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August 2007 General Astrological Influences by Boots Hart

by Boots Hart

Early October 2005 brought Saturn and Neptune within orb of opposition. Ever since, certainties, goals, faith in ideas…people…choices….they’ve all been in-then-out of focus. Sometimes things seemed perfect. Sometimes they seemed very not perfect. The strangest things proved true...and many things we wanted to believe most were often revealed as untrue....

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August 2007
Table of Contents
August Daykeeper Home
The Law of Attraction: Why Bad Things Happen to Good People
Alex Miller Mignone: Rev. Jerry Falwell
Crystal: Begin a New Era of Successful Relating
Alex Miller Mignone: The Libby Commutation
Boots Hart: Pluto in Capricorn Part II
Daily Success Guide
August 1 through 31
Boots Hart: General Astrological Influences
The Maya Archives
Astrologer's Bookshelf: Alive and Well with Uranus
Reviewed: Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards
Goddess of the Month: Selene
Sign of the Month: Leo

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