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General Influences, July 2003

July will be both emotionally active, and physically busy. We will be stirred at many levels.

The Fourth of July, for instance, with its focus on the history and destiny of the United States, will have special significance.

The sign of Cancer rules during July. This nation, GW Bush, and Donald Rumsfeld all celebrate their birthdays during Cancer time. They thus begin their new annual cycles now, as they sow the seeds which will grow during the next year.

Cancer is the sign of the Moon, that planet which is closest to earth, closest to our hearths, closest to our family lives, and closest to the ebb and flow of our emotions. Cancer is a sign of the people, associated with an instinctive feel for human nature.

When one is born under Cancer, the challenge is to find that human nature within oneself first, and then within others. Human nature is most closely allied with emotions. Cancer’s work of exploring emotions gives it sensitivity and vulnerability, and protection is necessary to allow it to proceed. Thus the symbol for Cancer is the crab, with its soft interior and hard outer shell.

Cancer is an emotional water sign. Emotions are akin to water. They flow and change, looking for channels of expression. Emotion and motion come from the same root, to move. Water is everywhere in the universe. Water moves, life moves, and we are bonded together by water and by emotions.

Water is healing. It contains, and bonds, and moves life. In the same way, the water signs are healing. The other two water signs are Scorpio and Pisces. During July, Uranus and Mars are traveling through Pisces, and Juno is in Scorpio. We thus have all three of the water signs occupied with planets during July.

This means that the focus in July is on emotional flow. Long-repressed emotions will want to move, and we can easily access them for healing. Toxic emotions can be more apparent, and we will want to detoxify both ourselves and those near and dear to us. All kinds of artistic creativity, which rise from emotions, will burgeon. People can feel more connected, to themselves and to each other.

This grand water trine will be in effect through October, but during this month, July, it really takes off. And it is strongest now because Sun traveling through Cancer invigorates the path of water, and adds to its creative flow.

During July we have another connector, Mercury, the Messenger, who is extremely active. Mercury is traveling swiftly, and makes an incredible 32 noticeable planetary aspects during July. Our days’ activities will be determined not only by Moon’s disposition, but by Mercury’s proddings to go here, go there, do this, do that, talk to x and y and z, and listen to all who come our way.

We will be very busy, and we will make many connections. We think we are busy now, but we will find our daily lives ramped up incredibly during July. Mars, now so close to earth, may add to that constant need for action.

The major theme around which we move will be that of building our security, creating the shell for the crab. Some manifestations will be reaching for housing, in all its forms. Real estate and construction will be buzzing. The renewal of creativity will bring sustainable, eco-friendly housing into prominence. The crab needs food, and restaurants and the food business will thrive. With the desire to purify, organic and natural foods will receive a big push.

Financial security will be important, and with the new creativity, new businesses will be developed. At the same time, the recognition is growing that the gifts of Earth herself, plus the human spirit, are basic sources of security. We can open ourselves to living in harmony with the flow of nature and with the flow of human nature. Businesses which feature these qualities can get a successful start this month.

There are two other focal areas during July. One of these is relationships, thanks to Juno. And this includes all of our relationships, as well as primary partnerships. Learning to be fair in all of our relationships, to respect one another, to allow each other to come from a place of self-empowerment, is vital. Relationship abuse will be one of the very big emotional issues which can be dealt with now, and good healing work begun.

For those who work with the public, the key to success will be respect for their clients and customers. Businesses involved with some form of helping to heal relationships could also be fruitful. The field of human resources will begin to achieve new importance.

The other highlighted area is alternative healing in all its forms, with Chiron prominent this month. This is a good month for setting in motion a personal healing program, as well as for beginning a healing business, or a healing center. New forms, and combinations of forms, of alternative/medical healing will begin to emerge now.

We can do an enormous amount of personal integration this month, and at the same time make important new beginnings. Those things which we set in motion now are parts of cycles of varying lengths, but the major cycles will last two years, and five to seven years.

All of the water signs—Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces—are featured. The water signs have it, and they can begin now to rebuild their lives in a fresh way. Even if your Sun is in another sign, any planet which you have in a water sign begins a period of renewal now.

In water we go with the flow. This means we pick up negative as well as positive energy. Negativity is the pitfall of water. This means that we have a particular challenge now to make our intentions clear and firm, to keep those long-range intentions foremost in our consciousness, and to use discrimination so that we pick up those experiences along the way which will move us towards our intentions. With attention steadily on our goal, we can simply let water carry us there.

In fact, water WILL carry us there, whether our intentions are negative or positive. It’s thus especially important now to bring up from the subconscious any subversive intentions which may be lurking there, and to work on strengthening our conscious intentions.

Intention is the core of Crystal Pomeroy’s work, and her Meditations assume a special importance now and for the next several years. Working with them is very helpful for clarifying and purifying intention.

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Maya's July Daily Success Guide

Note: A VOC Moon period is when the Moon is making no further major planetary aspects before it changes signs. Moon and its aspects are strongly associated with our everyday behavior, and without those aspects to direct our course, we are left much more free to pursue our own ends in our own way. It is like you’re driving down the freeway and find the road signs removed for awhile. On the one hand, plans may go awry, you may miss your exit; on the other hand, inner work is greatly favored as those external "instructions" are reduced.

Times used are EST, because the overall influences for the United States are centered in Washington DC.
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Happy Birthday, Canada! This day feels like a celebration! Moon enters the enthusiastic sign of Leo at 9:13 a.m. EDT, and we blast off into party mood. We feel good, and ready for new adventures. This optimism may carry into the marketplace. However, this is probably the last hurrah of the stock bubble of the 90s, and in another year it will be over. This is a good time to start businesses, but be cautious in your financial planning.

Our grand water trine is rolling, and we are very conscious of both new creative opportunities, as well as ways to manifest them. Personal, family, and national security is on our minds. Reread the General Influences section. We may have to pause to observe amidst the day’s impetuous rush, but when we do step back, we can see that this day clearly shows the character of our new foray into the watery depths.


Yesterday’s excellent growth energy continues. We can tackle big projects, and we want to be recognized for doing so. The show goes on, and we’re the director and the star. Things go very well today.


Money may be on our minds. Yes, we are generous now, and there’s a big flow, but we’re also feeling a need to be cautious. Love flows freely this morning, and we enjoy whatever we’re doing. At 2:06 p.m. EDT Moon goes VOC, and at 4:16 p.m. it enters Virgo. Virgo’s forte is problem-solving, and we can take care of details which we may have overlooked in our enthusiasm of the last two days.


Happy Birthday, U.S.A.! Celebration is not the keynote here. Rather, with Moon in Virgo the focus is tending to business and cleaning things up. Food is important, and gatherings of family or friends, centered on food, may appeal more than going to the fair. Working in the garden, or on a project around the house, may also be attractive today.


Moon is VOC for the entire day. As well as the VOC lack of focus, there is a dreamy quality to the day. Go to that fair today, and let your intuition move you into making connections which are meaningful. We can be both spontaneous and visionary. Notice what’s on your mind, for we begin a new 90-day Mercury cycle. With Mercury in Cancer, some manner of security or family probably has priority. Moon enters Libra at 9:20 p.m., and we may focus on partnership.


First Quarter Moon in Libra occurs at 10:32 p.m. EDT. It’s time for a new level of commitment in love and partnership. Cancer wants emotional security, and Libra says that a partner, or partners (or even clients) is necessary to complete that security. First quarter is breakthrough time. At first quarter, we actually set in motion the seeds which we planted following the New Moon on June 29.

This time, some of those seeds were actually sown during the last week in June, particularly in regard to how we direct our assertive energy.

Others were sown during the second week of October 2002. That week began with Luiz Ignacio Lula da Silva, a leftist, receiving the majority vote for president of Brazil. It included Bush arguing for the Iraq invasion, and getting a blanket OK from Congress. CIA Director George Tenet at that time in a letter to Congress warned that Bush’s "evidence" was tenuous or non-existent. The Bush Administration engaged in a plethora of destructive moves that week. One example was suing the State of California because its clean air standards were too high.

This is a Chiron time, for Chiron in Capricorn opposes Sun, and squares Moon. Chiron in Capricorn is about realigning the establishment, and realigning all of the structures in our lives, social and personal. Saturn in Cancer has been giving instructions to all three of these principals. Saturn says that security and family are the big issues now up for realignment. Vesta in Libra is part of the picture. She is guardian of the Hearth, and also focuses on protecting the homeland. She also keeps her eye on the purse strings. In Libra, she is concerned about fairness, especially in relationships. Ceres is also prominent, and she is very concerned about a healthy food chain.

Homes, and domestic situations, will dominate our consciousness. Finances also come up for adjustment. Chiron is a healer, and all kinds of situations which need healing can come to the fore now. Patriotism and protection of one’s group will be highlighted, and issues of war and peace will continue to proliferate. In the U.S., the notion of trading civil liberties for "protection from terrorists" will steam right ahead. At the same time the public concern over the safety of our chemicalized, genetically modified food will grow.

This is an especially important Moon phase, for many reasons. For one thing, our grand water trine really gets moving—featuring emotions and water. For another thing, it is the first moon phase after the birthdays of the U.S. and GW Bush. It sets in motion the emotional life of the nation for the next year. And Moon now conjoins the U.S. natal Saturn, emphasizing the importance of the actions of the U.S. Administration at this time.

Cardinal signs dominate now. They are the go-getters. We are driven to action. Our actions now are motivated by our feelings, and impulsiveness can get us into trouble. It’s important this month to (1) stay tuned in to higher guidance, and (2) pause for some objectivity before we act.


Moon continues in sociable Libra. It makes no major aspects, and is officially VOC. However, Moon does oppose Pallas Athena in Aries. She is a general, ready for battle to protect her people, and in Aries she is the lone hero. With Libra, justice is on our minds, and we are ready to fight for our just cause. This aspect can incline to arguments for arguments’ sake. Lively discussions can be stimulating.

Chiron, the Wounded Healer, is prominent today. He brings up issues of sickness, health and healing. Earth’s own need for healing may come to our attention in a new way.


Moon in Scorpio deepens our emotions. This is an intense and active day. We may arise early with a drive to accomplish, and we can. Research and investigation are especially favored. The day flows very well. Tonight plan for an outlet for the imagination.


Try to complete yesterday’s projects by the time Moon goes VOC at 1:58 p.m. We can get the big picture today, and look at the details besides. Tonight do something that satisfies your deepest feelings, and perhaps is future-oriented.


Moon is in Sagittarius, and we are ready for the road. This is a long and stimulating day. All four of the major asteroids are prominent. This means an emphasis on the living conditions of ordinary people. Mother Ceres is outstanding, and this shows a special consciousness of food. With Pluto opposing Ceres, the struggle against the food giants and Ceres’ healthy food supply may be apparent. It may be that the big Western drought is reaping obvious consequences. At any rate, today we are conscious of how the wider society affects our daily living. Aggression for the sake of security is also featured today.


We are still in travel mode, and wider horizons beckon. At 11:53 a.m. EDT, Moon goes VOC. We might as well take off and enjoy the afternoon.


Moon is serious Capricorn today, with good work aspects. We could do a constructive project which we enjoy. Tonight we might want to visit with family or old friends, or go to a special performance or to a political rally.


Full Moon at 21 Capricorn occurs at 3:21 p.m. EDT. Cancer is about home, security, family, comfort, and protection. Capricorn comes in and says, You have to be successful in the world if you want that security and care for the family. Cancer plays Mommy, and Capricorn plays Daddy. A family business combines the talents of both roles.

Capricorn is ambitious, and we think now about our status in society. This moon most closely connects with Jupiter in Leo, King of the Hill, and we want to be in charge of our empire, and recognized for it. Indeed, the play’s the thing. Making a creative effort to achieve excellence, status, and security is the core of this combination. Grandiosity can be a pitfall.

GW is apt to look very good now, for transiting Jupiter is on his natal Venus, expanding his personal appeal. Venus is close to his natal Sun, enhancing his self-esteem.

With this moon, we are aware of our place in society, and feel deeply emotional about it. How do we find our secure niche in it?

The Sabian Symbol for 21 Capricorn is

"A RELAY RACE. The value of competition in developing group-conscious. The whole of civilization is a vast kind of relay race in which groups of people and generations carry the torch in what we call "progress." Major achievements result from the sum total of human strivings. This symbol emphasizes group co-operation and the value of give-and-take. DYNAMIC INTERCHANGE."

This Full Moon moves down western Canada and western U.S. It flows through western Africa, all of Europe, India, Pakistan, and Afghanistan, and Korea and Japan.

The difficult combination of Uranus, Mars, and Pluto covers Latin America, Russia, the Middle East (especially Israel), and much of Africa. The Hawaiian Islands and all of the Far East are also in the midst of that volatile combination. Shocking Uranus goes through New York City.


Moon is in friendly Aquarius, and we feel at home in the world. Our perceptions and thinking have changed radically since yesterday, when we were all business and ambition. Our attitude now is much more free, and we can relate to people as people, rather than as steppingstones. Idealism in regard to partnership can promote love and harmony.


Moon continues in idea-oriented Aquarius, with large and wide aspects. The state of the world is important now, and politics may attract us. We might be especially aware of peoples’ suffering at the hands of elites. Social and personal justice are important today. Moon goes VOC at 6:57 p.m. EDT.


Moon enters Pisces at 11:14 a.m., and we move into dreamtime for the next three days. Each moon sign needs its special nourishment, and Pisces needs food for the imagination. During Pisces, we especially like to read, listen to music, and watch TV, movies and video. It may be difficult to maintain focus on mundane tasks. Take time outdoors, near water if you can. Swim, play music, take time to smell the flowers. Pisces is great for the arts, and you may be doing or patronizing an artistic endeavor. Tangible accomplishment is possible.


Mars has the spotlight today. This means lots of energy, and energy especially used for such more subtle levels as in dreaming, creating, intuition, and psychic work. Check out bright, bright orangish Mars high in the southwestern sky early this morning very close to Moon. They conjoin at 4:00 a.m. EDT, nearly overhead in Washington DC. Seeing Mars’ awesome brilliance in the sky will help give you an idea of how potent it is now and during coming weeks.

In some locations it’s possible to see Moon eclipse Mars. It will be exact in the central Pacific, Central America, northwest South America, the Caribbean, and the North Atlantic. Mars conjoins Uranus now, and I would expect some chaos to follow in those areas where Mars is interrupted, or blacked out, e.g., in Hawaii, Colombia, Venezuela, Cuba, or Iceland.

Mars is now remarkably close to earth, growing bigger and brighter every day, and moving very slowly. Although Mars will dim this fall, the strong Mars energy will last through November.

Mars now is nearly at the 10-11 degrees Pisces where it turns retrograde on July 29. It will remain in this degree range through August. All planets at 9-11 degrees of mutable signs (Virgo, Pisces, Sagittarius, and Gemini) will be undergoing adjustments during this next month.

Especially affected will be those born between July 1942 and May 1943, and people born between May 1944 and May 1945. The culture around our birth period does imprint us, and these were all WW II babies.

The U.S.-Bush complex will definitely be having aggressive thoughts. For one thing, today’s Mars Eclipse opposes Bush’s own Mars in Virgo. His progressed Sun is also conjoining his Virgo Mars. Mucho Mars! But the Mars Eclipse renders Mars action unpredictable.

In addition, Sun transiting U.S. Mercury (and Bush’s Saturn) is challenged by General Pallas Athena in Aries, spoiling for a fight. And—Pallas, now energized by Sun, sits on Bush’s Aries midheaven, which is the point where he challenges the world, and the world challenges him.

A good way to use today’s potent energy is for emotional exploration, and relationship-building. Prayer and positive visualization are also energized by Mars in Pisces. Late today we may run into a power struggle. With Mars so very powerful, we do need to think before we leap into battle, and perhaps make a special effort to find common ground. By tomorrow morning, conflicts can resolve.


Morning flows nicely into a watery trine at 10:49 a.m. Then Moon goes VOC until 7:20 p.m. Hang loose today; take the day off if you can. This evening when Moon enters Aries we’ll want some lively action.


Moon in Aries impels us to DO something, and this morning we will want to be engaged in something constructive. It’s a good work day, and building or remodeling projects may attract us. By late afternoon Neptune comes on strong, and we will feel restless. Take a nature walk, or go to a movie. Also, notice the news today. We have an opportunity to take a new look at the New World Disorder vision being manifested by the Bush Administration.


Moon continues in lively Aries, and we want to move. We may want to do something special with family, or with a specially-loved person in our lives. Watch the financial news. Vesta, Guardian of the Hearth, is keeping strange company today.


Last Quarter Moon at 29 Aries occurs early in the morning at 3:01 a.m. EDT. The last quarter moon during Cancer time says "Family and Security may be OK, but I have to find my own way. I have to be independent." This is the last degree of the go-getter cardinal sign combination, and Aries will be in a hurry to make his mark on the world. Making the necessary moves to secure territory and resources will be the thrust. Health issues could be in the public eye now. Saturn moves into a new degree, which indicates a new phase of the rapid construction efforts which have dominated this month.

With the quarter phase, Moon goes VOC at 3:01 a.m. EDT. It enters Taurus at 6:48 a.m., and we can be practical for the next couple of days. Today and tomorrow are good days to finish projects which are still hanging. We may feel quite energized tonight, especially if we’re in the Pacific Time Zone.


Energy today is excellent for concrete, tangible communication, e.g., writing. We can see deeply into social events, and we may want to share our insights.


Moon is VOC in Taurus for most of this day. Working on an artistic creation or other creative project could be very satisfying.

Sun enters Leo early this morning, and our energy field changes from water to fire, from receptivity to extroversion. Leo and Taurus are fixed signs, and the gathering of power now becomes important. Determination and perseverance are enhanced. People and politics will become more important as these next weeks roll on, emphasizing the Leo-Aquarius polarity. In particular, Neptune, the planet of vision, denial, and addiction will become more prominent, along with Jupiter in Leo, who emphasizes rulership. Sun will oppose Neptune in Aquarius on August 4, and conjoin Jupiter on August 22. During this past year, Neptune and Jupiter have been associated with two visions—on the one hand the endless war, and on the other hand a world which respects nature and one another.

Moon enters lively Gemini at 7:42, and tonight will be exciting and stimulating.


Communication, communication, communication is the day’s business. It may be related to the arts, to money, or to love—or to all three. Keep those wires hot. Tonight relax with a video.


Moon continues in Gemini, and our nervous systems may be even more speeded up than they were yesterday. Women, and nurturing, are on our minds—but in a broad context. Our thoughts spread to encompass the world. Mercury and Jupiter have their annual conjunction in Leo, and rulership—the power of being in charge—will be the theme for our expansion in the world for the next year. Transpluto here shows that it will be an extra-strong manifestation of commanding Leo energy, perhaps a rebirth. Drama and the arts should flourish, as well as all creative activity.

All planets in all charts between 22 and 29 degrees will be empowered for growth. This includes GW’s Venus in Leo in his first house. He will strut his stuff, and will be seen in a good light—at least by some.

Donald Rumsfeld has his natal Mercury and Jupiter at almost this same degree, also in Leo. Mercury is the idea person, the communicator, Jupiter is the King, and we can get an idea of how this combination can operate through listening to Rumsfeld. Rumsfeld is now beginning a new 12-year Jupiter cycle, as well as a one-year Mercury cycle. This is a very big year for him in his self-projection, a special time of fulfilling his expansive birth potential.

On September 2, 2004, which will likely be Bush’s nomination day, Mercury is turning direct at almost this same degree. Looks like he is a shoe-in.

Tonight we may stay up late talking about ideas and possibilities for the future.


This is a home and family weekend. Saturday is a good working and project day, Sunday we may want to finish something up, or just hang out.


This is a loving and laid-back day. Discipline is not part of the scene now, and getting to work may be difficult. At 4:17 p.m. EDT, Moon enters Leo, and the future, about which we’ve been ruminating, begins to crystallize in our mind’s eye. Tonight do something you really love to do, something that makes you feel good about yourself.


New Moon at 6 degrees of Leo occurs at 2:53 a.m. EDT. We shift from the sensitive, emotional energy field of Cancer to the exuberant, outgoing energy of Leo. Life’s a stage, and we can have fun playing our roles. And audience, please do applaud us.

Sun and Moon both conjoin Venus, showing that love, pleasure, and beauty are intrinsic to the next month. Five of the ten major planets are in Leo, and we will create our own show, star in it, and have fun doing it. Leo is about expressing our heart energy. What do you really like to do? This can be a great month for vacations.

Leo is a fire sign, and is associated with the Sun. In the northern hemisphere, the Leo month of August tends to be the hottest and driest month. People flock to the beaches and pools, and bask in the sun. The preponderance of fire planets now shows that August will be a very dry month indeed, and that fire danger is high. The bad drought in the midwest will be aggravated.

Mars in Pisces is right now a very potent Mars. Observe its brilliance in he early morning sky. Now, to usher in this very strong Leo energy, Mars is stationary in the heavens. It is making its ponderous turn, about to turn retrograde in just an hour.

This is a historic Mars. It is closer to Earth than it has been for perhaps 50,000 years, and it is stationing retrograde along with a powerful, Mars-supportive New Moon in Leo.

More than anything else, this is a Mars New Moon. Mars is a fire planet, but now it is in Pisces, a water sign, and it will make a lot of steam. Along with Neptune’s fog, we may all have difficulty figuring out exactly what is going on. Mars in Pisces is most comfortable acting at non-material and subtle levels. It’s great for harnessing intuition, and for getting in touch with broad and universal truths and movements. Pisces relates the entire cycle of life, and we will become much more aware during these two retrograde months of the science of ecology—how our home on earth works, and how everything is interconnected. Pisces is also associated with chemicals, and we can get a glimpse now of how we are killing ourselves with synthetic chemicals. Mars in Pisces can also exercise compassion.

Mars retrograde re-evaluates action and motive. What am I doing, and why? In Pisces, do my actions jibe with my spiritual beliefs? It’s significant that Mars is so close to us right now, just when many of us need to ask those questions.

Mars will turn direct again on September 27. We will have two months of Mars retrograde, when we can rethink how we act in the light of these universal connections. The precautionary principle—do no harm—can take on new meaning.

This New Moon conjoins the U.S. North Node of the Moon, which in Leo shows the leadership destiny of the U.S. We have a very special opportunity now—a once-in-history opportunity—to lead the world in developing a way of life where we emphasize harmony with nature and with one another.

This Moon does run right through the United States—on the nadir, the foundation location, showing the opportunity to develop new foundations. Mars lines run right through all of the continents. Mars is accompanied by unpredictable Uranus, along with the reporter-on-the-spot, Mercury. Volatile Pluto hangs out with shocking Uranus on the U.S. northeast coast. Pluto and Mars, which can be violent, hang out together in Venezuela, Zambia, and Indonesia.

The Sabian Symbol for 6 Leo is

"A CONSERVATIVE, OLD-FASHIONED LADY IS CONFRONTED BY A "HIPPIE" GIRL. The need to transcend our subservience to fashion, in morals as well as in clothes. This refers to the ever-changing pageant of social values, as ideals of human relationship succeed one another. The confrontation may lead to great bitterness, yet it should show us the impermanence of most of what society impresses upon our collective mentality. This refers to a collective, cultural, and social crisis which challenges us to realize THE RELATIVITY OF SOCIAL VALUES."

This is indeed a challenge.


We will probably feel very good in this new, sunny, Leo world. Let your creativity glow and flow. One caution: watch out for power struggles with partners. We’re all hanging tightly onto our egos now, and this can make for conflicts. Honesty is especially important. Moon goes VOC at 11:46 a.m. EDT, and is VOC until it enters Virgo at 10:27 p.m. After that, the night will be stimulating.


Moon is in Virgo, and work goes exceedingly well. We’re very inventive, and we can be geniuses at solving problems. By the same token, we may have some weird problems to solve. This day can be unpredictable.

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