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Changing Woman

Changing WomanChanging Woman is perhaps the most revered of deities among the Native Americans of the southwestern United States.

She is wholly a benevolent figure, for it is Changing Woman who gives the people their abundance and who provides the teachings that allow them to live in harmony with all things. In the initiation ceremony of Navajo women, the initiate takes in the power of Changing Woman so that she might learn the values of love, hospitality and generosity and know that she herself is a source of food and harmony.

Changing Woman received her name because she can change at will from a baby to a girl to a young woman to an old woman and then back again. Very much alive today, she is a tremendously nourishing goddess who teaches the wisdom of nature and the cycles of birth and death.


Susan Eleanor Boulet Trust. Text by Michael Babcock.
Published by Pomegranate
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