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General Influences, April 2002

April is characterized by that young, enthusiastic sign, Aries. The sap is rising, and we are ready to take on new projects. Taurus, sign of manifestation, and Gemini, sign of communication, are also strong this month.

Aries, Taurus, and Gemini are all personal signs. April is the month when we plunge into our personal business. For the next six months, our immediate lives, needs, and desires will take precedence over our wider social obligations.

And this month we will be very active, indeed, taking care of our business. Mercury, the Winged Messenger, is almost frantically flying about with messages which keep us all on the move. A busy Mercury means busy lives.

All four of the asteroids are also very entwined in aspects during the entire month. Vesta, concerned with security, is most prominent. Challenging Vesta is great mother Ceres, who says nurturing, as well as concern for basic life cycles, is not receiving a fair shake. Pallas in Aquarius continues to architect the future—what kind of future? We must ask. And Juno in Leo is about assuming our power in relationships.

The first few days of April give us a preview of the month. On April 7, Mercury conjoins Sun, and we have some new realizations. Sun is the director of the show, the boss, and every 90 days Mercury meets up with Sun to get his/her new operating instructions.

The aspect of the month is one which has been in effect since February 1—Jupiter oppose Chiron. This is its last and most powerful month. It began with Enron’s financial report, which showed top executives raking in millions last year. There were big demonstrations, and Kenneth Lay resigned. The World Social Forum in Porto Alegre, Brazil—"Another World is Possible"—attracted 50,000 delegates. GW put out the U.S. plan to arm and train Colombian soldiers to protect U.S. oil pipelines. The Olympics took place in Salt Lake City. In Washington a strategy was emerging in regard to Iraq—a plan to create an "inspection crisis" which would lead to war by May. Except perhaps for the Olympics, fallout from all of these events is still occurring, and may have some revelations or culmination this month. April 18 is a key date for completion. How was your life being disrupted in early February?

There is another opposition in force for the entire month. This is Reformer Uranus opposing Transpluto, the energy of resurrection. I expect to see two developments: a new surge in the urge for freedom, especially in the U.S., and a renewed push in weapons technology. Oppositions are like full moons: they shed light on things. We can expect lots of revelations and new information to emerge this month.

Mars is in Taurus for the first half of the month. There it continues to energize all Taureans. Its climax occurs on April 10, when it stimulates both Uranus and Transpluto to produce something tangible. A resurgence of the freedom impulse in each of us would be a best-case scenario.

During the last half of April, Mars in busy Gemini keeps us running hither and yon. Our action then is tied to Neptune, purveyor of dreams and visions. In fact, a frequent reality check is in order during April, for Neptune’s glamorous rays are strong during the entire month.

On April 16, Saturn is covered, or eclipsed, by Moon. On April 17, Vesta also undergoes an occultation. Both eclipses are visible in northern latitudes. Eclipses put extra emphasis or a new spin on a planet’s activity.

During busy April we are setting up the board for the big plays coming in May and June. The oppositions help us be aware of what we’re doing. And, interestingly, all five of the inner planets are visible in the evening sky, a rare occurrence.

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Maya's March Daily Success Guide

Note: A VOC Moon period is when the Moon is making no further major planetary aspects before it changes signs. Moon and its aspects are strongly associated with our everyday behavior, and without those aspects to direct our course, we are left much more free to pursue our own ends in our own way. It is like you’re driving down the freeway and find the road signs removed for awhile. On the one hand, plans may go awry, you may miss your exit; on the other hand, inner work is greatly favored as those external "instructions" are reduced.

Times used are EST, because the overall influences for the United States are centered in Washington DC.
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Moon is in Sagittarius, and the feeling is one of adventure and spontaneity. Venus enters Taurus, and we are attracted to the arts and to sensual pleasures. Tangible results please us now. We may want to work in the garden. (It’s a great time to pull weeds, but not to plant.) Communication this morning is open and wide-ranging. Today is achievement day. By nightfall we may complete something towards which we’ve been working for weeks or months. Or we may stay up working on it, for the constructive energy continues through the night. During the early morning hours of tomorrow we may, in fact, have some breakthrough ideas. Are they good ones? Or is reckless Jupiter pushing the envelope?


Moon is rolling right along through Sagittarius, and early this morning it conjoins powerhouse Pluto, just as it did on March 5, Election Day. Pluto always means deep change and transformation. During April it has a special focus—changing every aspect of daily life, or our conception or consciousness of our daily needs. This is because all four of the asteroids are intimately tied together for the entire month—and tied to Pluto as well. Security is the major focus, for protective, safety-minded Vesta sits right on the U.S. Descendant, prepared to protect the nation against the world. Fortress America is holding fast. Are we truly more secure?

The day moves along briskly. It includes aggressive moves and new openings in government and business. This action will have a culmination on April 18.


Moon has entered prudent Capricorn, and the rapid, purposeful action of the last two days continues. Capricorn Moon is a help for the current building process, and productive action moves along nicely. We are serious and focused.


Last Quarter Moon at 15 Capricorn occurs at 10:29 a.m. EST. Canny Capricorn knows exactly where she wants to go and what she needs to release at this point. In another week Aries New Moon arrives, and will light the way for ambition to push ahead. Work, responsibility, and ambition are all on the table now. What do those things mean to you? What is the bare bones skeleton of your meaningful life on this earth, in this place, at this time? How can you best pursue it in a practical fashion? Consciousness, especially of self, is keen now. Perhaps it underlies some major realignments in our approach to life.

Security is still a major issue, and with Sun and Mercury in Aries, the idea can be to fight for it.

With this Moon, we begin the closing quarter of a three-year cycle which began in January 2000. We might call this period "crossing the threshold into a new millennium." We’ve certainly set the stage, and the issues. How much of it do we want to carry with us as we make our full step into the third millennium A.C. in January 2003? We can make our decisions now, and the next three months will give us much opportunity to let go of excess baggage from the last century.

This Moon reflects the degree of the Lunar Eclipse of last July 5. There was much important social action occurring last July, but I think the most consequential are cloning, and steps connected with the missile-defense shield, the MDS.

On July 12, 2001, Assistant Sec. of Defense Paul Wolfowitz said that the U.S. wants to start construction in April—that’s now—of facilities for a MDS that could put the U.S. in violation of the 1972 Anti-Ballistic Treaty, a treaty which has been considered to prevent nuclear holocaust. The current long Chiron (technology)-Jupiter (expansion) opposition certainly indicates that likelihood. That opposition is particularly active all during April, and it is featured in this Last Quarter Moon. One of the things it means is technical realignment.

This Capricorn Moon forms a yod, or Finger of God, with its outlet on the Suns of both the U.S. and GW Bush. This is a fateful week for the U.S.—and thus the world.

Security. What does it mean? How do we achieve it? We need to initiate dialogs about the whole subject—with our families, our co-workers, and those people with whom we connect.

The Sabian Symbol for 15 Capricorn is

"IN A HOSPITAL, THE CHILDREN’S WARD IS FILLED WITH TOYS. The responsibility of society to ensure the total health and welfare of the new generation. The sociocultural process must look to the future as well as to the past. It has created conditions which are harming the children who will carry forward its work, and it must try to repair these negative conditions through love as well as through physical care. In personal life, the individual should take great care of her/his fresh intuitions and dreams of future growth. They are often fragile developments which the pressures of everyday life can easily distort or destroy. TENDER CARE."


Moon is VOC in Capricorn until 4:07 p.m., when it enters Aquarius. Take things as they come; don’t push the river today. We can enjoy a little lull. When Moon enters Aquarius just after 4 p.m., the action begins again, just in time for a dynamic weekend.


Moon is in social Aquarius for the weekend, and there are many flowing aspects. Plan to enjoy a weekend with friends, or a group with which you feel in sync. Exciting aspects extend throughout the night, so sleep may be difficult.

Sun and Mercury conjoin now at 18 Aries, connected to Pluto, all four asteroids, and the Moon. This marks a moment of consciousness in our making slow, deep changes in our domestic lives. Take time to contemplate, and to share with others, in regard to how our lives are changing—right now, while we are in the midst of the whirlpool. Sleep may not come until after midnight Sunday.


Moon in mellow Pisces makes aspects that are great for enjoying life, for the arts, and for lovers. On the other hand, earth mother Ceres conflicts with powerful Pluto. Ceres is in water sign Pisces, which relates to big life cycles. I can picture this aspect with another big chunk of Antarctic ice shelf breaking off. This could also refer to a large nurturing gathering, like Jesus with the fish and the loaves. A third influence today, tomorrow, and in fact all month, is about waking up the people of the U.S. to the value of our freedoms.


Mars squares Uranus today and tomorrow. Even with a placid Pisces Moon, there will be a big bang, perhaps an explosion. It could be an explosion of consciousness for the U.S. people, because shocking Uranus is now transiting the U.S. Moon. Essentially, we feel a big release of energy.


Moon continues in receptive Pisces this morning, and we can hook our sensitivity to creative action. At 1:31 p.m. Moon goes VOC for the rest of the afternoon. VOC Moon in Pisces is the maximal VOC influence. Pisces is all ready to drift with the current anyway, and at VOC time it can let itself go. We’re also in the letting-go phase of the moon cycle. Just let it all hang out this afternoon!

At 5:40 p.m. Moon enters lively Aries, and we’re off to a stimulating evening. We begin the countdown now to New Moon on April 12.


As at the beginning of the month, today we have a strong consciousness of our social roles. However, now that consciousness is much more future-oriented. We can envision our niche in a new future. With Moon in Aries, we are enthusiastic and eager for that future. Energy today moves along easily and constructively.


New Moon at 23 Aries occurs at 3:21 p.m. EDT. Aries is our birth moon. Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, and now we start our year’s new cycle. We begin to emphasize again our personal self, our personal needs, and our personal outlook. We each have our own vision, and now in Aries we begin to pursue it regardless of obstacles. "Try and stop me," says Aries, who is willing to face all challengers.

A new Sun is rising over a new world. Sun and Moon now trine Transpluto, who can transmit an alchemical energy of resurrection, of transubstantiation, of great change.

The midheaven in a chart is the place of purpose. It is extremely strong, and potentially cruel, in the New Moon chart set for Washington DC. It is at 26 Taurus, the degree of the rising Saturn in the Bush Inauguration chart. This means that the ambition of his (p)residency will show for all the world to see. This is the degree of the fixed star Algol, which means "demon" or "devil," and is often accompanied by destruction, as we have seen exercised furiously by the Administration during the last two years.

In addition, Mars in Taurus is on the midheaven of this chart. Mars on the midheaven means aggression directed towards and coming from the world. Mars conjoined Algol is in the charts of several mass murderers.

Further, Uranus squares the midheaven, giving its prominent action an impulsive, explosive quality. Accidents are likely.

Vesta opposes Pluto now, adding another explosive quality to this moon. This combines power, manipulation, and ruthlessness with security—whatever one considers to be security, e.g. financial, territorial, or control over. One of Vesta’s concerns is money, and we may rework our finances. There may be a renewed push for the trade agreement of the Americas.

This is an assertive Aries moon cycle, dedicated to rebalancing security issues.

It is a fast-moving day which will lead to new awarenesses. Again, we may be up late.

The Sabian Symbol for 23 Aries is

"A PREGNANT WOMAN IN LIGHT SUMMER DRESS. Fecundity. Summer is the period of fruition. Man—at the receptive "woman" level—reaps the fruits of his dynamic activity. INNER FULFILLMENT."

This New Moon is overhead in the Rockies, rising in Japan, and on the nadir—the place of new foundations—through India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Central Asia.

Mars is overhead in Washington and Lima. Look for expansion of the "war" in Colombia, mainly focused on protecting the pipelines for Occidental Oil.

Mars descends through Russia, Turkey, and central Africa, bringing new aggression to those areas. It is on the nadir through China, Malaysia, and Indonesia, showing unrest in those homelands.


Early this morning Moon and Mercury conjoin in the last minute of Aries, and then together they immediately move into Taurus. This is propitious for pushing ahead on our ideas, and then getting tangible results from our work. This is Saturn’s day, and that adds to the constructiveness of our new start. It’s a wonderful day to work in the garden. This afternoon Mars enters Gemini, and we will be darting hither and yon, busily making our connections, for the next six weeks. Tonight settle down to a cozy evening with the family. Cook a special dinner, watch a video which expands your vision in regard to human relations. Make love. And then sleep and dream well.


Yesterday’s loving and productive energy continues. This is a great weekend to plant your garden, whatever that garden may be for you, and to enjoy the fruits of the earth.


We start the week with Taurus’ good work energy. Around noon a surprise or exciting news may come our way, and then at 12:53 p.m. Moon goes VOC until it enters Gemini at 4:56 p.m. We will notice Gemini’s influence immediately as our urges arise to connect with others—and the world. Gemini Moon’s influence lasts through Wednesday. Plan on making your phone calls, e-mails, and business connections during these days. Everyone is more in communicating mode, and willing to horsetrade as well.


Gemini Moon will make certain that we’re busy during these two days. We will also have a tendency to be easily distracted. The challenge with Gemini is to retain spontaneity, and yet express it within a larger framework of focused purpose.

Chiron turns retrograde now. Unusual happenings in business and government are up for revision during the next few months. Notice the news these days.

Saturn is eclipsed again by Moon, adding another push to the structural shifts which we are all making during 2001-2002.

The world investment picture is undergoing changes now, moving towards a new and different future.


Moon is in vulnerable Cancer, and security issues are very big today. The Jupiter-Chiron opposition is front and center, for it is exact today, just as Chiron is featured by turning retrograde. Issues of home, family, money, nurturing, business, and all kinds of security are now being realigned. Chiron often shows us our wounds—so that we can be healed. Moon exactly conjoins Jupiter at this time, and we will be extremely emotional about this action. Moon also means that it refers to the security of the public at large. Moon conjoin Jupiter also means good feeling.

Illusions may run rampant today, with Mercury square Neptune. With Jupiter prominent, they may run to false over-optimism.


Moon continues in home-loving Cancer, and it is stoked by loving Venus. Hang out with loved ones today, and spend a quiet evening at home.


The stable, fixed signs return to prominence with this First Quarter Moon. Sun enters Taurus early this morning, and a few hours later Moon enters Leo. Their square—First Quarter Moon—occurs at 8:48 a.m. EDT with Moon at 1 Leo.

With New Moon in Aries we hustled out of the starting gate. Now we pause and decide to pin things down. At the same time this combination is confident and creative. Leo Moon is outgoing, dramatic, and expressive. Leo also likes an audience, and we may be parading our endeavors in front of an audience today, or perhaps sharing our brand of music with a fellow appreciator. We may feel a conflict in regard to pursuing the practical vs. the ideal. Bottom line is with Leo: do what you enjoy and enjoy what you’re doing.

The fixed signs guarantee that this time will be an important stepping stone. This is part of a larger cycle marked by protests, and today’s chart shows the voice of the revolutionary. Mars, now in Gemini, moves around back and forth, to and fro, amongst people.

The Sabian Symbol for 1 Leo is

"BLOOD RUSHES TO A MAN’S HEAD AS HIS VITAL ENERGIES ARE MOBILIZED UNDER THE SPUR OF AMBITION. In irruption of bio-psychic energies into the ego-controlled field of consciousness. Leo represents the Solar Fire, the energy which is released from an integrated person, either through spontaneous radiations or conscious emanations.

This, a key symbol for Leo, depicts a rising of energy from the heart to the head, a 'mentalization' process. However, this process is a potentially dangerous one. The sun can destroy as well as vivify. The realization of atman, the spiritual self, the existence of a formed and steady ego—provided the ego can become a lens of pure crystal focusing the all-pervasive cosmic light of the Brahman without introducing the shadows of pride, possessiveness, arrogance, and showmanship. But this 'provided' raises a very large question. The transmutation of 'life' into 'mind' is a difficult process. Key word: CONFLAGRATION."


Moon continues in dramatic Leo, and we need to express ourselves and to enjoy ourselves. Around noon there may be a conflict between conservative thinking and a spontaneous, risk-taking approach to some activity. It can be resolved by moving ahead. Don’t be seduced by the familiar rut.


With an exciting aspect at 8:30 a.m., we may start the morning with our foot on the gas. However, we quickly slow down, for Moon goes VOC at 8:30, and remains so until it enters Virgo at 11:35 a.m. Since VOC time saps our ambition for focused activity, try to get some extra sleep this morning in preparation for two or three upcoming late nights. After Moon enters Virgo, energy is very grounded and productive. We can solve problems, and take care of old situations which have been hanging. Because it goes so easily, work is fun. Save your tough jobs for today and tomorrow. Tonight there is much communication energy. Fair and equal relationships may be an issue today.


Moon in Virgo is ready to help us take out the trash, or do whatever other heavy jobs are on our agenda—physical, mental, or emotional. There is a turning point today and tomorrow regarding an issue of values—perhaps our own value as a distinctive individual. Money matters are particularly prominent now. Greed is apt to dominate. Virgo Moon wants to clean up corruption, and there will be a move in that direction now. High energy prevails tonight; plan some exciting entertainment.


Loving, creative energy prevails throughout the day. At 10:06 a.m. EDT, Moon goes VOC, and for a couple of hours we may feel a bit aimless. Plan routine tasks, relaxation, or spontaneous activities for VOC times. Save those activities where you desire a specific outcome for a time when the Moon is on course—because you want to be on course then. Today Moon goes back on course when it enters Libra at 12:22 p.m. People want harmonious social relations now, and all connections with others are favored for the next 48 hours. We are approaching Full Moon, and vibrations are quickening. The main subject of the Full Moon is resources, so if you have resource questions or issues to work out with others, now is the time to do so with maximum cooperation. This could be another late night.


What has Pallas Athena, the great strategist, been doing all month? This April she’s been charged with the job of navigating visionary Neptune and Uranus into manifestation. Today we get to see what her work is all about, and there are those who will not like it. Pallas is in Aquarius, where she points the way to the future. It is past time to make some rational choices about that future, and today we may see alternatives clearly.

Moon in Libra is concerned with social justice and fairness, and such issues may be prominent. Venus enters Gemini at 1:57 p.m. to add to the gathering Gemini crowd in the heavens. Venus in Gemini likes variety. She is curious, and nothing is off-limits to her. She also supports trade, the buying and selling parts of business.

Moon in Libra yesterday and today gives us a great grand air trine, and talk and ideas are featured. The need to connect and communicate is over-riding. This is a great period for a conference, meeting, or seminar.


This is a feel-good morning, as we approach tonight’s full moon. At 9:29 a.m. EDT Moon goes VOC, and it is in Libra, ever the balancer, until it enters Scorpio at 12:15 p.m. The mood intensifies then, and we feel the eager expectancy of the upcoming full moon.

Energy and resources are the major theme of a Scorpio Full Moon

Full Moon at 7 Scorpio occurs at 11:00 p.m. EDT. The Taurus Sun period is about identifying and developing our own resources. Scorpio Moon reminds us that resource development is a joint affair, and at times requires the death of one thing so that another thing can grow. This is a very earthy combination, strong, passionate, and emotional rather intellectual. Very often at this Scorpio Full Moon material situations change in major ways, often irrationally.

It was such a moon which in 1998 brought us the India-Pakistan nuclear arms race. Last year at this time Congress passed a $2 trillion budget bill which included a $1.3 trillion tax cut.

Scorpio Full Moon is usually a culmination of the Taurus lunar cycle. However, this year we are still in the Aries cycle, which is about pioneering, leadership, and meeting challenges. Mars is associated with both Aries and Scorpio, and Mars needs to push ahead. And sometimes eliminate what’s in the way.

Mars is a major actor in this Full Moon drama.

Mars now in Gemini is mobile, versatile, and ready to dart hither and yon to achieve its conquests. Mars here prefers talking, negotiating, or trickery to direct conflict. Mars is about to join Saturn in Gemini (exact May 5), which adds discipline and purpose to the myriad of Geminian connections. Saturn now on the U.S. Descendant has to do with shutting out others, and Mars now adds attacking others to the equation. Mars-Saturn can be a cruel combination, particularly in amoral Gemini.

Today Mars exactly quincunxes Chiron, and there is certain to be some sudden, lurching business adjustment, and likely misplaced obligations. Because of stimulating Mars, the Jupiter-Chiron opposition will manifest strongly as it supports Full Moon to realign security-resource situations.

Energy itself may be a main theme now.

Mars today also squares GW’s Mars in Virgo. This means a turning point for him in how he applies his Virgo problem-solving abilities, and perhaps in how he deploys the U.S. military. He may consider them his personal property. New information is likely to come in now to change his approach.

Neptune’s fog colors everything now.

The chart set for Washington DC has a wheel almost identical to the U.S. chart. This means that this Full Moon is very significant for the nation. GW’s fantasies continue to carry the nation along, for GW’s Neptune sits at the top of this chart, blanketing the country in his own foggy mist of denial.

Neptune is, in fact, the strongest influence at this Full Moon. Both Sun and Moon are aiming to square it, Moon in six hours, Sun in five days, during which time these Moon energies will continue to develop.

Neptune is extremely impressionable, and lends an unrealistic credulity to Sun and Moon. Unless Neptune is used at a consistently high spiritual level, deception and addiction tend to accompany it. Neptune attracts us through its glamours. The Hollywood world, for example, is Neptunian. So is the world of big oil.

Neptune’s presence is like pulling a filter over our clarity. Confusion reigns. Uncertain what to think, we are easy prey for someone who tells us what to think. Not knowing truth from falsity, we are easily deceived. Not seeing what we’re doing, we fall into denial. (I have Neptune in my first house, an intimate place, and learning to be clear about myself and the life I create is—still—my biggest challenge. It may sound sometimes like I give Neptune a bum rap, but Neptune is truly difficult to work with—it rules clouds—and I speak from hard-won experience. On a collective level Neptune can hold us all in a destructive thrall, from which we need to wake up before we find our whole civilization falling off the cliff.)

GW himself is particularly under Neptune’s influence now. For him, Neptune is especially represented by these glamorous, high rolling CEO’s in the energy industry who are a law unto themselves. Neptune began to conjunct GW’s Descendant, where he meets others, in February 2001, when the energy crisis became full blown, and Kenny Boy was helping Cheney make energy policy.

From now, April 2002, through 2003, Neptune is opposing GW’s powerhouse Pluto, which is his most dominant planet. He is extra sensitive and very hazy about his power, and at the same time compulsively pushed to pursue strange fantasies. New truths and realities about himself will come to him during these two years, but he is probably too enveloped in Neptune’s fog to be open to them.

Chemicals and poisons are also under Neptune’s purview, and we may become more conscious of the toxins in our lives.

One of those toxins is television, the major disseminator of Administration-corporate views and images.

The Sabian Symbol for 7 Scorpio is

"DEEP-SEA DIVERS. The will to explore hidden depths of all experiences and to search for primordial causes. This refers to depth psychology—a coming to terms with the collective Unconscious and its contents. It refers to a quest for 'under-standing'—i.e., what lies under the surface waves of daily living. This quest may lead to great dangers. It demands a strong will and good breathing, i.e., a degree of spiritual strength. It usually challenges powers hidden in the depth of the unconscious. DEPTH REALIZATION of the very roots of consciousness."

Neptune is, in fact, the planet associated with the Collective Unconscious. This Moon can be a great opportunity for new, deep realizations. Pluto, now conjoining Moon’s South Node, will help by bringing up hidden and repressed material to consciousness. Are we willing to look at it?

This Scorpio Moon is overhead through Brazil, and on the nadir through Japan, Korea, and Indochina. It rises through Oregon, Washington, and northwestern Canada. It sets through Scandinavia, eastern Europe, Turkey, Israel, Arabia, Ethiopia, Somalia, and Madagascar. A setting moon means public dissemination of the moon energy, in this case Scorpio, which means intense feelings running through this populated area.
The eastern part of the U.S., along with Mexico, shows Pluto and the great Gemini gang, including Mars and Saturn (look for severe weather in the East). This same gang dominates the UK—which shows explosive energy—Russia, Central Asia, and New Zealand.

Both the Persian Gulf and the Arabian Gulf are also highlighted, both with Neptune. Currently no countries allow the U.S. to launch Iraqi air strikes, so it’s up to the aircraft carriers to serve as bases. A sea-based attack is also Neptunian.

The usual heavy energy runs through the Rocky Mts., source of U.S. secret and nonsecret military bases and remote control centers. Central Asia and West Africa may be chaotic. Cape Town, South Africa, may be the home of too much—perhaps too much wet, stormy weather.


Moon continues today in Scorpio—inner-oriented, intense, and determined. However, we may be a bit out of it, with Jupiter expanding Scorpio’s sensitivity, and Neptune dispersing the whole thing. This is a good day for prayer, for creative, mystical experiences, and for working with our higher selves. It’s a perfect day for an adventure in nature.


Moon’s aspects this morning support Scorpio’s independence, and may lead to conflicts with others or hurt feelings. At 10:25 a.m. Moon goes VOC, just in time for a cooling-off period. At 1:13 p.m. Moon enters Sagittarius, and our mood becomes more upbeat. Relationships become important, but that doesn’t mean that cooperation necessarily follows, for independence remains the day’s mood.

Today is the first turning point in a 1-year cycle which began last March 9. That was the day the U.S. government leaked the Nuclear Posture Review, which said that the U.S. was resuming testing and development of nuclear weapons—talk about destructive Neptunian delusions! And further, that potential targets included Russia, China, North Korea, Iran, Iraq, Libya, and Syria. What is the action now, at this first quarter of the cycle?


Moon continues in wild Sagittarius. We’ve been building something for weeks, and today our project takes another big step, getting ready for completion on May 5. Even though Moon is in Sagittarius, this is a serious day. During the late afternoon, Moon traverses Pluto and South Node to catalyze a deep power transformation. Perhaps we let go of something from the past.


Early this morning Mercury enters Gemini. This completes a quartet of major planets in Gemini plus Vesta and the Moon’s North Node. Gemini is a fast-moving sign, ruled by quicksilver Mercury. We will all find ourselves busier and busier—if that is indeed possible. May is not only busy; it is also a month of big changes, or making way for big changes. Energy moves quickly and easily this morning, as we connect with the wide world. At 2:10 p.m. Moon goes VOC, and at 5:03 p.m. it enters sober Capricorn.

Early tomorrow morning, Sun squares Neptune to complete the Full Moon dynamics. This is the first turning point of a year-long cycle which began with the Full Moon in Leo of last January 28. The General Accounting Office announced it would take Cheney to Court then. Also GW gave his State of the Union address in which he announced that the U.S. was now a Warrior State. Shades of the Roman Imperium.

May is a big month. Hold onto your hats!

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