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Jupiter Square Saturn and the U.S. Mid-Term Election

by Maya del Mar

Jupiter square Saturn—perfect for a national election. Jupiter rules the Republican Party; Saturn rules the Democratic Party, and they are at odds with one another. (Jupiter is associated with the elite, Saturn with the hard work of living.) Not only that, but Moon is in Gemini, the sign of the Twins. This looks to be a very divisive election.

The planets at sunrise describe the character of the day. On November 7, at sunrise in Washington DC, Mars, the warrior, has just risen over the horizon, a powerful position. This will be a hotly contested election, from many standpoints. The Iraq War will likely be THE issue.

Venus follows in the wake of rising Sun, and is squared by Neptune, leading to chaos and confusion. Neptune is in the third house of mind, and it also squares the retrograde Mercury, which is also about mind. More confusion. The five planets in Scorpio can surely indicate undercover manipulation, Scorpio’s forte.

Saturn in Leo is exactly overhead. Big Brother is watching You. Remember that if they don’t like your vote, the government now has the right to detain you indefinitely incommunicado without appeal. Yes, this is the United States of America.

Saturn at the top could indicate power for the Democrats. However, Bush’s Solar Return carries a Jupiter-Moon conjunction in Scorpio, and it would seem that the current Scorpio gathering would favor him.

We’ll see how the dice roll out!

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