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General Influences, September 2002

September is an outgoing, fast-moving month—despite a Mercury retrograde for the last half of the month. And despite the receptive Virgo energy-field.

Virgo is a sign of analysis. It is a time to pay attention, and to develop better techniques and skills for accomplishing one’s goals. Back-to-school time applies to life in general during Virgo season. There is always more to learn or to improve, and during Virgo time we can see exactly how to do it.

Work and service are particular Virgo themes. What is our greatest service? Our "right work"? What are the conditions we need for maximum performance? Virgo is the sign of the harvest, and we need to decide what and how to harvest earth’s abundance, and that includes our own talents. And we need to work to bring those products and potentials to usable form.

Virgo energy includes "the services," as well as service in general. All public services, including police and military, are emphasized during Virgo’s season. GW Bush has Mars, the planet of goal-oriented action, in the sign of Virgo. He turns easily to police and military action.

GW’s Mars conjoins Black Hole Apsu. Apsu was the Babylonian (Baghdad?) Lord of the Abyss, the waters which surround and hold up the earth. Many of the principals in the O.J. Simpson trial had close contacts with Apsu. Nuclear explosions are connected with Apsu, as well as the first World Trade Center bombing.

As with Pluto, Black Hole action can be very compulsive. Mars itself transits Virgo this month, and it is at Apsu’s degree from September 11-15. It also conjoins GW’s natal Mars then, thus beginning a new two-year Mars cycle for him. Mars, a planet of action, describes how we use our aggressive energy.

Mercury begins its retrograde journey September 14, during the Mars-Apsu period. For the next three weeks we will review and rewrite the past. It may have to do with the structural transformation whose beginning was marked by the 9-11 terrorism.

The infamous Pluto and Saturn, both involved in that ten-month deep change process, are being highly stimulated from September 6-October 14. (Many articles and paragraphs about this difficult process can be found in the archives.)

Jupiter, freshly into Leo, is eagerly moving along to bless all Leo energy for the next year. Jupiter’s biggest hit this month is its opposition to Neptune in Aquarius, effective all month, but exact on September 11. Ironically, on this anniversary date, this can be a deceptive aspect. Jupiter, King of the Gods, expects a lot and usually gets it. Cosmic Neptune can be carried away by dreams and visions. With grandiose Jupiter, those visions are big ones, and may bear very little relation to a common reality.

Jupiter with Neptune encourages idealism. It is especially important now to use this analytical and practical Virgo energy to check the substance of ideals with both the current reality and the reality one really wants, and to stay grounded and centered.

Jupiter and Neptune also stir a general, nonspecific restlessness. We have urgings for greater perspective and new adventures, but we can’t quite see the mysterious future which beckons us.

For some, the sleaze aspects of power, greed, corruption, and sex beckon, as Venus moves through Scorpio. Special testing days are September 24-25.

Grand trines in fire and air throughout September further promote flights of fancy. Here, review of past experiences encouraged by the retrograde Mercury can help us remember consequences before we take off for what could be a fall. Remember Icarus, who flew too close to the sun? Jupiter in Leo is like the sun, and encourages us to be blinded and burned by our own ego attachments, especially when connected with cloudy, foggy Neptune.

It is important now to notice our feelings before getting carried away by head trips. And others’ feelings as well. Compassion is a particularly important quality now, with the air-fire tendency to run over feelings. Retrograde Mercury in Libra can help us with consciousness of others.

The dominance of fire and air elements also means that literal fires will tend to proliferate. Drought and dryness will thrive.

There are two other main themes in September. One is great strides in technology, especially in regard to weapons and surveillance. The other is corporate money. There will be new revelations of corruption, which will lead to a backlash of more secrecy and cover-up. The period around mid-month will be particularly active.

The weekend of September 20-23 is very high energy. This includes Equinox, which ushers in the fall season. Fighter Mars Squares powerful Pluto then to portend a season of violence—probably fueled by out-of-control Jupiterian fantasies of being king-of-the-hill, as well as by continually emerging corruption scandals.

This is an ideal set-up for a wag-the-dog scene at the White House.

Our biggest personal challenge in September is to stay grounded in our own real selves, and our own real lives. Simply witnessing ourselves in a non-judgmental way is a very effective pathway to knowing ourselves. Yes, witnessing is simple—but very difficult to remember to do. Virgo and retrograde Mercury can both help us learn to use this extraordinarily effective technique for staying centered in self.

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Maya's September Daily Success Guide

Note: A VOC Moon period is when the Moon is making no further major planetary aspects before it changes signs. Moon and its aspects are strongly associated with our everyday behavior, and without those aspects to direct our course, we are left much more free to pursue our own ends in our own way. It is like you’re driving down the freeway and find the road signs removed for awhile. On the one hand, plans may go awry, you may miss your exit; on the other hand, inner work is greatly favored as those external "instructions" are reduced.

Times used are EST, because the overall influences for the United States are centered in Washington DC.
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This is an airy and willful day. Our ideas dominate us, and we have the strength and tenacity to carry them through. At the same time we feel an urge for transformation, particularly in the area of relationships, and relationships can be made more solid or can be broken. Communication is the key. Energy moves quickly today, and sets themes for the month.

Moon is in lively Gemini this morning. It goes VOC at 12:55 p.m. EDT, and we are on our own. Exploring a cultural event would suit the afternoon. At 5:14 p.m. Moon enters Cancer, and we are ready to head for home.

Today expansive Jupiter conjoins the U.S. node and begins to cross GW’s Leo Ascendant. It is an auspicious time for the United States. GW, in particular, will feel on top of things for the next year. Can we visualize him using this abundant energy towards beneficial ends?

We may stay awake late tonight, perhaps opening our minds to new perspectives.


Family, travel, communication, love, and the expansion of security are today’s themes. Moon is in sensitive Cancer, and we’re drawn to enjoying caring for home and family. Energy flows productively until late tonight.


This day begins the autumn season of work and school, and the mood shifts. We appreciate our uniqueness in a new way, and are willing to work to develop our potential. We find success on our own, while working in partnership may be stressful. Moon goes VOC in Cancer at 4:31 p.m.


Moon is in exhuberant Leo, and we’re on top of the world today. Let stress and strain go. Let creativity free. And enjoy yourself. Love is in the air. Dreams and visions of the future begin to take flight.

GW’s leadership will be strengthened for the next year, as optimistic Jupiter now passes over his point of personal self, the Ascendant.

Today is the birthday of both Los Angeles and of Sausalito. They begin new cycles on today’s visionary balsamic moon energy.


Moon continues in expressive Leo, and we delight in the drama of life, including ourselves as stars. Juno enters Libra, and the importance of relationships tugs at us. We may envision future commitments, especially as evening wears on.


New Moon at 15 Virgo occurs at 11:10 p.m. EDT. This is the beginning of our month-long cycle of expressing Virgo perfectionistic energy—developing, fulfilling, and sharing the fruits of our labor.

Both Sun and Moon are full of their last influence, which is assertive Mars. Sun crossed over Mars in Leo on August 10, a strong healing day, and Moon conjoins Mars in Virgo this morning. Leo Mars brings strong, self-confident direction to this New Moon, and Virgo Mars brings dedication and service—a winning combination.

Within hours of the new moon, both Sun and Moon square explosive Pluto. This adds life and death power to our Mars-imbued pair, and gives the quality of intensely applied aggressive energy to the entire cycle which occurs during this next month.

Read about the Virgo Sun Sign in the archives, and apply the idea of TRANSFORMATION to all of its qualities. Transformation, deep change of Virgo is what this coming moon cycle is all about.

With Pluto and Mars, violence is possible. And with Virgo, military involvement is likely. Virgo is an earth sign, and worldwide anger over the U.S. lack of cooperation in regard to global warming could also reach a climax. (The meeting on sustainability now being held in Johannesburg is the largest international conference ever held, and most heads of state are attending. Not the U.S. designated head of state.)

Virgo is also a healing sign, and with Healer Chiron turning direct now, great healing is possible.

Partnerships are also featured, and I can picture U.S. isolation by other nations as coming to a head.

This is Pluto’s last pass over the U.S. Ascendant. Thus a kind of final transformation of U.S. identity through shocks of upheaval is shown.

Great Mother Ceres in Aries is also important now. In Aries she strongly supports assertiveness and fighting for a cause.

The Sabian Symbol for 15 Virgo is

"A FINE LACE HANDKERSHIEF, HEIRLOOM FROM VALOROUS ANCESTOR. The quintessence of deeds well done. Root strength produces beautiful flowers. The neophyte who acts with determination, courage and discrimination while following "in the footsteps" of his predecessors receives a symbolic prize from the Brotherhood ready to welcome him when he has fully proven himself on the battlefield where he meets his past, which tries to block his way. The mystic Beloved hands him what she has woven for him out of spiritual threads. CULTURE. The Person of Culture is, in the deepest and best sense of the term, the Aristocrat."

Perhaps culture and barbarism meet now, both within and without.

Special arenas of action are Vancouver, Washington DC, Moscow, Europe, the Middle East, eastern Africa, Japan, the Philippines, and Indonesia.


Moon continues in problem-solving Virgo, and stimulates a very eventful day. In the first place, it is today that Moon and Sun actually square Pluto, lighting the explosion. In the second place, Moon transits the much-discussed, heavy-duty Pluto-Saturn opposition of the past year. In the third place, unpredictable wounded healer Chiron turns direct today, and in the fourth place Venus enters Scorpio, who will take venusian values to the depths and to the dregs.

The best use of today’s powerful energy is to engage in a great transformative healing process. Miracles can occur. A spiritual retreat, where psycho-spiritual healing could take place, would also be very valuable.

Virgo is an excellent healing sign. And the drastic action of Mars and Pluto can get rid of dead wood, necessary for fresh new growth.

Rosh Hashana begins today, and it won’t be a peaceful beginning.


But now peace descends. Moon is in friendly Libra, with harmonious aspects. Partnership is featured, and feelings will be free-flowing and deep. Serious issues are at hand, but they need not divide us.


Moon is in intense Scorpio, and at the same time, on both of these days we will be experiencing the first pass of the Jupiter-Neptune opposition, mentioned above. (The second and third passes are next Feb.16 and June 3.) Ideals, imagination, optimism, and compassion are stimulated, particularly in the collective. With Scorpio moon, there is an emphasis on death, and with Jupiter we can feel the hope that can arise from new life. Scorpio moon, the ultimate realist, can temper the fanciful flights of Jupiter-Neptune.

Mars, also involved now, is the kicker. Combined with Neptune and Jupiter, Mars can induce unpredictable, unreliable, and irresponsible behavior. It could also induce great humanitarian action. Mars for the next few days is on the degree of Black Hole Apsu, and conjoining GW’s Mars to begin a new two-year cycle of aggression for him.

With Jupiter now on GW’s Ascendant-Pluto combination, he is the man of the moment, and the man with the power. He could be a tremendous force for healing now. Will he fulfill that promise? Let us visualize GW as healer.

This Jupiter-Neptune cycle began in January 1997, conjoining the U.S. Pluto at 28 Capricorn. This is a Plutocrat placement, and with this opposition the Plutocrat—represented by the rule of U.S. corporations—is up for re-evaluation. Also in January 1997, an Israeli-Palestinian agreement was brokered, and Star Wars returned to the public eye. These will be continuing themes.


Moon is in Sagittarius, and today we’re optimistic and forward-looking. We’re willing to take risks, and we probably will. However, do look before you leap. It’s a great day for physical action—exercise, a good walk, or setting off on a trip.


First Quarter Moon in Sagittarius occurs at 2:08 p.m. EDT. First quarter begins a week of action, and in the adventurous sign of Sagittarius, that action is intensified. With Virgo sun and Sag moon, we’re concerned with teaching and learning, especially in relation to the larger picture and the larger society. The influences of the last few days still prevail.

Tomorrow Mercury, the energy of perception, turns retrograde to turn our thoughts inward. It is at the same degree where it was on Sept. 11, 2001, and will re-stimulate our consciousness of that day. This is also the degree of the U.S. Saturn, a planet which induces fear. Fearfulness will be emphasized, and our major concern now may be defending against those fears.

The assault on our civil liberties could intensify.


Moon is in serious Capricorn for the weekend, and ambition puts us to work. During this time, Mercury turns retrograde at 14 Libra, conjoined the U.S. Saturn, which represents the Administration.

We begin a three-week period of "re" activity—rethink, revise, revision, redo, repair, reorganize. The U.S. Administration will be a subject of review during this time. Mercury is in the partnership sign of Libra, and thus relationships are up for re-evaluation, particularly from the standpoint of fairness and equality. The Scales of Justice are Libran, and thus peace, war, and justice will be on our minds. We will questions our own feelings about those concepts, and ponder how to promote justice.

Mercury actually travels in Libra during all of September and October. It turns direct on the Libra New Moon on Oct. 6, and Justice will be held aloft then. Think—Statue of Liberty.


This is a day for commencing to build something solid. With Mercury retrograde we are talking about rebuilding or restructuring, e.g., beginning a new peace process between Israel and Palestine. In general, activities dealing with repairing or fixing structures, whether they be social, conceptual, or tangible, is favored today. Capricorn wants things to be useful. Capricorn also appreciates tradition, and caring for old things and old people may be on our minds.


This is not a fast-starting Monday morning. The Capricorn urge for accomplishment is there, but moon is VOC, and it’s difficult to focus purposefully. At 2:54 p.m., Moon enters Aquarius and we may want to be social for the remainder of the day and evening. Money issues, perhaps brought up by the turning of Mercury, may be on our minds.


This is a social day. Aquarius moon promotes an interest in public affairs and in talking things over with others. Idealism is intensified, along with a rethinking of what it means. Freedom is important now, and freedom vs. security may be an issue. Mars assertion gives destiny a push, and stimulates growing tension for the next ten days.


Moon continues in inventive Aquarius. We feel independent, and can pin down the meaning of freedom in our own lives.


We are super-sensitive and romantic today, and at the same time defensive and subject to both miscommunication and deception. Idealism conflicts with a status quo possessiveness, and we’re not sure where truth lies. How do we handle fear? We begin now a difficult four-day period.


Moon in mystical Pisces stimulates hard-nosed Mars and Pluto today to give us a preview of the fighting Mars-Pluto square which follows the full moon. Pisces is both emotional, and often confusing, and we may not know what hit us. Chill out and try to stay calm until you can clear your head a bit on Sunday.


Full Moon at 29 Pisces occurs at 9:59 a.m. EDT. If the Virgo New Moon is about perfecting our service, the Pisces Full Moon is about adding compassion and generosity to our work and service. Virgo analyzes the details, while Pisces has an intuitive sense of the whole picture. Together here we have the trees and the forest.

Sun and Moon now exactly square Saturn, that strict taskmaster. Saturn says that we have to work hard, conquer obstacles, and put something new into form—i.e., "reform." Although eventually there are rewards, this process is an energy drain, particularly for Pisces, who much prefers more abstract endeavors.

This energy drain is emphasized by Sun now conjoining Benetnash, a fixed star which relates to catastrophes, and Moon conjoining Black Hole Quetzalcoatl, a man-god of Aztec myth, personified by Cortez, whose coming destroyed the Aztec culture.

Vesta, asteroid of security, has just passed Transpluto, showing resurrection of security issues, especially protection of property and investments.

Mars is about to square Pluto later tonight, which can be like a punch in the face to the biggest bully around, and can set up powerful retaliation.

Along with all this, we have a fixed T-cross, which shows nearly-intractable power struggles. It is formed by Venus in Scorpio squaring the Jupiter-Neptune opposition. This opposition has to do with over-expectations, and Venus in Scorpio can add to it greed and ruthlessness.

Again, GW, would-be world dictator, is the principal player. In the chart set for Washington, Jupiter in Leo is exactly overhead, expanding the power of GW’s Pluto for the whole world to see. Neptune is down below, undermining his foundations, and Venus in Scorpio is on the Ascendant, compulsively propelling him towards his desires.

This is a difficult, crazy-making chart. This configuration breeds aggression born of greed, ego, and fanaticism.

Our biggest challenge is to stay centered and grounded. Doing our work, and being of service can be good grounding points.

The Sabian Symbol for 29 Pisces is:

"LIGHT BREAKING INTO MANY COLORS AS IT PASSES THROUGH A PRISM. The analytical power of the mind necessary for the formulation of life processes in their many aspects. Unity will always break again into multiplicity. The "prism" is always there. There is no absolute unity. If anything could be called absolute, it is the relationship between the One and the Many. Existence implies DIFFERENTIATION."


Moon is in Aries, and it’s time to turn over a new leaf. Our idealism undergoes new revisions, and we march on. Venus square Jupiter takes the lid off—the sky’s the limit. Sun square Saturn puts the lid on, and traps us. Moon opppose Juno indicates powerlessness. And Mars square Pluto strikes out explosively. U.S. Vesta in Taurus—protection of U.S. turf and investments—is featured. In general, this is a steamroller sort of day.


Autumn Equinox, when the Sun enters Libra and the days and nights are in balance, occurs at 12:56 a.m. EDT. Each of the four seasonal entrances opens planetary powergates, and this is especially true since the Solar Eclipse at Summer Solstice in June 2001. (At that Eclipse, the U.S. charged 13 suspected Saudi terrorists with the Khobar Towers bombing of 1996, and a new level of West Bank settler violence began.)

The Equinox shows the energies which will dominate the coming autumn season. We are still within orb of the full moon, but now moon is in Aries, while Sun is in Libra. In just a day we have shifted from the service polarity of Virgo-Pisces to the relationship polarity of Aries-Libra. This is the opposition of self and other, of war and peace. Aries and Libra are both idealistic. Principles are important, and both signs will fight for their beliefs and for justice. Equality is the big issue here.

There is now a grand fire trine, which promotes spirit, enthusiasm, and action, and a fixed T-cross, which is associated with power struggles. The T-cross conflicts are between aggrandizing ego, pursuing larger social ideals, and coordinating both of these urges with our power drives. These are fixed positions challenging each other, and with fixed signs nobody wants to give.

Fire and air continue to dominate the season. There is lots of airy talk, including a large share of hot air. Firepower through the air is also shown. Air, after all, feeds fire. Terrorism is a major theme, as shown by Juno. With Juno now in Libra, the motivation is a drive for justice.

The Sabian Symbol for the moon at 18 Aries is:

"AN EMPTY HAMMOCK STRETCHED BETWEEN TWO TREES. A constructive alternation of activity and rest. The concept of following the rat race of business has no hold. Potency may be preserved and extremes avoided. LIVING RHYTHMICALLY."

All of these themes of rhythm, balance, and equality fit this season, when the dark and light are equal, and yet their balance is shifting.

Central United States, Great Britain, and Spain carry the harshest energies.


This is a stubborn and determined day. Moon is travelling through Taurus, the fourth fixed sign, to give us a grand fixed square.

We now have Jupiter in Leo opposite Pallas and Neptune in Aquarius, both squared by Venus in Scorpio, who opposes Moon in Taurus. The heat is on, and we can’t make a move without upsetting something else vital to our interests. The basic issues here are power bases, and what we think we need for survival, which often comes down to money and assets. We have to make a move, which means that we have to let go of something in order to pursue another thing. And fixed signs hate to let go of anything.

Today, and tomorrow morning, we feel very pressured. Letting go with grace is the solution…as the autumn season lets go of the light.


Moon is still in Taurus, and there is a need to be productive. There can be much healing now through productivity, and this too is part of the solution to the fixed square pressure. Today we may rethink issues of equality in partnership, and the ways in which we allow ourselves to be abused. The pressure lifts as the day moves on, and most of the day is active and satisfying.


This morning moon is VOC in Taurus. Plan for the unexpected. Doubly so, since Sun square Maverick Chiron is apt to thrust us into a new situation. This is the first turn of the wheel which began with Winter Solstice 2001, when the interim government was installed in Kabul. What healing process were you involved in then? You can make a shift now in healing. Success comes with being creative with those things which are most dear to your heart.

Moon enters Gemini at 2:26 p.m. EDT. Moon in air sign Gemini enables us to pick up the vitality of the airy Libra Sun in our grand air trine. Half of the ten major planets, and half of the four major asteroids are now in the three air signs of Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius. This means an abundance of talk and relating to one another for the next month. People will tend to congregate in formal and informal groups, and toss around ideas. Surely the coming elections are one motivation for inter-communication. So is the anti-IMF rally now occurring in Washington.

Gemini Moon is lively and spontaneous. Pleasure and humor are easy now. People enjoy communicating.


Moon continues in sparkling Gemini. Vesta enters Virgo today to place a new emphasis on the importance of our work. With Vesta in Leo the focus was on our creativity. Now, and until mid-December, we focus on how we can best be useful. This is also a prime time for any kind of special training. Vesta traveling through Virgo will also put a focus on the military and police services, especially since warrior Mars, now in Virgo, is preparing the ground.

Mercury, the winged messenger, makes its retrograde conjunction with Sun today. Sun is always the director of the show. Now Sun and Mercury meet to discuss the results of Mercury’s retrograde review during the past two weeks, and to set up a new, revised program. With this conjunction, Mercury begins to prepare for its direct turn on Oct. 6. Notice your consciousness now. Seeds are being planted which will grow during the next six weeks.

This Sun-Mercury conjunction occurs in the midst of a Chiron square, and thus Chiron’s unsettling actions are uppermost in our minds. Chiron in Capricorn is associated with upsetting the status quo in regard to tradition and institutions, e.g. corporations. Chiron calls for infusing spirit (not religion) into institutions.

Chiron is now heading for a 51-year Chiron return for Saudi Arabia in December. The mandate there will be a new spiritual renaissance.


We have vivacious Moon in Gemini with us for another day. This can be an energetic and enjoyable day. We feel like taking off the harness and doing what we want to do. Serious information will appeal to us tonight.


Last Quarter Moon at 7 Cancer occurs at 1:03 p.m. EDT. At Last Quarter we are letting go. This is a Libra cycle, where the urge is for equalitarian relationshiips. With Cancer moon, we release outworn emotional attachments, such as enabling, co-dependency, and excess clinging—those feelings that keep us from having equal-power relationships. Fear of losing emotional support is a big one for Cancer, and that fear can motivate exactly those needy behaviors that do discourage support. We all have Cancer somewhere, and it’s time now to let go of those behaviors which block our full participation in the world.

And yet—Sun now conjoined Juno—Jupiter’s wife—shows that partnership itself is vital for the completion of this cycle. But both Sun and Juno are now in the equal-partnership sign of Libra, and thus the call is for those partnerships to be in cooperative rather than dominator mode.

This Moon opens the door to the next nine-month period, during which we complete a process which we began with the Solar Eclipse of July 1, 2000. That was when Vicente Fox was elected President of Mexico, and it was his birthday as well. It was also the beginning of GW’s public rise to the top of the U.S. Administration.

Both of these leaders were born with their Suns in Cancer.

For me, July 1, 2000 was when my former partner, Ann Buzenberg, told me that she could no longer work with the print version of Daykeeper, which we published together. I felt very dependent on her, and it was difficult for me to set out on my own through the Web. It appears that by next June I can feel that I’m making it successfully—WITH my Libra editor, webmaster, and partner, Susan Pomeroy. (Sometimes it’s hard to believe how literal astrology is!)

Nationally, we now have Mercury retrograde at the top of the U.S. natal chart, re-evaluating national purpose and goals, along with the U.S. rejection of cooperative partnerships.


Moon is in vulnerable, sensitive Cancer, and we want to be in a situation where we feel comfortable. Nurturing activities appeal now, whether it be of ourself or others. E.g.,I often have an urge to cook when Moon is traveling through Cancer. Home, family, and country are more important now.

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