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September 2005 General Astrological Influences

Note: These influences are working during the entire month, and form a substrate for each individual day.

Mars is the big news. For the next year, it is the big news. And this month it gears up, transiting many of the sensitive points which it will stimulate again.

Mars is energy, drive, unbridled ego expression. Mars is goal-oriented, not brooking obstacles. Mars is feisty, ready to take on all comers. Mars gets us where we want to go.

Mars is transiting the stolid sign of Taurus, where it will be until the end of January, moving back and forth (from Earth’s vantage point). Taurus is an earth sign, the earthiest of the earth signs. Virgo, September’s major sign, is also an earth sign. Thus Mars and Sun support each other now. September is a good month for moving on your goals in a practical way. Earth is the element that knows how to make things work in this real life on this real earth.

In Virgo we analyze, we learn, we perfect technique and expression. We develop right work and right service. We smooth off the rough edges, and prepare to meet the world on equal terms—which we do in Libra. With Taurus we are productive. We use Virgo’s knowledge to create something tangible. We build something practical and lasting, like a home, a family, or a fortune.

Mars in Taurus provides the energy and the motive power to do that building. However, building thoroughly takes time and deliberation. Mars in Taurus is a slow Mars, and being Mars, an energy of action, is sometimes frustrated by the slow pace of life. However, Mars in Taurus is steady, and keeps moving ahead.

Unless it turns retrograde, which it is now preparing to do, Mars moves very slowly indeed, which strengthens its influence. Now, in September, It is slowing down for its retrograde turn on October 1. This month it traverses degrees 18-24 of Taurus, which it will cover twice more during the next few months.

This Mars pathway includes three conjunctions with the U.S. Vesta, at 20 Taurus. Vesta represents focus, security, safety, and all things which promote the protection of the hearth, such as investments. Taurus is the premier money sign, with a special talent for attracting money. In the U.S. chart (Sibly), Vesta in Taurus sits in the fifth house of speculation. (The New York Stock Exchange was established early—on May 17, 1792, with a Taurus Sun.)

The U.S. investment energy has another adventurous influence, besides being in the fifth house. Its Vesta sits right at the North Node of Mars, adding a shot of Martian assertiveness to all financial endeavors. And perhaps propelling the nation into wars in order to accumulate assets.

Mars, then, will be transiting the U.S. fifth house during much of the next few months, stimulating speculation and risk-taking, and perhaps also stimulating warlike action. BUT THEN ON OCTOBER 1, MARS DOES TURN RETROGRADE, or reverses course. During the two months of retrogradation—October and November—there will be much to review. Life will slow down then.

Lessons are to build what you can, now in September. But at the same time, to realize that beginning October 1, all bets are off. Finances and assets are the major focus. Use your Virgo smarts to best arrange your financial life to weather storms in the economic, political, and social scenes.

Check out your natal Mars, as well as your natal Aries, for clues about how this coming retrograde Mars will operate for you.

The U.S. Mars is in Gemini in the seventh house of partnership. This is a set-up for a trader, a salesperson, and a dealmaker. It squares Neptune in the ninth, showing, amongst other things, our dominating trade in oil.

It appears that the rising price of oil could be a major source of economic dislocation. A chain reaction could result in social chaos.

There is a large cast in this September drama. The major supporting actor is Chiron, who often disrupts situations in order to open them to a larger, more holistic integration.

Chiron is now finishing up its work in Capricorn before it makes its final entrance into Aquarius in December. Remember, it is the Wounded Healer. Thus in its transits it often exposes wounds. Capricorn is “the Establishment.” It refers to the big institutions of society, its skeleton, just as it refers to our skeletons. Chiron has been transiting in Capricorn for two years, exposing weaknesses in “the system.” (Capricornians, have you noticed that? It has been and is healing time for you.)

The U.S. Pluto is at 28 Capricorn, where it has been accumulating great institutional power. Over these years it has progressed only to 30 degrees of Capricorn. The arena of special focus is money and assets, for it is in the second house, which is associated with Taurus. Thus the accumulation of great resources has been Pluto’s task. Pluto is also an extremist—it goes all the way. Since World War II, the U.S. has built up global capitalism, and become banker to the world. (Capricorn is also a builder. The U.S. progressed Sun entered Capricorn in 1945. Enter Harry Truman as President. His Sun was in Taurus, sign of a Builder. Now the U.S. progressed Sun has just entered Pisces, the dissolver. And we have Bush & Co., who destroy whatever they touch.)

Chiron is back and forth over the U.S. Pluto and progressed Pluto during 2005, beginning in January, and intensifying now in September, October, and November. Chiron, too, is moving very slowly. It will turn direct on October 4, exposing to light some of the festering wounds of U.S. capitalism and world power.

Chiron in the U.S. chart is in the 4th house in Aries, showing the U.S. warlike tendency. This is apt now to be the U.S. downfall.

This coming Mars retrograde period may be, as I’ve mentioned before, a dress rehearsal for the U.S. Mars turning retrograde by progression next summer. That U.S. progressed Mars is literally standing still now.

Mars this autumn is very, very potent.

There are an incredible number of quincunxes all during September. These are aspects of continual adjustment. There is no “getting things settled” or having things “just right.” We need to be continually aware and flexible. Frequent unpredictable events may unsettle us.

The constant throughout the month is Mars quincunx Jupiter, a combination which refers to the warrior. During most of the month, they make a Yod, or Finger of God, with Pluto, adding deep transformational power to the mix. It is as though Mars, God of War, is in the hands of powerful destiny now. On September 18, as Venus squares Saturn, Mars as the lever in the Finger of God sits squarely overhead in Washington DC.

The New Moon on September 3 will open new doors of power for the nation. It conjoins the Mars, and the progressed Sun, of GW Bush. A very powerful Pluto, stationary direct, is rising in Washington DC. Transiting Uranus opposes the New Moon, bringing unpredictability to the mix.

Culmination is at the Full Moon on September 17. September 17-18 will be fateful days for the nation, and thus for all of us.

The Nodes of the Moon are transiting in Aries and Libra, the polarity of war and peace, self and others, thereby adding another association with war. During September, they square the U.S. Sun in Cancer, thus challenging the nation’s ego. At the same time, transiting Vesta in Cancer is conjoining the U.S. Sun, indicating that the ego involvement is about investments and assets.

This is true for all of us. We will feel our security challenged.

The four major asteroids all have important roles now, as well as Venus. This shows that women, and real-life issues, are crucial.

September is a difficult month, and it opens a challenging autumn season. However, there is at the same time a great deal of strength and drive available to us. Clarity concerning our goals is essential. Mars needs a strong sense of mission, or purpose. And it is important to maintain patience and persistence.

Crystal’s meditations can be a tremendous help in difficult times (or any time!), especially if we follow her instructions.

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Maya's September 2005 Daily Success Guide

Note: A VOC Moon period is when the Moon is making no further major planetary aspects before it changes signs. Moon and its aspects are strongly associated with our everyday behavior, and without those aspects to direct our course, we are left much more free to pursue our own ends in our own way. It is like you're driving down the freeway and find the road signs removed for awhile. On the one hand, plans may go awry, you may miss your exit; on the other hand, inner work is greatly favored as those external "instructions" are reduced.

Times used are EST, because the overall influences for the United States are centered in Washington DC.
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This is a super-active and super-creative day, both as a carryover from yesterday’s energies, and in its own right. Moon is in dramatic Leo, allowing us to play. And it is, in fact, that time of the moon cycle. We are finishing the Leo cycle, and there is nothing left to do but to give ourselves up to the universe, to empty ourselves to be ready for the new cycle. We are close enough to the beginning of that new moon cycle that we can peer into what it holds for us. Visionary ability is at maximum now. Let go of the past, and use your clairvoyance to focus on the future. This morning could be a little confused and strained. Don’t let yourself get into arguments; now is not the time. Wait it out, and by mid-afternoon life can flow like a charmed river for the rest of the day.

Jupiter and Venus, long considered the two “benefics,” have their annual conjunction this evening. They sow their seeds for a cycle of expanded desire. Mars is very involved in this cycle. The conjunction occurs EXACTLY on the degree and minute of the U.S. stationary retrograde progressed Mars at 18 degrees 42 minutes of Libra, and it quincunxes the current slow-moving Mars in Taurus. Plus, Venus rules both Libra and Taurus. Thus she has charge of this whole operation. It definitely can relate to pure greed. This possibility is enhanced by its also occurring on GW Bush’s Jupiter, which expresses his sense of entitlement. It is his Jupiter return, a 12-year event.

However, since we are at the end of a moon cycle, we are in the space of releasing the old ways. There is apt to be a change in the character of this annual cycle before the year is out. By then, the U.S. progressed Mars will have made its historic, first-ever, retrograde turn, and be headed in reverse for 80 years.

This is a super-interesting and super-significant conjunction. The planets today connect strongly with both the U.S. and with GW’s charts.
Let us keep a sharp eye on Venus’ desire nature for the next year.

There is also a grand fixed cross in the sky today, showing creative tension which is difficult to resolve. The degrees are very similar to the Great Eclipse of August 11, 1999.

This is just the first day of September! And I have just touched its surface! What a rich and dynamic time we are living in!

Sleep may be difficult tonight. Pluto is stationing to turn direct early tomorrow morning, and the vibrations now are heavy. We may want to escape them, but instead, nurture yourself. There may be a tendency to overindulge in food, drink, or drugs, but we’ll be sorry afterwards. Self-discipline requires great effort now, but it is worth it. (The voice of experience is speaking.)


Pluto turns direct early this morning. Power is on the loose again. But even earlier, we have a significant square between Juno, the abused wife, and Uranus, the enlightener. The U.S. Uranus in Gemini is totally involved here, for Juno at 9 Gemini now sits on it, and Uranus at 9 Pisces squares it. At the same time, Uranus EXACTLY conjoins the U.S. Ceres in Pisces. Ceres is the earth mother. She relates to the food supply, and everything needed to get the food on the table, including labor. Uranus always provides a wake-up call. How is it now waking up the U.S. Ceres?

For one thing, women are surely involved in this situation. Perhaps Cindy Sheehan’s willingness to speak up has sparked a movement.

The transiting Uranus square the U.S. Uranus indicates a new freedom. Freedom from what? Uranus in the U.S. chart has often been related to war. Is that the case now?

Now that Pluto—power—has turned direct, and Mercury is direct, people can think about, talk about and express power in new ways. The approaching Mars retrogrades, both in the sky and in the U.S. progressed chart, indicate to me that there is a real turnaround coming in how the people of the nation perceive war.

Moon is VOC in Leo today until 3:56 p.m. EDT. Hang loose—as loose as you can—until then. At 3:56 p.m. Moon enters conscientious Virgo, and we begin the countdown for tomorrow’s new moon.


New Moon at 12 Virgo occurs at 2:45 p.m. EDT. We set out on our yearly cycle of improving our lives—our skills, our routines, our health, our homes, and whatever else may be on our agendas. It won’t all happen now, but we can set out our goals, and begin to organize conditions to work on them. Virgo knows well what to do, and how to do it.

Today’s sky patterns contain all of the month’s major themes, including two Fingers of God. This means that the activities and thoughts which are part of this day are clues to what the next month holds for us.

In the chart set for Washington DC, a freshly direct Pluto is rising. Much power is now being released on the East Coast. Pluto quincunxes Mars to make a volatile team which works well together. Jupiter, King of the Gods, lends his help, and success is assured…with adjustments.

Uranus opposes Sun and Moon to open new communication channels. Uranus is a wake-up call, and it shows that excitement is in the air. Sun, Moon, and Uranus connect with Juno, the partner who holds ancient abuse patterns imprinted in her. This is a fine month to explore those issues. Our minds are open to new ways of seeing things.

Vesta in Cancer is adamant about protecting hearth and home. Squares to midheaven and nadir indicate special problems and challenges regarding security. One of them now might be the realization that war doesn’t enhance security.

This is a complicated chart, and if anybody can work out the appropriate connections, it is sharp-minded—and practical—Virgo.

The Sabian Symbol for 12 Virgo is

“AFTER THE WEDDING, THE GROOM SNATCHES THE VEIL AWAY FROM HIS BRIDE. The penetrating and unveiling power of the trained mind. The masculine act balances the feminine dream visualization. The Keyword is UNVEILING. There can also be an unveiling of mysteries, long protected by secrecy.”


Moon continues in the hard-working sign of Virgo, with good, pushy energy. Best to channel that energy into solitary work this morning. We are apt to be irritable with others. But by noon, good humor can return. Mercury enters Virgo today to sharpen our mental abilities. This is a good month to take any kind of class or lessons, and to plunge into intellectual endeavors. It’s perfect for starting the new school session.


These are lovely days—harmonious, loving, balanced. Good feelings and fine communication grace us. The only problems could be unrealistic expectations, and being carried away by too much of a good thing, especially on Tuesday. Judge Roberts’ hearing before the Senate Judicial Committee is due to start on Tuesday. The universe is smiling on him, as it is on all those who return to work or school (or don’t!).


Moon is VOC in sociable Libra until it enters serious Scorpio at 2:10 p.m. EDT. Unexpected happenings begin today to build up during the next two days. We may feel a restlessness. We might want to work late tonight.

The ladies have it today. Moon, Venus, Pallas Athena, and Ceres are all very closely joined. Ceres, who grieved for her stolen daughter, Persephone, is represented by Cindy Sheehan and all the other grieving mothers. Pallas Athena represents wisdom, strategy, protectiveness, and the dignity of sure command. (Is Senator Diane Feinstein in today’s picture? Ann Reit, ex-diplomat who was running Camp Casey, is also a Pallas Athena.) Moon is about nurturing and feelings. Both Moon and Ceres relate to mothers. Venus is the eternal feminine and the Lady of the Garden.

Cultivate your feminine energy today. However, it is all enclosed within a masculine crucible—the Yod alignment of Mars, Jupiter, and Pluto. There is apt to be anger—perhaps at someone speaking his or her mind. Confusion and lies are also likely. Stay centered.


This is the day of the mystic, and of mysteries. Our psyche is working overtime, but it might be difficult to find proper words. Tonight we return to this plane, and may be quite alert quite late. I call this psychic-mental adventure day. The inner life is more engrossing than the outer. Scorpio is the time to delve deeply.


Moon is VOC in Scorpio for nearly the entire day, until 10:03 p.m., when it enters Sagittarius. Venus, and later Pallas, square Chiron, indicating disruption of the establishment. Women are speaking up.


Moon is in high-flying Sagittarius, and we are ready for adventure. Today we want to do something that feels really good to us in particular. At the same time, some are rebellious. It’s a day that calls for action.


First Quarter Moon in Sagittarius occurs at 7:37 a.m. EDT. Sagittarius says to cautious Virgo: “Spread your wings, take that chance. You do know what you’re doing.” This is the time to take action to begin to manifest the seeds which we planted at New Moon a week ago. We are optimistic, and the morning moves well.

By afternoon, volcanic Pluto dominates the skies. This Quarter Moon is, in fact, a power moon. Power will be expressed in the seeking of fulfillment of desires. The desire nature will be greatly enhanced by Venus’ move into Scorpio today. Scorpio can add a ruthlessness to the acquisitive drive. There is no holding back from pursuit of what we want. Jupiter and Mars, neither of them shy, continue their support. Aggression continues to be a priority.


Moon journeys in ambitious Capricorn for the next two days. Here it does much integrative work—grounding emotions, enhancing practicality, and pushing our action buttons. Capricorn is, in fact, the best energy to work with September’s energies. Today it helps us know our desires, and how to achieve them. With Capricorn we can work hard. This is an excellent day for making business and professional contacts.

Pay attention to earthquake indications for the next five days.


Today we are all experiencing a grand earth trine, the very best formation for actually doing actual things, and doing them painlessly and successfully. Go for it! We can also plan ahead, which can be very helpful in these times, and particularly while we are in the throes of this plutonic First Quarter Moon. And while Chiron is in its final stage of disrupting the establishment, letting us know that things are not as they were.


Moon is in Aquarius, and our vision broadens, and social issues assume greater importance. Sun squares Pluto today to make the final turning point in the current power cycle which began last December 13. What were you doing then? For me it was a time of meeting with family and friends, which is where my greatest power lies.

For the nation, there was a bundle of actions suppressing civil liberties as well as just plain human treatment of one another. Of the dozen issues I had listed as paramount then, every one of them is still being discussed in the public domain (at least in the alternative media and on the internet). There will, then, be much social action in the next several days. I expect a good deal of it will be protest against much of what the U.S. government is doing, because the social energy is tipping in that direction.

On the other hand, action begets reaction, and there is harsh energy in the chart set for Washington. Saturn sits squarely above Washington, pushing down with the firm hand of authority. Venus in Scorpio is rising, and will dominate the day. We will really get a look at what it is attracting now, perhaps angry women. Chiron squares Pallas, giving us access to much insight and wisdom. Vesta squares Moon’s Node in Aries, challenging war as a solution to security. Moon in Aquarius at the bottom of the chart challenges Saturn’s authority. This moon
shows independence coming from the people.

The Mars-Jupiter-Pluto Finger of God is nearly exact, ready to be set off. Sun squares Pluto, as mentioned above, to provide the spark, or catalyst, to put that assertive and creative combo into action. And it outlets on Ceres in Scorpio, an archetype for grieving mothers, such as Cindy Sheehan.

There is firm, assertive action today, and it increases until Full Moon on September 17-18.


Moon remains in Aquarius, and we are moving along on our transformative journey. Today we can focus on high ideals, and ponder how we can succeed in reaching them. By late afternoon, we go to work on that endeavor. Deep purposeful communication occupies us tonight. Aquarius Moon is conjoining the U.S. Moon, to mark this time as a special expression of the “American” people. Both rulers of Aquarius are strong now, and connected: Saturn represents the status quo, and Uranus represents progress, the fresh, the inventive. We will see both in action. We feel the strong pull of the approaching Full Moon.


Moon is in watery, emotional Pisces, and we rev up for the Full Moon tomorrow night. The morning is intense; by evening we can surf Pisces’ waves and go with the flow.


Full Moon at 26 Pisces occurs at 10:01 p.m. Virgo is good at counting up everything. Pisces says, Hey, pay attention to the big picture, including people’s feelings. This is the Harvest Moon.

(Moon this time of year is called Harvest Moon because it rises obliquely and remains big and bright for a long time—thus giving light to harvesters.)

The explosive plutonic energy continues to dominate the month. Pluto relates to underground, hidden forces, which suddenly erupt with power, like volcanoes. The hidden unconscious forces in people, both in individuals and in societies are also plutonic. Violence often springs from those forces. Pluto also represents a compulsive drive for power and control. Pluto-ruled conflicts are like the irresistible force meeting the immovable object. GW Bush is ruled by Pluto, as was Richard Nixon.

Pluto is extreme. Pluto now transiting Sagittarius puts a power lens of extremism on both religion and politics.

This day starts early with Pluto square Moon, stirring emotions. It continues with both Venus and Mars making stressful aspects to Pluto. This is a shot of very deep creative energy, which carries us through the day. It is also great investigative energy, good for ferreting out secrets, wherever they may lie buried.

Exact aspects are irrepressible. They always denote action. Pluto has an exact sextile with Jupiter, the ideal aspect for magical work. Power combines perfectly with good fortune. They both have almost exact quincunxes to Mars, to complete the triangle of success, one which is operating during this entire month. Pluto is not only strong, but is very well supported. Mars continues to oppose Earth Mother Ceres.

Energy this afternoon gets pushy, as we move towards the Harvest Full Moon, and remains assertive after the Full Moon has passed.

All of the planets and asteroids are amazingly closely interconnected, indicating wholistic transformation. There is nearly a hexagon, and if we bring the U.S. Mercury (and Bush’s Saturn) into the parade, we have a very close hexagon. This means that we have smoothly functioning teamwork, with energy continuing to move productively. And it includes the thinking of the U.S. people.

Pisces is a magical sign, anyway, and tonight we have our magical full moon. This chart is complicated, and with stress, but it is very creative, and it makes me feel good to look at it.

Dance under the full moon! We are apt to feel like dancing, for just after full moon, Mercury has its 90-day conjunction with Sun to set a new thinking pattern in place. Mercury rules the dancing feet. And Pisces rules all feet! The feet have it tonight.
This is a historic day.

At the New Moon on March 20, 2004, which started this moon family, there were peace marches all over the world.

The Sabian Symbol for 26 Virgo is

“A BOY WITH A CENSER SERVES THE PRIEST NEAR THE ALTAR. The first stage of actual participation in the great ritual of planetary evolution. Whether we think of the ancient mysteries, or of a Catholic Mass, or of some still more transcendent ceremony in which great Beings charged with planetary responsibilities are involved, we are dealing with a type of archetypal activity. The ritual is archetypal in that it represents, in however small a field of activity, a portion of the evolving structure of the cosmos, as this structure is understood in its “sacred” sense. Every such activity is performed “in the presence of God.” Menial as it may be, it nevertheless acquires a sacred meaning. The individual must learn to serve, humbly and with intense attention, what is as yet beyond his spiritual understanding. He learns to perform every action superpersonally. She learns to PRACTICE IN THE PRESENCE OF GOD.”


Early this morning Saturn squares Venus to put a damper on revelry. However, the chart for this time (in Washington DC) again is really beautiful, and shows an amazing energy balancing. Included are the two outer planets, Uranus and Pluto, both experts at transformation and renovation, Jupiter and Saturn, the two big planets who run society, Mars, the mover, and Venus, the glue that holds life together. Mars and Venus together are often called The Lovers. The magic continues. What a fine start for Mercury’s new cycle!

And then Moon really gets things going by moving into Aries, the sign of the pioneer, at 5:43 a.m. EDT. The rest of the day holds both pleasure and concrete accomplishment. What a fine weekend.


Moon is in Aries with very constructive aspects. We feel good, and we may be enthusiastic about spreading the good word. Pallas Athena moves into Scorpio, where her great strategic ability can be exercised to the fullest. At 6:36 p.m. EDT, Moon goes VOC.


Moon is in earthy Taurus today. It squares Saturn to heighten ambition and persistence. We will be goal-oriented, and we can accomplish a lot. Plan a work day. At the same time, comrady and sociability is strong, and we feel good as we work away. The evening can be both exciting and loving.


Moon is still in Taurus, but Neptune is the big influence of the day, and we may be lazy, hazy, dreamy, or downright sleepy. Tonight, though, when Moon hits Mars, we perk up. Some good percussion playing might hit the spot tonight.


Can you feel the transition today from earthy and grounded to airy and sociable? Sun and Moon both move from earth signs to air signs this afternoon. This morning we do; this evening we talk.

Autumnal Equinox takes place at 6:24 p.m. EDT, just before sunset. The balance between light and dark is equal now, but only for a moment as we tip towards letting the dark forces take charge. In the southern hemisphere, the light forces triumph, and the days begin to grow longer.

The seasons all begin with the entrance of cardinal signs. Those are the signs which get things going. Each seasonal chart, with its cardinal sign in the first degree, tells us something about the energies of the next three months. The seasonal ingresses all mark ancient festivals.

Libra is the cardinal sign which signals the entrance of autumn. Libra’s goal is balance and harmony, which Librans find first and foremost through relationships. You’ll usually find Libra reaching for partnership. The preferred type of partnership is equality, where each partner is respected for her/his intrinsic qualities.

Relationships dominate the incoming season. We reach out more to others, perhaps instinctively as the cold and darkness of winter are approaching. (In the south, perhaps we reach for companionship during the heat which envelops much of that hemisphere in the coming seasons.)

Moon now in communicative Gemini supports that process. It too is in low degrees, making an easy trine to Sun. This provides a free and open channel for communication, perhaps the favorite activity of both signs. This is a “people” combination, very social. We are connected, and revel in that connection.


Venus, the planet of love, is associated with Libra, and it assumes special importance now. Venus is also especially important because it is also associated with Taurus, and Mars is now so prominent in Taurus. The U.S. Mars is now stationary in Libra, again governed by Venus. This strong connection of Venus with Mars can balance Mars’ separative approach with synthesis. Mars goes for the gold. The gold for Venus is for everyone to be happy.

Venus is now traveling in the intense sign of Scorpio, which is not its favorite place. Scorpio comes from a stance of extremism, not balance, and this is challenging for Venus. Scorpio can get carried away with its own needs, whereas Libra really needs to consider the needs of others. But on the other hand, if Venus can achieve a balance in Scorpio, it is capable of intense love, and of healing self and others.

Venus is magnetic. In the powerful sign of Scorpio, it attracts power. Its powers of attraction are intensified now, and it can—indeed, will--attract whatever it strongly desires. The catch with Venus in Scorpio is that we have a special responsibility to keep our desires on a high plane, and to remember that we are conduits for universal service.

Venus and Mars are intimately tied together now. Mars rules Scoerpio, the sign in which Venus is traveling. And Venus rules Taurus, the sign in which Mars is traveling. They must pay attention to one another.

In addition, the Moon’s Nodes are in the polarity of Aries, ruled by
Mars, and Libra, ruled by Venus.

Mars and Venus are in deep embrace now.

So we look back at their last conjunction to see what their joint energy seeded. They last met at 17 Scorpio on December 5, 2004. (Check the archives for a description of the energy at that time.) That was a deeply emotional time. With Neptune in Aquarius, the cosmic connection was influential; thus ideals were also strong.

The Sabian Symbol for 17 Scorpio—the dominant base for this season—is

“A WOMAN, FECUNDATED BY HER OWN SPIRIT, IS “GREAT WITH CHILD.” A total reliance on the dictates of the God and Goddess within. We see the result of a deep and complete concentration reaching to the innermost center of the personality where the Living God acts as a fecundating power. This reveals the potency of the inward way, the surrender of the Ego to a transcendent Force which can create through the person vivid manifestations of the Will of God. This is the TRANSPERSONAL WAY of existence. It is the way which leads to creative mutation.”

There we have it. Mars and Venus represent those energies within us which are most engaged in the creative process. Scorpio is a deeply creative and regenerative sign.


In Washington DC, Pisces is rising. Pisces absorbs everything; spirit—and spirits—has ready entrance. We feel part of the larger symphony of the heavens. Neptune, the Cosmic Channel, rules Pisces. This makes Neptune, now in Aquarius, ruler of the chart, and it governs the entire wheel.

A passionate transpersonal existence now opens wide for us. This energy is not a flash in the pan, nor a passive sit in the temple and pray. It is an active, creative, energy of service which persistently and consistently works to establish the primacy of the power of the light. Scorpio and Aquarius, in its higher manifestations, can be a noble combination, and a strong force for good.

Venus in Scorpio makes a grand water trine with the Pisces Ascendant, and with Vesta in Cancer, enabling them all to work well together, as the water flows. Vesta is on the U.S. Sun, showing that at this time the U.S. can rededicate itself to a sharing Cancer, rather than clinging to the fearful, clutchy Cancer.

This will not be easy, nor instant, but we have enough quincunxes and retrogrades in the heavens, over a long enough period, to push us into making adjustments. Plus Chiron’s special healing help. I have the feeling that Chiron isn’t ready to leave Capricorn until it shakes up the establishment sufficiently provoke changes in consciousness.

Cindy Sheehan is indeed a great catalyst. A birthdate of July 10, 1957 would put her Mercury in Cancer conjoining the U.S. Mercury. But the U.S. Mercury is retrograde, and Cindy’s is direct. She speaks to us not about how it was, or should be, but how it is. In the bright glare of the media, she faces GW Bush with some simple questions about reality. I doubt that he has ever in his life dealt with reality, and he is stuck. She, and her supporters, serve the same function for the nation.


Indeed the Administration will undergo transformation and regeneration. It is likely to react to these threats to their position with greater repression and more war. But those days are numbered. The energy now can give us the staying power to hold hope through dark times. Scorpio survives, and is reborn. And Libra loves.

We need catalysts. With Uranus in the sign of the U.S. progressed Sun, Pisces, they will appear. The many and continual Fingers of God this month indicate unpredictable events, often coming out of the blue.


Moon is traveling through cheerful, witty Gemini, and we like to entertain and be entertained. We have a grand air trine, and a grand water trine in full flow. And I do mean flow. Do not try to hold anything still today, especially the moment. Express your feelings, and talk about them as well.


Spontaneity and yes, loving feelings, reign today. Moon is VOC in Gemini from 8:57 a.m.-10:10 p.m. EDT. The reigning aspect today is Venus square Neptune. Higher love meets lower love. With a square, they may have a conflict to work out.

Vesta, Keeper of the Hearth, and Juno, the abused wife, are also part of this scene. The ladies are still showing strongly.


Last Quarter Moon at 3 Cancer occurs at 2:41 a.m. EDT. Last quarter is the time when we evaluate what we have learned or gained in the last three weeks. What do we want to hang onto as part of our repertoire? What can we release? These are sometimes difficult decisions. We have the next week in which to surrender the no longer useful baggage, and to make ourselves empty for the upcoming Libra New Moon.

Cancer Moon indicates that nurturing remains important, and that we will want to hang onto family values. We might, in fact, have a family get-together today. Female energy remains very strong, and we will want to hang onto female wisdom. Sun and Moon are very closely connected with Ceres and with Pallas Athena. Thus all six of the feminine energies are prominent during the last two days.

This would be a terrific weekend for a women’s workshop. Maybe the whole world will be exactly that, for really huge anti-war rallies are planned for a variety of locations. Women do tend to be anti-war, and they are especially against this very destructive, wasteful Iraq war, which is so damaging to life.

Strategy is good, for Pallas Athena in Scorpio sits at the bottom of the Washington DC chart. She trines Moon to give great support.

Fate is on the scene, for we have 7 quincunxes and 3 Yods, or Fingers of God. At the apexes of the yods, sitting with a lot of influence, are Mars, Uranus, and Venus—catalyst at work, creating space for our current creative transformation.

All of the planets again—and still—are closely involved with one another. No one is sitting on the sidelines.

Least of all GW Bush (although he may fake disinterest—if it involves votes or money, he cares). The chart wheel is almost identical to his. All month we’ve had a gathering in Libra, as does he. Most importantly, Saturn, freshly into Leo, now conjoins Bush’s Ascendant, Pluto, and Mercury. Saturn is the accountant, and some of GW’s rulership is being tallied up in front of his face. How do the books balance?

The Sabian Symbol for 3 Cancer is

“A MAN BUNDLED IN FUR LEADS A SHAGGY DEER. The need to overcome stagnation and “cold” during trial of endurance. The difficult phase imposed by the new allegiance upon the reoriented consciousness. In India, the deer was the symbol of Brahma, the Creative God. The antlers represent the extension of the mind powers located in the head. The new path may lead to cold regions, requiring insulation from harsh circumstances. There may even be a desire to escape from new responsibilities. The will leads the mind on towards the spiritual North of the soul. This represents a TESTING OF THE WILL”

This is a Cancer moon day with excellent aspects for communication. With Moon in Cancer we focus on home and family, which includes the nation, as well as all groups with which we identify. Emotions are important.

This moon family began on June 29, 2003. That day 750,000 marched in the Gay Parade in San Francisco, half a million marched in Hong Kong protesting proposed reductions in civil liberties, a Human Rights report about thousands tortured by the U.S. was published, and Bush cut aid for 50 countries who were unwilling to exempt the U.S. from the International Criminal Court.


Moon continues in Cancer, and our hearts are homeward bound. Venus and Mars are doing their creative thing, and Jupiter is getting the word out. This is another active day. Moon goes VOC at 9:24 p.m. EDT.


Moon enters Leo at 10:03 a.m., and the extrovert takes over. Leo does like an audience. Tonight we might find ourselves wanting to work on a project.


This is another fun and creative day. Take up something which gives you joy.


Early this morning is a good time for dreaming, for meditating, and for deep thinking. By 9 a.m. we’ll want to be accomplishing something, and we will. At 11:12 a.m. EDT, Moon goes VOC. Leo likes it when Moon is not receiving direction from other planets (VOC). Leo is very self-directed, and would rather do what it pleases when it pleases. Moon enters Virgo at 10:44 p.m.


Moon continues in problem-solving Virgo, with special insights today. Listen to your intuition.

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