

The planetary energies of October are, in many ways, similar to those of August and September, including the Fingers of God, but October is more intense. You can, in fact, reread General Influences for September to get a feel for October. But now we know what the fields of action are. This month we need to focus on our direction and our intentions. And we need to look at our choices. Retrograde Mars will allow us to look inwards at how we handle energy, and make some new choices.

We undergo deep transformation this month. Not only are there two eclipses, but Pluto is the major player in the heavens.

Pluto was the hurricane marker. It was stationary all during the week of Hurricane Katrina, and turned direct in early September. Indeed, this is a moment of enormous transformation in the United States. We have many choices and opportunities open to us, the people, now. And we also have the choice of passively accepting the onward march of the militarized, unfree State.

The window is open, for instance, for impeachment proceedings against the Bush Administration. Do a majority of Americans want this to happen? If so, can we put enough pressure on our Congresspeople to begin it? There are more than enough legal grounds, but is there the will? Even if it seems like a fantasy now, it might be possible, for sudden changes often accompany eclipses.

Mars in Taurus is the other major planetary energy this month. Mars turns retrograde on October 1, and slides in reverse until December 9. This is a very influential journey for Mars. Remember my saying that August’s events were important and with lasting consequences because with retrograde Mercury in Leo and the coming retrograde Mars in Taurus, many of the fixed sign degrees would be stimulated and restimulated over the autumn months. Well, these are the months. Mars doesn’t start covering new territory until early February. This tells us that much of the current chaos could be settled down by then.

And then comes the fallout. In Taurus, money and resources (such as oil) are the vulnerable areas.

For now, we all have much to do. However, retrograde Mars slows things down. Expect obstacles and delays for the next two months.

As I’ve said, our current retrograde Mars is a preview of the U.S. progressed Mars turning retrograde next year (and lasting for 80 years).

Taskmaster Saturn also puts on a good show this month. Saturn, too, puts obstacles in our pathway. It makes us work for our rewards, and lets us know what we haven’t done right. Saturn is grounding, and in Leo our creativity is being put to the test of reality. (For more on Saturn in Leo, refer to July and August General Influences.)

Jupiter makes its big annual move, this year into the dynamic sign of Scorpio. In Scorpio it helps us to use resources creatively, and to destroy what we must. Jupiter can bring benefits to all planets in Scorpio, but at the same time it is very much of an extremist.

Visionary Neptune is still traveling in Aquarius, and it turns direct this month. The quartet of fixed signs are thus all occupied, and there will be stress and tension amongst them. (They are Aquarius, Scorpio, Leo, and Taurus.) The fixed signs resist change, and with their squares, we will experience many power struggles.

October will be another challenging month. We are participating in a long and steady, and huge, transformational process. How can we assume a creative and productive role in this process? Read Crystal Pomeroy’s columns for help.

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Maya's October 2005 Daily Success Guide

Note: A VOC Moon period is when the Moon is making no further major planetary aspects before it changes signs. Moon and its aspects are strongly associated with our everyday behavior, and without those aspects to direct our course, we are left much more free to pursue our own ends in our own way. It is like you're driving down the freeway and find the road signs removed for awhile. On the one hand, plans may go awry, you may miss your exit; on the other hand, inner work is greatly favored as those external "instructions" are reduced.

Times used are EST, because the overall influences for the United States are centered in Washington DC.
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Moon is in Virgo, and we continue in an independent mode. This is a super-creative day, and it may be conflict which engenders that creativity. Mars turns retrograde at 6:04 p.m. EDT, and for about nine weeks we can review and revise our use of aggressive energy. We do have a lot of work ahead, and today we can analyze well those tasks in front of us. However, the work will be slow. During a Mars retrograde time, we never really take our foot off the brake.

Mars makes close aspects to all of the other planets right now. This means that our whole selves are pulled into the endeavor which retrograde Mars is backing into. Mars’ major aspect is an opposition to Venus in Scorpio. The opposition promotes alienation in relationships—especially in these two stubborn and sometimes greedy signs. This makes Libra’s challenge to balance relationships very difficult. It is especially difficult since the Mars-Venus conjunction which began this cycle was in the extremist sign of Scorpio last December. Arguments over turf are likely. In December there was a great deal of underground manipulation occurring in the financial system, intelligence services, voting in the U.S., and, with Scorpio, who knows what else.

Oppositions are like full moons. They represent illumination and turning points. More hidden information may be forthcoming now, especially since we have a Solar Eclipse in two days, which can change circumstances dramatically,

(For more information about Mars retrograde, refer to the September General Influences, and to this month’s Retrograde column (online after October 1).)


Moon is VOC in Virgo early this morning, and then enters Libra at 10:24 a.m. This is a “free” day. There are no aspects bringing us into activities, and it is a dark-of-the-moon day besides. Just chill out, perhaps with friends. In fact, early tomorrow we will experience a solar eclipse, and it can zap our vitality. (Sun is vitality.) It’s best to take it easy on a solar eclipse day.


Solar Eclipse New Moon at 11 Libra occurs at 6:28 a.m. EDT. With Libra New Moon, we begin a month of partnership and balancing. (See this month’s General Influences for more on Libra.) The eclipse means changes in those areas, perhaps dramatic. This is a South Nodal Eclipse, which indicates letting go of the past. And a solar eclipse means that the sun is eclipsed, and the moon, or the unconscious, has free play, unencumbered by consciousness. Deep, long repressed urges can emerge. (The opposite will be the case at the North Nodal Eclipse in two weeks.)

Neptune, trine the eclipse, can create an easy pathway for any energy. It can also add to the delusions of the suddenly liberated unconscious and repressed forces. All images, e.g., TV, will be very powerful, as well as very instructive about unconscious motivations.

The eclipse is part of a Finger of God with Uranus at the apex, and Saturn at the other finger. This shows sudden changes in governmental or other structure. The outlet is at GW’s Mars, while Saturn, moving along in Leo, conjoins his powerful Pluto. Saturn is obstacles, and also accountability. Uranus is sudden, often unpredictable activity.

Mars, barely moving in the sky, is very powerful at 24 Taurus. It still opposes Venus, ruler of the eclipse. Mars too is at the apex of a Finger of God, which includes Pluto, Jupiter and Mercury, a powerful combination, one which can move anything. Mars is hanging around the degree of the influential Saturn-Jupiter conjunction of 2000, which began a 20-year social cycle with an emphasis on government, finances, and resources.

Both of these Fingers of God connect closely with the charts of Dick Cheney and of John Roberts—while explosive Pluto opposes U.S. Mars and squares U.S. Neptune. This is a challenging, stressful combination for the U.S. The Eclipse itself occurs in the U.S. 10th house of purpose, indicating that the direction of the nation undergoes change.

This combination of planets also encourages spreading of and susceptibility to viruses.

Locations stressed at both this Eclipse and the Lunar Eclipse in two weeks are the United States, the UK, India, China, and Japan.

The Sabian Symbol for 11 Libra is

“A PROFESSOR PEERING OVER HIS GLASSES AT HIS STUDENTS. Problems attending the transmission of knowledge in a cultural setup. This symbol deals at the intellectual level with the teaching of accumulated collective knowledge, and the problem posed by the acquisition of that knowledge. This is what INSTRUCTION means, a process not to be confused with 'education.'"


Moon continues to pass over the Libra planets, stimulating relationships in many contexts. Emotional awareness is emphasized this morning. Fortune smiles on us as Moon conjoins Jupiter before it goes VOC at 11:15 a.m. Afternoon continues to be sociable. Moon enters Scorpio at 8:03 p.m. EDT, and a curtain of silence may descend.

Tonight we fall under the influence of a stationary Chiron just turning direct for its final jolt to the establishment as it says good-bye to Capricorn for another 50 years. Chiron disrupts the status quo. In the case of Capricorn, we have major institutional and governmental changes. Structural changes are the specialty of Chiron in Capricorn, including the structure of the earth. This is a very major shift, for Chiron now conjoins the U.S. Pluto, the repository of the nation’s power. Chiron’s work now ties in with yesterday’s Solar Eclipse.

This Chiron station is also very close to John Roberts’ Chiron, showing a Chiron return for him, the beginning of a new healing and questing cycle. His appointment as Supreme Court Justice is will represent a major power shift for the U.S., another step in increasing the power of the executive.

Mercury and Jupiter begin a new cycle of using the mind to develop broad concepts. This can include philosophy, teaching, law, and government. This conjunction is still part of the Yod which includes Mars and Pluto. And it squares Chiron and the U.S. Pluto. Mercury and Chiron are both having their last hurrahs in their respective signs, and I believe this conjunction gives an urgency to the Bushies to get their pawns in place for the game.


Moon remains in Scorpio, and we won’t accept facile answers to problems. In the morning we work hard, and by afternoon we want to do our own things. Mercury conjoins Jupiter to spread the news.


With Moon in Scorpio, we look deeply into life—and death. We may focus on money and the sharing of resources. There is much energy available to us, and we could use it for some intensive research. Tonight we might be passionate and loving.


This day can be adventurous and exciting, with Moon traveling through Sagittarius. We can broaden our horizons today—through travel, the arts, music, or an exploration of other dimensions. All of this energy picks up momentum tonight, and we will enjoy ourselves. Mercury squares Chiron to give us a glimpse of Chiron’s meaning at this time.


We continue with our artistic adventures this morning. By afternoon, when Mercury enters Scorpio, the vibe becomes more serious and probing. We are on a search for truth. We may be wakeful tonight.


This is an excellent work day, also good for professional connections and getting together with parents and family. Whatever our goals, we can easily manifest them.


First Quarter Moon at 18 Capricorn occurs at 3:01 p.m. EDT. We are needing to get going on building some solid security. This is establishment time, let tradition roll. Business and investment are important now. And yet, with the south nodal Eclipse, and the Chiron direct, we are surrendering something from the past. Quincunxes continue to abound, indicating many adjustments. Life has become complicated.

Vesta is the major player now. This tells us that the whole area of investments of all kinds is the focus of the first quarter activity. To use Vesta wisely we must prioritize our values and allocate our assets accordingly. Safety, protection, and security of all kinds are also interests of Vesta. Defending one’s turf is also Vesta’s job. This means that the resistance in Iraq will increase in intensity.

In Washington DC, Chiron is rising, with Neptune, God of the Oceans (including oceans of oil), prominent in the first house. Retrograde Mars is at the bottom of the chart, the place of foundations. Aggressive Mars does not provide a peaceful foundation nor real security, a 4th house concern. The flood consequences open an opportunity for an expression of Mars in Taurus as greedy exploiter, and this could be a representation of this prominent Mars and Chiron in earth signs.

At any rate, each of us must now be aggressive in taking care of ourselves, our families, and our friends amidst changing circumstances.

The Sabian Symbol for 18 Capricorn is

“THE UNION JACK FLAG FLIES FROM A BRITISH WARSHIP. Justice and compassion must balance social power, and especially the power of privileged groups. (This is a concept I never heard expressed in the least degree by Justice Roberts in his hearings, despite prodding and probing by senators.) Where this symbol appears, the need for protection may be in evidence—or it may be a warning against using power for selfish advantage. This symbol brings to us a realization of the ambivalence of POLITICAL POWER, its values and its dangers.”


Moon is VOC in Capricorn this morning, and we may feel at loose ends. Nevertheless optimism is in the air as we participate in our changes. At 12:05 p.m. EDT, Moon enters Aquarius. The larger society is on our minds, and we are ready to talk about it and to dive into it. The afternoon is sociable. In the evening we delve into the darkness, the underground, and the hidden. We may bring new information to light, or uncover a reality behind a denial.


Moon in Aquarius emphasizes the fixed grand cross now in the heavens. This can feel like we are in a pressure-cooker. Whatever we choose to do means we lose something somewhere else. Again, a priority list is essential to staying centered. We will be more or less in this fixed grand cross field for the next few months, and we really need to know what is most important and least important, because we will be forced to make choices. Today’s moon in Aquarius can help us to concentrate on our ideals as a guide. Even writing them out can be a big help in keeping our focus on our central values. We have a long day in which to do this, for we will probably be up late tonight, as ideas flow thick and fast.


Moon in Aquarius goes VOC at 9:34 a.m. EDT. The morning has been very productive on many fronts, but maybe now we can relax a bit. Just a bit, for Moon enters Pisces at 2:05 p.m. and heads for its conjunction with unpredictable Uranus late tonight. We may feel nervous this afternoon, without an apparent reason. Uranus is associated with the nervous system, and when it is active in the heavens, as it is now, we tend to feel inexplicably revved up. Pisces represents our larger connection with the cosmos. It is the most watery sign, and rules the water of the earth as well as the oil. Uranus in Pisces means disruption of things Piscean. Pisces Sun people are particularly sensitive during the seven years that Uranus is traveling through Pisces (2003-11). We may have another late night.


Moon is still in Pisces, but it’s not exactly a mellow Pisces. The planets and asteroids remain incredibly connected to one another, and Pisces moon will help them all flow together. We are all much affected by the current heavenly pattern. Unpredictable Uranus, who can shock, sets off three planets today—in the morning, afternoon, and night. The creative arts can flourish. Work on staying centered is called for. In Washington, around noon, the fixed star Benetnash is overhead. This star is often connected with calamities which kill many. Explosive Pluto is rising then on the East Coast. Late nights are becoming a habit. Tonight, a night of power, will be another late one.


Moon is VOC in Pisces for much of the day. Finally—relax. At 3:39 p.m., Moon enters the vigorous sign of Aries, and we can catch up on our exercise. And then sleep well tonight!


This is an exaggerated day. Everything is in high Technicolor. We feel good, and our minds are sharp. A good day for both planning and acting. Another late night? Could be, especially on the West Coast. We’re feeling Full Moon excitement.


Full Moon Lunar Eclipse at 25 Aries occurs at 8:14 a.m. EDT. Libra New Moon starts a cycle of balancing opposites, of getting together with an other in an equalitarian relationship. But at the same time we need to retain our own core self, and Aries is about doing just that, finding our personal mission and pursuing it. We need both cooperation and self-interest for a harmonious balance.

The eclipses in both of these signs this month shows that we are finding new ways of manifesting both of those needs. The hurricanes show this changing balance dramatically. Many old, taken for granted relationships, with individuals and with the official sector, have been shattered, and many new ones developed. At the same time, people are on their own in brand new ways. Both new forms of grouping and cooperating, as well as new forms of self-reliance are growing out of the tragedies.

We have a Yod, or Finger of God, with transformative Pluto directing the actions of caretaker Vesta, prone-to-abuse Juno, and aggressive Mars. These add up to exploitation of people, and also of resources, for 2nd-8th houses are the major houses. Saturn is overhead in Washington, indicating that the authorities are firmly in charge. Neptune is on the bottom, showing that Neptunian things, such as water and oil, are at the base of the situation. Neptune squares Mercury in the 1st house, indicating vision, confusion, and deception. Uranus squares Ceres to indicate disruption of food supplies.

The Eclipse itself is in the 12th-6th house axis, an area of service and repair. It conjoins Black Hole Hades, who was feared as the God of Death.

This eclipse is right on the Bush midheaven, showing major change in his status in the world. People are seeing him differently. (Yes, Bush’s midheaven conjoins Black Hole Hades. Figures.)

This eclipse family began with the Solar Eclipse of April 19, 2004. Around that time Bush announced he would “unleash the military,” over a million women marched in Washington for women’s’ right to choose, and the Housing Administration suddenly announced huge and retroactive cuts in the housing program.

Both of the October eclipses have focused most strongly on the Gulf of Mexico, the Mississippi Valley, and on the UK.

The Sabian Symbol for 25 Aries is

“THE POSSIBILITY FOR A HUMAN TO GAIN EXPERIENCE AT TWO LEVELS OF BEING. The revelation of new potentialities. The implied message is one of faith. One can only experience what he deeply believes he can experience. The new step in evolution is only a possibility, a promise. The individual is truly ON PROBATION.”


Moon is in Taurus, encouraging us to pay attention to daily life, and to manifest something useful. Messenger Mercury squares cosmic Neptune, bringing movement and news of Neptunian things, such as oil, water, and climate change. This is a visionary aspect, but it does take us away from reality. Confusion and derangement can ensue. Always with Neptune, Saturn’s reality check is advised. Taurus Moon will also help to keep us grounded.


Moon conjoins Mars early this morning to give us a jolt, and then goes VOC for the remainder of the day. Spontaneity is the operative word for a VOC moon. Things may not go as planned. Moon enters Gemini at 10:44 p.m., perhaps to wake us up as our nervous systems pick up speed.


Moon in quicksilver Gemini keeps us on the go, mentally and physically. Catch up on your communication and correspondence, do your errands, take care of odds and ends. We are motivated, and the Force is with us. It could be another late night, especially for West Coasters. Perhaps we can’t tear ourselves away from TV.


Today’s big news is Sun coasting in for its fourth quarter square with Maverick Chiron. This is the final turning point in an annual healing cycle which began in mid-January. About that time, the Condoleezza Rice hearings began, culminating in Bush’s Inauguration for the second time based on a stolen election. Also, Mahmoud Abbas was sworn in as President of Palestine, and the Conference on Global Climate Change occurred in Buenos Aires. During the nine months since then, what have we learned from these endeavors? What do we have to carry with us into this final quarter of the cycle? Moon is still in Gemini, so this is a good day for realizations and for brainstorming.

Jupiter conjoins Sun, to expand our consciousness. Note that Chiron conjoins the U.S. Pluto, showing the involvement of U.S. plutocratic power. We have the same resource-oriented configurations as we’ve had all month. We may be seeing “reconstruction” of New Orleans in the style of reconstruction in Iraq, with the same companies having no-bid, profit-guaranteed contracts. Jupiter also refers to groups such as the “old boys club.”

Energy flows very well today, although there could be a power glitch during the late afternoon.


This is a big day. In the early morning hours, busy Gemini Moon trines Sun and Jupiter to spread beneficence and growth. Then Moon goes VOC at 5:07 a.m., and enters vulnerable Cancer at 6:41 a.m. Sun and Mars, a feisty pair, take the spotlight for the rest of the day.

Sun makes its annual conjunction with Jupiter, when it gives Jupiter his instructions for the next year. Jupiter is where we grow, widen our horizons, reach out to the wide world in a variety of ways, and join with others of like mind. This conjunction is in the very final degree of Libra. Libra is a sign of negotiation, able to see both sides in a dispute, and make fair judgments. It practices working with balance constantly.

However, both Sun and Jupiter are about to enter Scorpio, where Jupiter will travel for the next year. Scorpio is about control, power, regeneration, quite different from Libra. And it is likely that Libra’s current ideals will be hoisted on the petard of money and power. High expectations will not hold up in practice. The coming year will be a disputatious time for negotiations of all kinds.

This is also shown by the chart for the conjunction, which features a Scorpio Ascendant, flanked by Pallas Athena and Mercury, opposed by Mars in Taurus. Mars opposing Mercury also indicates fights and arguments. In addition, it shows much work energy.

People may be walking around with chips on their shoulders today. Watch out for sensitivities. On the other hand, working creatively with words is also featured. Tonight we may feel like watching a strange video, or perhaps just cozying in at home.


Moon is still traveling through home-loving Cancer. It lends nice support to Sun’s entrance into Scorpio early this morning. At the same time Pluto, associated with Scorpio, has its exact opposition to Juno. This Pluto-Juno opposition is the defining aspect of October and November. In mundane charts, Juno always shows that there are victims in the picture. Power, then, is opposed to victims. One manifestation, surely, is reconstruction of New Orleans in such a way that the poor and black residents will not have a comfortable city to which to return. This aspect can also refer to the situation of torture of prisoners in which the CIA has engaged for decades—at least since the Reagan years began, and which is being increasingly revealed. It also can refer to war itself. Today a Scorpio Mercury quincunxes this pressured Juno, and we may get some news on the situation.

Scorpio Sun itself is in the second house of resources, still joined by Jupiter. Big projects and big money are in the works. Moon has pleasant, stimulating aspects tonight. With all the water around, music might be very welcome.


This day looks to be good-feeling, communicative, and optimistic. Moon makes its final aspect with enthusiastic Jupiter in Libra, the last one for another 12 years. Librans, enjoy this final moment of basking in Jupiter’s light.

Moon goes VOC at 5:18 p.m. EDT, and enters Leo exactly one-half hour later. It then moves into a Last Quarter aspect with Sun, which occurs at 9:17 p.m. We have Leo Moon squaring Scorpio Sun at 2 degrees.

The last quarter is where we separate the wheat from the chaff, and let the chaff go. But with Sun and Moon in fixed signs (Leo and Scorpio), letting go is difficult. Here is where we need our priority list.

Uranus sits at the top of the chart, showing (1) independence and (2) that anything can happen. Juno is rising, putting terror front and center. Pluto is setting, showing delays in the renovation process. Pluto is at the apex of the same Yod (Finger of God) which it has been controlling all month. It includes Mars and Vesta at the ends of the arms, showing productive building of security. However, with Mars retrograde there are and will be problems well into the future.

Moon, representing the People, is in the second house of money and resources, along with Vesta, who takes care of household security. Sun, with Jupiter, is in the fifth house of speculation. The sixth house of problem-solving is inhabited by Pluto, Venus, Mercury, and Ceres. This is a team which can look at a variety of needs.

This Moon family began on July 29, 2003. Among the many major events then were the Senate passing a terrible energy bill, called by many The Dirty Air Bill, Athens attorneys charging Tony Blair with “crimes against humanity” at the Hague International Criminal Court, and a CAFTA meeting in New Orleans.

The Sabian Symbol for 2 Leo is

“AN EPIDEMIC OF MUMPS. The spreading power of individual crises through a collectivity. The infectious spread of individual experiences.”


Moon is in enthusiastic Leo, and it conjoins Saturn. Leo is a hard worker anyway, and Saturn there partakes of that ambition and energy. This is a good day for working hard at something which you enjoy. Tonight is playtime.

Tonight Jupiter enters Scorpio, the start of a one-year journey through this dynamic sign. Jupiter in Scorpio attracts both money and people in high places. Scorpio is a super creative sign, and interested in the bottom line. Jupiter there can be very successful, as long as he doesn’t get carried away with greed and self-importance. Scorpio now becomes the most dominant sign. Jupiter allied with Sun is an unbeatable dynamic duo. Luck will increase for all Scorpio Sun Sign people during the coming year.

But they will have to work for it. And do some releasing. The fixed sign grand cross begins in earnest now. Today it revolves around the Pallas/Mercury duo in Scorpio, a very smart and focused pair. Stubborn Taurus Mars, swimming against the current as it moves retrograde, opposes them. Crossing them are Leo Moon opposing a powerful stationary Neptune in Aquarius. Peak oil is no longer an abstract. The people are facing its truth and consequences at the gas pump.

There is great creative energy in a fixed cross. But it must be focused (priorities), and we must be willing to surrender old ways. Otherwise it can degenerate into fear, conflict, dithering, and dead ends.

We enter a portal of tremendous opportunity to create a new and better society.


And to cap it off, late today Neptune turns direct and announces that it’s time to start manifesting the visions which we have been accumulating over the last five months.

Moon remains in expressive, dramatic Leo, with fine, creative aspects. Planets are beginning to move into Sagittarius, another fire sign, and they work well with our Leo occupants—Moon, who keeps us in the swim of things, and Saturn, the Builder. As the fire signs pick up steam, we can move into action, although retrograde Mars will definitely object, and provide obstacles to slow us down.

Neptune shifts direction exactly over Washington DC. The Administration is in charge of the prevailing new visions. The fixed cross shows, however, that there are countervailing forces.

The sky now is full of quincunxes, Yods, and oppositions, as it has been for at least two months. (I’ve never seen a remotely comparable period.) This is a time of enormous, wrenching adjustments.

Degrees now are similar to those sensitized by the Great Eclipse of August 11, 1999. Its great change work is showing strongly now, as Saturn is slowly moving towards the 19 degrees Leo of that powerful eclipse. Fixed sign planets are in the maw of change. It is especially difficult for them, but at the same time especially imperative. We are looking at changes in power structures, which are the domains of the fixed signs.


Moon is in Virgo for the next three days, and we can tend to some of the details and daily upkeep which we may have been neglecting during these exciting times. Virgo works well in the Scorpio energy field, which we are in.


Busy Virgo Moon latches on to Mars today. Together they can fix anything. Tonight Venus conjoins Pluto, a combination which shows intense love, as well as love of power.


We will want to clean up all loose ends today, before Moon goes VOC at 5:06 p.m. EDT. At 6:15 p.m., Moon enters romantic Libra, and we may have another night of love. Daylight saving time ends early tomorrow morning. Remember to set your clocks back one hour. Also, lively early morning aspects may keep us awake late.


Moon is in sociable Libra. Enjoy your people connections today. Sun trines Uranus to help us to do what we want to do, to do our thing. It is personal independence day. Mercury enters Sagittarius to lift our minds, and encourage us to think of distant places and lofty ideas. We start to look at values in a new way, and we may want to talk with others about our insights. This Libra Moon month is fading. What can we leave behind? What future visions do we have?


Moon continues in Libra, and goes VOC at 6:17 p.m. EST. This is a wonderful day to mask and costume ourselves. In addition, it feels like a time of Death. The old Moon cycle is almost gone, the year is almost gone, and for months we’ve had Pluto, God of the Underworld looking over our left shoulders, and snatching bodies when he can. This is a time of going deep. Tomorrow we have All Saints Day, and New Moon in Scorpio. A fresh start.

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