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February 2007 General Astrological Influences by Boots Hart

by Boots Hart

Of all of the many regularly encountered astrological events, Mercury retrograde produces more questions and complaints than any other. And yes, it is time for another Mercury retrograde.

When Mercury goes retrograde, everyday life operations get stalled, go awry, get ignored or take ten times as long as you think they should. Mercury's favorite areas for playing trickster are communications (any form), travel (by any means), and interpersonal misunderstandings, where irony and annoyance collide: the more important the issue, the more likely....

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February 2007
Table of Contents
February 07 Daykeeper Home
Jessica Murray: America in Transition
Alex Miller Mignone: Barack Obama
Alex Miller Mignone: Rosie O'Don-nald Trump
Crystal: Develop Your Path of Power
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Feb. 1 through 28
Boots Hart: General Astrological Influences
Susan: Keeping the Days
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Books, Part II: Jessica Murray's Soul Sick Nation: An Astrologer's View of America
Goddess of the Month: Flora
Sign of the Month: AquariusMaya's Sun Sign Archives

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