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NOVEMBER 2006   

Prayer for the Planet

by Kashi Stone

“We call upon the angelic host to come and work with us for healing and transformation of our planet. We give full authority to intercede and work on behalf of mankind. We ask that all people in position of power who are not in alignment with the force of love and light to be transformed and removed from office. We ask that in place of those people, that a person be placed in their position who will work to bring harmony, peace and goodwill to our planet.

"Help us to become more aware of our own planetary stewardship and show us ways in how we can make a positive difference through our gifts and service.”

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November 2006
Table of Contents
November 06 Daykeeper Home
Maya: Manuel Lopez Obrador—Solar Return
Jupiter Square Saturn and the U.S. Election
Alex Miller Mignone: Election Preview
Alex Miller Mignone: Election 2006's Blue Wave
Alex Miller Mignone: Pastor Ted
Prayer for the Planet
Crystal's Moon Meditation: Renew Your Self-Esteem
Daily Success Guide
Nov. 1 through 30
Monthly Astrological Influences, November
General Sun Signs,
November 2006
Skywatch—Mercury Transit; Comet X
Retrograde Watch: All Signals "GO" Mid-Month
Goddess of the Month: Rhiannon
Sign of the Month: ScorpioMaya's Sun Sign Archives

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