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by Susan Pomeroy

Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards, by Doreen Virtue, Ph.D. Hay House, Inc., 2004.

While I was recently hospitalized, friends and family brought books, magazines, food, flowers, and best of all, themselves. My sister-in-law, Clara, arrived one afternoon with "Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards" by Doreen Virtue, Ph.D.

Of course, we each drew a card immediately. Mine was "Nemetona," whom I had never heard of. The image on the card is a dark-haired woman on a field of deep blue, surrounded by a sea of lighted candles.

"Sacred Space" is the title of the card. Her command, written on the face of the card, is "Create an altar or visit a power place to connect with the Divine."

And suddenly I realized one thing I'd been missing in my life-and-death situation. My hospital room was—as are most here in this country—totally unconnected with nature, or the divine, or larger truths and energies, in any way.

Immediately I moved flowers and other objects to create a small altar on the unused counter space on my bed. I propped the "Nemetona" card against a flower pot as a reminder. And on a deep level, I immediately felt better: a sense of peace and connection returned that I hadn't even realized was missing.

This is what I like about these goddess cards. Unlike other decks, each card stresses only the positive attributes of each goddess, and offers a few simple, positive suggestions to make life easier or better.

The deck consists of 44 cards with a small, succinct guidebook. The cards are not arranged like Tarot, into numbers and suits, but are simply a series of goddesses, drawn largely but not exclusively from Celtic origins.

The cards offer a lovely, gentle form of guidance, in that they provide simple, clear, affirmative intentions upon which to focus. This makes them very comforting in a crisis—there's no fear, no mysterious or doomed-feeling "oracle" quality attached to them. It also makes them very nice for a benign daily guidance drawing. I heartily recommend them as a way to help maintain "PMA" (a Positive Mental Attitude) under trying, or even ordinary, circumstances.

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