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Crystal Pomeroy

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Snow Moon in Taurus: Receive the Courage You Need to Soar, November Full Moon, 2008

by Crystal Pomeroy  

What changes or projects have you left to wither in the shadows due to fears of one kind or another? This Full Moon opens a powerful door to charge yourself with the courage to move. According to Zsuzsanna Budapest, ceremonies for this purpose form a part of pagan tradition for November lunations. Scorpio Sun goes into those dark, spooky areas that less hardy signs dare not tread. Manly P. Hall elaborates on this connection in the Scorpionic symbol of the eagle:

The eagle represents the highest type of Scorpio… [defying] the effect of gravity, the bird was said to partake of a nature superior to other terrestrial creation; and its feathers [were] accepted as symbols of divinity, courage and accomplishment. [An] example is the dignity attached to eagle feathers by the American Indians, among who they are insignia of merit… among the Greeks and Romans, the eagle was the bird of Jupiter… the mundane lord of the birds…

Jupiter’s elevating presence is underscored at the current Full Moon as the planet of angels perfects a sextile with Uranus, lord of freedom, moments before it becomes exact.

Luna’s fullness in Taurus helps ground Scorpio’s potential for valor. Her degree also alludes to the eagle, referring to one of the lord of birds’ subjects, the dove, as well as repeating the theme of bravery:

“WHITE DOVE FLYING OVER TROUBLED WATERS. The spiritual inspiration that comes in the overcoming of crisis… Noah met… crisis courageously… The test completed, he received the dove’s message.”

Whatever form our personal test may take: changing a job, city or relationship, facing an addiction, promoting our work, being honest about feelings, setting limits, asking for help, allowing ourselves to be successful… Now is the time, as the Snow Moon shines courage to strengthen us. The following suggestions are designed to open our minds to receive it.

Prayerful altar-ations

  • Three, five or seven gold candles
  • Sage incense
  • Red wine, cinnamon tea or apple cider
  • Blood agate, topaz, coral, obsidian, or any black, scarlet or brown stone
  • A piece of paper, on which you have written three initiatives you wish to have more courage for

Snow Moon Ceremony

  • Light the incense, saying something like:

This is an offering for the Angels of Courage, whose presence I request in me, around me and in my circumstances so that I may express valor in the ways required for growth of my soul and prosperity.

  • Light the candles in a circle around you or around your altar in a circle, clockwise, saying something like:

This is light of the golden being that I AM, shining through my acts of courage.

  • Reach up toward the Full Moon, while you spread your fingers and visualize angels streaming down on her beams and in through the spaces between them, as you repeat words like those that follow five times:

I connect with you, Divine Mother, Full of light in the midst of the apparent void. My own light grows as my heart knows the courage that angels are imbuing me with now.

  • Put down your hands and continue to repeat words like those above for another four minutes, slowly and with feeling. Feel the courage welling up within as you do so.
  • Take a few minutes to imagine yourself successfully completing the steps you will have the courage to take.

Hidden in the darkness of our humanity are fears and stop-holds that seem irreconcilable with our light. But as Luna now reminds us, there is a help that can reach them, and begins, miraculously, to do this as soon as we begin to recognize those places and allow the soft, strong rays of the Mother to filter in. Her infinite channels are even now opening. As we continue to invoke her daily until the next New Moon with phrases like those shared above, let us remember to heed the book, the friend, the dreams, and other angels in disguise that are on our paths, fortifying our courageous initiatives, carrying us like wild eagles to our greatest heights.


Budapest, Zsunzanna E., La Gran Madre Luna (Barcelona, Ediciones Obelisco, 2001).

Hall, Manly P., The Secret Teachings of All Ages (New York, Penguin Paperback, 2003).

Rudhyar, Dane, An Astrological Mandala (New York, Vintage Books, 1974).

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