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General Influences, September 2003

Our competency and our flexibility star in September, under Virgo’s tutelage. Virgo is a complex, creative, and sensitive sign. Take the time to read about it in the Sunsign Archives.

Virgo is an expert problem-solver. Planets in Virgo want to improve things, and are good at it. Health and healing is one of Virgo’s specialties. Mercury retrograde in Virgo, until September 20, is an excellent analyzer and has the motivation to fix things. Mars can also be healing, and Mars still retrograde until September 29 will help with renovation and repair.

A third healing planet is also active during all of September. Chiron, the Wounded Healer, turns direct on September 18. It is nearly still in the heavens during the whole month—in a position in Capricorn just opposite the U.S. Cancer Sun. Chiron often heals through first disrupting, and we can expect to see disruption in the U.S. related to the establishment, which is Capricorn’s domain. This is especially the case during September and October, when Saturn conjoins the U.S. Sun.

The last time Saturn conjoined the U.S. Sun was in August 1974; when impeachment proceedings were brought against Pres. Nixon. The last time Chiron opposed U.S. Sun was in January 1953, when the Lt. Governor of California, and main contender for the Governor position, Cruz Bustamente, was born. Thus it will be Cruz’ Chiron return, which is a major life turning point. Also in January 1953, a U.S. Senate report censored Joseph McCarthy, who for a few years had been an instrument of fear and repression in the U.S. In the early 50s it was fear of a Communist takeover.

Now in September we have Saturn and Chiron opposing one another in Cancer and Capricorn, putting a pincers around the U.S. Sun, which represents the government. Saturn is the reality tester and the teacher. It adds pressure and responsibility. Chiron adds disruption for the purpose of bringing in something new.

At the same time we have Ceres in Cancer conjoining Saturn and thus the U.S. Sun. Ceres has to do with nurturing, and all aspects of getting food to people, including labor and climate. When Ceres is pressured, as now, there can be a focus on labor problems, difficult growing conditions, or other food chain problems. Certainly the whole GMO push, and worldwide protests, are amongst our greatest food problems in the U.S. In fact, the whole field of biotechnology is under Ceres’ domain.

Saturn opposes Chiron during the entire month, and builds up to exactness on September 26.

Action will move quickly during September. Indeed, personal planets are retrograde, but this means that the action will focus on past situations, and on repairing or re-organizing them. Certainly the California recall attempt is an example of this type of situation. Things will also move relatively smoothly, because most of the month’s aspects are harmonious.

Besides the stressful Saturn-Chiron opposition, there is one other difficult aspect in September. (The difficult, or challenging, aspects are the ones we notice.) Mercury squares Pluto twice, once retrograde and once direct. The first direct square occurred on August 13, at the time of the huge blackout in northeastern U.S. and the Pentagon’s announcement of the "death ray" weapon.

The Pluto-Mercury opposition preceding these squares occurred on June 24. Issues around that time were trade and agriculture, and pushing U.S. biotechnology on the world.

Pluto is transformation and power, and Mercury is thinking, communicating, moving, and all kinds of exchanges. With Mercury retrograde in Virgo, all Virgoan issues are up for rethinking. Healing—physical, mental, emotional and spiritual—are particularly supported by this double square. With an active Chiron, it is apt to be disruption which brings needs for healing to our attention.

Meanwhile, Jupiter, freshly into Virgo, continues to oppose Uranus, and then Mars in Pisces. The Pisces-Virgo axis is about service and purification. Progressive Uranus here is extremely idealistic, and Mars lends it energy to act on those ideals. Jupiter refers to important people, those who run society, and they will be stacked against rebellious Mars-Uranus. However, Uranus backs up into the rebel sign of Aquarius on September 15 to further fortify itself to buck the establishment

Saturn is the other planet connected to society’s workings, and with both Jupiter and Saturn in opposition to disruptive planets, there will be polarization. The retrograde planets give us each an opportunity to check with our inner, or higher selves and form our own conclusions. Detachment is important.

Information will be plentiful and vital, but the Pluto square means that propaganda will reign. It will be necessary to use Virgo’s analytical ability to sort out the wheat from the chaff.

Meditation would be very helpful this month.

Energy picks up as the month moves on. Chiron turns direct on September 18, Mercury turns direct on September 20, and Mars turns direct on September 27.

All planets in Cancer, Virgo, Pisces, and Capricorn will be especially affected by September’s energies. And the consciousness of all of us will be changed.

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Maya's September Daily Success Guide

Note: A VOC Moon period is when the Moon is making no further major planetary aspects before it changes signs. Moon and its aspects are strongly associated with our everyday behavior, and without those aspects to direct our course, we are left much more free to pursue our own ends in our own way. It is like you’re driving down the freeway and find the road signs removed for awhile. On the one hand, plans may go awry, you may miss your exit; on the other hand, inner work is greatly favored as those external "instructions" are reduced.

Times used are EST, because the overall influences for the United States are centered in Washington DC.
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The Virgo New Moon last Wednesday ushered in some big changes, but we’ve probably had a pleasant Labor Day weekend, and today smooth sailing continues as our changes shift into place. A big move to expand our horizons is the key, and it relates to both water and earth, to emotions and to our practical world. We are sensitive and receptive, and nurturing and security are important. It is possible that the whole issue of global warming is hitting us now. Moon is in Scorpio, and everything that happens today feels dramatic and intense.


Moon is VOC in Scorpio this morning until it enters Sagittarius at 2:32 p.m. EDT. There is definitely not a big push to start a new week, a new season, this morning. We may prefer to be alone, and to think deeply about our current state of affairs. Save appointments and decisions for afternoon, for Sag Moon activates much go-for-it energy. It also may speed up our nervous systems, and add confusion to our minds. Take time to relax and to sort out your priorities.


First Quarter Moon occurs at 11 Sagittarius at 8:34 a.m. EDT. First quarter is our biggest turning point of the month. We break through obstacles and get ourselves moving on this month’s goals (established at the New Moon). The future beckons. The major quality now is deep transformation and change in our personal lives, for all the personal planets are now heading for a rendezvous with powerful Pluto before the month is over.

The transformation factor is furthered by the fact that this Moon is at the degree of the Total Solar Eclipse of the Sun of last December 4. At that time business interests in Venezuela called a strike, inspections were proceeding in Iraq, and General Tommy Franks arrived in the Middle East. Bush sent out smallpox vaccine across the nation and announced he’d use nuclear bombs and land mines in Iraq. Violence continued in Palestine and the Balkans, and John Snow took over as U.S. Treasury Secretary.

I read some great science fiction, and saw that wonderfully entertaining movie, Bowling for Columbine. The next week a dream showed me three energy vampires in my life.

Sagittarius is about expanding our lives in every way. With Virgo we want to broaden our horizons in a way which improves our lives.

There are two Fingers of God at this time. They indicate sudden and fated shifts. Shaking up the establishment, and putting ideals into action are indicated. We may center around the issue of food supply.

The Sabian Symbol for 10 Sagittarius is

"A THEATRICAL REPRESENTATION OF A GOLDEN-HAIRED GODDESS OF OPPORTUNITY. Society’s efforts at dramatizing the greatness of what it offers to the ambitious person. The drive for advancement along "human, all too human" paths of growth. We see how sociocultural forces operate by dramatization and propaganda. FORCED GROWTH."


Moon is VOC today until it enters Capricorn at 5:51 p.m. VOC moon in Sagittarius is very free-wheeling. With yesterday’s shifts, we have a lot to think about, and our minds may travel the universe. Tonight moon has excellent aspects, great for setting specific goals and for planning. Connecting with others can be beneficial. Tonight a power struggle with a loved one is possible.


This is a super-constructive day. There may be an obstacle around noon, but we can cut through it easily and accomplish something tangible. The mood today is serious and responsible.


Moon is VOC in Capricorn until it enters Aquarius at 10:15 p.m. We have had several VOC Capricorn moon weekend days these last months. They are not lively, and I’ve found that I like best staying home on those days. I can accomplish my own goals easily, but sharing with others is not so easy. Perhaps it’s because Capricorn likes to be in charge.


This is an important and energetic day. Freedom calls, and we are apt to feel rebellious as well. There is a desire to shake off authority, and we may make sudden and impulsive decisions. It’s an inventive day, as well as a time when we can be idealistic. At the same time, Neptune is strong and confusion or delusion are possible. Try to evaluate a situation before you jump into it. Physical activity would be very helpful today.

In the wake of this need for action, late tonight Mercury retrograde conjoins Venus in Virgo. Together Venus and Mercury manifest beauty, truth and goodness. We set now our priorities in what we want to attract to us, in what we love and appreciate. With Mercury retrograde this priority list is a revision, and in Virgo we use much discrimination in these choices of what we really like and want. This cycle will last for about one year.


Moon is VOC in Aquarius for the entire day. Our thoughts are very much our own, and they may be unusual. Weird behavior may pop up out of the blue. It’s a great day to have a brainstorming session—without judgment.


Moon is in psychic Pisces, open to universal and unseen vibrations. Moon today passes over unpredictable Uranus, and then eclipses Mars. This adds energy to an already-potent Mars, especially psychic, pervasive, and widespread energy. The last Mars eclipse was in Pisces in July, when Bush and Blair gave their infamous joint press conference. Pisces is associated with clouds, confusion, and fraud. This is our preparation for tomorrow’s Full Moon in Pisces, and it sets a deceptive, impressionable and aggressive stage for that moon.


Full Moon at 18 Pisces occurs at 12:36 p.m. EDT. This Moon is Plutonic all the way. Sun and Moon have just squared volatile Pluto, that agent of inexorable evolution. Pluto turned direct only two weeks ago, and is still moving very slowly, and yet with a renewed powerful thrust. Pluto moves with depth and intensity at very deep levels. He can move mountains. His home, Hades, was impossible to leave unless accompanied by Mercury.

But we do have Mercury coming to the rescue. Before the day is over, Moon opposes Mercury and Sun Conjuncts it. And Mercury squares Pluto tomorrow, perhaps to effect release from Pluto’s powerful, uncompromising grip.

All this means that a serious, deep, transformative process is occurring, one which will affect all of society in a lasting way. This process will grow and unfold during the remainder of the month.

The long-range importance of this time is further shown by the involvement of galactics. Pluto now is again conjoining Black Hole Inanna, and Sun and Mercury conjoin a pulsar. According to Alex Miller-Mignone, black holes show areas of susceptibility to dramatic, intense, sometimes violent and usually unsuspected shifts in the status quo reality. Pulsars, on the other hand, provide points where new information enters the system. Mercury will act as an antenna to receive and amplify that information, and Pluto will ensure that it is socially significant. Pluto relates to the masses.

George W. Bush is apt to be the focus of this information. The chart set for Washington puts his Virgo Mars and progressed Sun on the midheaven, where the world gets to see his macho image…and perhaps the insecurity behind it. The volatile Jupiter, Uranus and Mars are also pulled into this point. The Chiron-Saturn-Ceres opposition, which connects with the U.S. Sun and shows disruption to the Administration, is also being activated now.

This is a very powerful, transformative, and wide-ranging full moon.

We could see information that exposes some of the reality of Bush’s presidency, or receive a call which awakens U.S. citizens from their general position of denial. Food chain problems can of course be an issue. So can technology. I also believe that we may receive a wake-up call in regard to our fast deteriorating natural environment, perhaps through manifestations of the speed of global warming.

Emotions will be very intense during this Full Moon, and our consciousness will be drastically changed by the events which it precipitates.

The Sabian Symbol for 18 Pisces is

"IN A GIGANTIC TENT, VILLAGERS WITNESS A SPECTACULAR PERFORMANCE. The use of personal achievement and conviction to bring a crowd to a state of enthusiasm sufficient to make it forget its boredom with everyday routine or its sins of commission or omission. PUBLIC SELF-DRAMATIZATION."


Moon is VOC this morning, until it enters the fast-moving sign of Aries at 12:09 p.m. We need the morning to absorb yesterday’s dynamic energy. Which, in fact, continues today, as Mercury has its retrograde square with Pluto. Mercury direct had its first square with Pluto on August 13, when Pluto was retrograde. Now Mercury is retrograde, as it squares a direct Pluto.

But on September 28, Mercury and Pluto will have their final challenging meeting, with both planets direct. That will be a dilly. Hopefully by then some things will have been resolved. And other things will be brought out into the open for future resolution. There are clues today to that action.
This is an odd day.


Moon in Aries brings a can-do attitude into our affairs. The Saturn-Ceres problem, which has been building up, comes to a head today as Ceres in Cancer joins Saturn exactly to begin a new four-year cycle in nurturing—especially nurturing the nation.

This cycle also includes Healer Chiron, as described in the General Influences section. With today’s Saturn-Ceres conjunction, Chiron begins to come into prominence as well. Chiron will dominate the skies until the next New Moon in Libra on September 25.

Saturn indicates blockages, slowdowns, and extra responsibility. Nurturing the people is not easy now. However, constructive action is possible today. Moon goes VOC at 9:39 p.m.


Moon is VOC in Aries for the entire day. However, Moon does pass over Pallas Athena in late Aries, and we can focus on taking the initiative to accomplish our special projects. This can be a great day to take a long hike.


Moon is in Taurus, loaded with aspects. Taurus is an earth sign, and enjoys and knows how to use the fruits of the earth. In Taurus we like to be productive, as does the earth. This can be a very satisfying day. We may be called to garden, cook, work on a creative arts or a home project, or just spend time enjoying nature. Taurus brings in our other planets in the earth signs of Virgo and Capricorn, and practical accomplishment can be extraordinary today and tomorrow.


Moon continues in peaceful Taurus, and this can be a personally very satisfying day. To add to the loving vibes, Venus enters Libra today, where she will work for balance.

Today, in the midst of these harmonious energies, we commence with step two of the potent Saturn-Ceres-Chiron gathering in the business-parental signs of Cancer and Capricorn. Security, especially food security, grabs the spotlight. And the focus is on the U.S.


Retrograde Uranus has just backed up into the technology-oriented sign of Aquarius. This is its last chance to do its Aquarian thing, and there will be an urgency to move ahead into a new world. (Around New Years, Uranus returns to Pisces to travel the psychic sign until 2010 and 2011.)

Taurus Moon, who prefers peace, will clash with Uranus late this morning, to give us a sample of Uranus’ current goals in Aquarius. Uranus wakes us up, and can be disruptive. Aquarius wants progress and reform. Notice your reactions now.

Moon enters spontaneous Gemini at 11:32 a.m. EDT, and we are suddenly ready to make changes. In fact, with lively Gemini buzzing us, we insist on action. The next three days move quickly.


Wounded Healer Chiron, now disrupting institutions and the establishment as it travels through Capricorn, turns direct today, and we will see it in action. Chiron works by raising consciousness, and re-aligning the pieces. With Venus freshly into Libra, there may be a new development in partnership. For instance, Palestine and Israel could come to some workable terms. So could the European Union and the U.S. in regard to food commerce. And we could do the same with those important partners in our lives.

With Chiron now making a long connection with Saturn, we can make long-lasting structural changes. And with the U.S. (and Bush’s) Sun involved, we are making structural changes in regard to the U.S.

Mercury, associated with communication and information, is a major part of Chiron’s healing work now. Mercury will turn direct in three days, and be ready to move out with new messages.

Moon in Gemini will keep us on our toes.


Last Quarter Moon at 26 Gemini occurs at 3:03 p.m. EDT. In Virgo we are developing skills, and aiming towards perfection. Gemini now says to let go of excess order and fussiness, to simply take the core of the month’s work, and be spontaneous in expressing yourself.

Pluto, ruler of birth and death, still holds sway. Furthermore, Sun now conjoins the fixed star Benetnash, said to rule the land of the dead. It is often associated with catastrophes. In Washington, Chiron is rising and Saturn and Ceres are setting, which shows their great influence there.

Mercury, associated with all movement and connections, takes charge. Movement and shifts are further indicated by the doubling of planetary stations at this time—Chiron turned direct yesterday, and Mercury turns direct in a day and half. Either Chiron or Mercury turning direct is associated with major energy shifts, let alone both of them together.

Lively aspects continue until late tonight.


Moon in the homey sign of Cancer has absolutely lovely aspects for the next two days. Do things you really enjoy, and with people you really like to be with. In fact, you may come to love whomever you are with. There is a serious side to the evening, and we may be drawn to serious entertainment, to serious conversation, or to old friends. Energy runs late again.


Mercury turns direct at 13 Virgo at 4:53 a.m. EDT. The harmonious energy continues to roll for the rest of the day, and the night too. It appears that a security issue is settled, and also that trade and investment can move ahead unimpeded. Practical integration is given a push, with Saturn and Chiron leading the way. Saturn in Cancer is about creating a security base, and Chiron in Capricorn is about re-aligning the establishment. They can work well together now. Together they focus on business.


We continue with good vibes. Moon in Leo finds it easy to be creative and generous, and we can feel happy and free. Write your own story—and live it.


Autumn Equinox occurs at precisely 6:47 a.m. EDT. This time initiates the autumn season, when the dark begins to overwhelm the light. It is one of the four major powergates of the year, when celestial energy floods us with opportunity, in this case to work with the hidden side of life, where all is germinated. The chart set for this moment, when Sun enters Libra, tells us about those energies, and what tools we have to work with for the next three months.

We begin the season with Libra, the sign of partnership. Libra sets the foundation, for it is through relationships that we really learn about others and ourselves. We then move into Scorpio, where we plunge into the depths of emotions re others—jealousy, passion, anger, revenge—the whole gamut. After this transformation by trial, we emerge into the light of Sagittarius, where we have a sense of the wide and beautiful vistas of the spirit.

Autumn, then, gives us the opportunity for great personal transformation.

Moon now heads into the six-month season of her ascendancy. She always takes off into that time with her big grand moon of the year, Harvest Full Moon, when she is at her most voluptuous. The Harvest Moon was on September 10. (The October 9-10 Full Moon will also be spectacular.)

Now Moon is waning in the shining sign of Leo, the sun’s sign, almost ready to close up shop on this Virgo Moon Cycle. It is an old moon, a balsamic moon, and it tells us that now we are ready to release things. We have gained wisdom, and know what to let go of and what to keep. This is further shown by Moon’s conjunction with Transpluto, the energy of transubstantiation. Moon also is about to oppose Uranus, who breaks up old conditions. This autumn will be a time of surrendering the outmoded.

The major energy here is the Chiron-Saturn opposition, with Saturn conjoined Ceres, goddess of the harvest. Saturn wants form and structure, something that will create boundaries and will endure. Chiron wants breakthroughs. There can be a good deal of tension here as Chiron pushes, and Saturn resists. Chiron also supports science and technology, and Saturn would want to co-opt and direct that technology. Perhaps he can, for the resolution of this struggle lies in Mercury in Virgo, who can solve most any problem. Biotechnology fits right into these energies. Mercury in Virgo can facilitate trade. And Libra now on the scene makes successful negotiation possible.

In Washington, the fixed star Benetnash is rising at the time of Equinox. "Benetnash" means "hired mourners," and often refers to public calamities. Sun was on Benetnash at the Last Quarter Moon on September 18.

Moon goes VOC at 3:33 p.m., and enters Virgo at 4:04 p.m. Immediately Moon opposes energetic and impulsive Mars, perhaps spoiling for a fight. However, later tonight the vibe is pure love, as Lover Venus combines with good-feeling Jupiter, and Neptune, who transmits spiritual love.

During the entire month, strategist Pallas Athena has been slowly backing across the top of GW’s chart, infiltrating his Aries midheaven with knowledge of how he can take the initiative to accomplish his aims. Pallas today is right on that midheaven.

The Sabian Symbol for Moon at 25 Leo is

"A LARGE CAMEL IS SEEN CROSSING A VAST AND FORBIDDING DESERT. Self-sufficiency in the face of a long and exhausting adventure. In order to be released from bondage to the "old world" we should be completely self-contained emotionally. Total INDEPENDENCE and UTTER SELF-RELIANCE."


Moon is in reality-oriented Virgo, but nevertheless we are apt to feel like we are in a dream world. This vague sense of lack of focus is aggravated by being in dark-of-the-moon time, when we let go of everything and empty ourselves in readiness for a new cycle. This afternoon, however, we begin to get serious, and by tonight we are ready to begin to visualize the next chapter in our lives. We know that it will include hard work, especially in regard to relationships.


New Moon at 3 Libra occurs at 11:09 p.m. EDT. The Libra cycle is about committing ourselves to others in a fair and just manner. It is through such interactions that we are given a mirror to view ourselves and to view spirit, and thus to grow and to heal.

At Equinox there was a very close Sun in Libra-Mars in Pisces quincunx. It is the dominant aspect now, and Sun is joined, of course, by Moon, which means that our Libra cycle revolves around Mars, and the quincunx.

The quincunx is an aspect of adjustment which includes feelings of obligation, often to excess. Its demands are difficult or impossible to satisfy, and we feel under much pressure. Mars’ natural aggression is held in check here, as we want to keep everybody happy—a Libra tendency anyway. This is particularly difficult right now because Mars is about to turn direct, and is rarin’ to go. At this time, also, Mars is filled with rebellious Uranian energy.

The appropriate balancing and channeling of Martian energy is our major challenge during this Libra cycle. Grounding is vital. Air sign Libra can go off into the netherland of ideas and ideals, and water sign Pisces can operate on pure emotion. Air and water both flow, disregarding boundaries, and an excess of those two together can create floods and storms.

We need not only grounding in the real world, but also help from spirit. We can not always resolve quincunx aspects on our own, and we are pushed to turn to higher guidance. Simply remembering that we live in a world of spirit, and that spirit resides in everything and everyone, can be helpful as we thread our path through conflicting urges.

We do, in fact, have grounding built into this chart. Saturn, the Great Teacher, always grounds us, and he is prominent now. Saturn is in Cancer, conjoining the U.S. Sun. This tells us that our main grounding now is through family, family meaning any group to which we are attached, from friends to the nation to the human family. It is a time to strengthen all of those ties.

And yet, Chiron opposing Saturn is disrupting the family, and saying we have to do it differently. California’s Recall Election fits this dynamic, and so does the current emphasis on legal rights for gay and lesbian couples.

Venus in Libra is also involved here. This shows us that love and relationships are central now, and adds the possibility of negotiation to achieve equal justice in disputes.

This is a particularly important month for the U.S. This New Moon is on the midheaven of the U.S. chart, which means a new start in goal-setting for the nation. Hopefully we can work again towards this nation’s ideals of "liberty, equality, and justice for all." These are Libran ideals.

Saturn on the U.S Sun can help us to look at the reality of where we are, and where we’ve been.

October will be an exceedingly interesting month. KEEP YOUR BALANCE!

I never look at the Sabian Symbols ahead of time. And now, as I look at this one, it fills me with hope. The Sabian Symbol for 3 Libra is

"THE DAWN OF A NEW DAY REVEALS EVERYTHING CHANGED. The ever-present possibility of beginning again on a new foundation of values. INNOVATION."


Moon continues to travel in Libra for the next two days. In Libra we are drawn to socializing, and we will connect with others. Moon today will show us our challenging T-cross of the month, which includes Saturn, Chiron, and Venus. Notice how relationships are for you today, as our Libra month rolls into motion.


Early this morning, at 3:52 a.m. EDT, Mars turns direct. Finally! It seems like it’s been a long two months of Mars retrograde and super bright in the night sky—like a huge electronic eye overseeing us.

Mars turns at 0 degrees Pisces, giving that first degree a lot of go power. Mars always has to do something, but in Pisces the warrior tends to avoid facing challenges head-on, and rather to accomplish its aims in an oblique way, where it can avoid confrontation. It is most effective when it turns to intuition and to spirit for guidance.

Mars now conjoins Uranus, who is at the very end of Aquarius. This is a strong Uranus, filled with ideals of reform, and happy to have Mars for help in manifestation. These are good tools for facilitating that "dawn of a new day" mentioned in the New Moon Sabian Symbol.

Although the influence will diminish, today’s celestial pattern sets the tone for the next two years of Mars travelling direct.

The feminine influence is strong now. All four of the big asteroids, plus Venus and Moon, play major roles. Pluto, Saturn, and Mercury form an effective grounding trio. Every planet, in fact, is brought into aspect now. This indicates a potential for excellent total integration.


Pisces relates to the cycle of life, including the food chain. Mars in Pisces, for instance, tends to be an excellent cook or baker. It may be that Mars’ challenge for these next two years is to work on purifying the food chain—an enormous job. On the other hand, enhancing biotechnology is another possibility. Probably both goals will co-exist. Pisces’ symbol is, after all, two fishes swimming in opposite directions.

Moon goes VOC at 7:10 p.m., and enters Scorpio at 7:52 p.m. Almost immediately it trines Mars, and we feel a surge of deep energy. Determined Scorpio Moon thus lends its support to Mars’ new journey.


Moon is in intense Scorpio, and our thoughts and feelings run deep today. Today we feel the final Pluto-Mercury square, and we focus our thoughts on power. Virgo Mercury can help us to see what power means, but other aspects call to our unconscious instead of conscious selves. Power may erupt in unexpected ways, and we may not be at all clear about its meaning. By late tonight clarity may come.

Nourishment (or lack thereof) continues to be the main issue.

In Washington at the time of the square, 12:28 p.m. EDT, fixed stars dominate the chart. Fixed stars coincide with large and destined events. Right above Washington is Benetnash again, often associated with catastrophes. Exactly rising is the red, Mars-like star called Antares. Setting is Aldeberan, the red-orange "eye of the bull" in Taurus, also associated with aggression.


Moon continues in Scorpio for the entire day. The day feels easy and balanced, perhaps even social, until Moon’s last aspect at 8:08 p.m. Then Moon squares Uranus, which brings in energy, surprise, and possibly disruption.


Moon travels in free-wheeling Sagittarius for the next two days. We can pull out from our absorption with our own processes, and look at and appreciate the wide world. Today we can be optimistic and we can think big. The sky’s the limit.

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