Astrological Consultations with Terry Lamb

Astrologer Terry Lamb

For more than 25 years, Terry Lamb (M.A. Linguistics, UC San Diego; C.A. NCGR, EEMCP) has been helping people to understand how cycles and energies work and interact in their lives. She augments her astrological acumen with energy medicine, Yijing (Chinese Book of Change), cosmology, psychology, and a broad range of health and spiritual studies.

Terry is among the nation’s most knowledgeable, insightful, and engaging astrologers. With pragmatic optimism and compassion, Terry’s approach has helped clients and students find their own way to “walk among the stars”. She is dedicated to using astrology as a way to create our future and free ourselves from “fate”. She goes along with Abraham Lincoln, who said, “The best way to predict the future is to create it.”

Her unique approach to astrology can be learned through her home study program ( and her experiential hands-on apprenticeship program (contact her directly).

Her publications include Born To Be Together, The Cycles of Childhood (research monograph), and Astrology’s Magical Blends. In addition, she publishes and is a staff columnist for, where she writes the Astrological Overview and Daily Success Guide. She can be reached for consultations, training, and bookings at