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Dearest friends,

We are very sad to tell you that Maya del Mar passed away suddenly this week. Her death was quick and painless, just as her independent Aquarian spirit would have wanted.

On the home page next to Maya's photo, we have posted her final, incomplete "General Astrological Influences" for December, which feels very poignant to us, as she wrote it in the days immediately preceding her death.

I have posted her Daily Success Guide for December 1 through 12, which is all she completed. We will deeply miss her guidance in the weeks and years to come.

I will also be posting the rest of this month's Daykeeper Journal, though without Maya's loving hand at the helm and without most of her usual (and substantial) contributions.

We will be deciding in the weeks to come how to continue Daykeeper. Of course, it will not be the same without Maya. But we feel she would have wanted her work to continue and to grow, and we, her daughters Susan and Crystal, will be turning over in our minds and hearts how best to do that. Please send us your thoughts and prayers as we meditate on a new direction.

Maya loved her work and she loved her readers. If you would like to send memories or thoughts about Maya, we will be posting them in days to come.

Please stay tuned with us for future developments. We send you love and light in the name of our dearest Maya,

Susan Pomeroy

Daykeeper Editor/Webmaster

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December 2006
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Maya: 2006, A Challenging Year
Alex Miller Mignone: Karl Rove, Bush's Brain
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Crystal's Moon Meditation: Revive Your Powers of Inspiration as you Pay Homage to Maya's Legacy
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Dec. 1-12
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