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Crystal Pomeroy

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Oak Moon Portal

by Crystal Pomeroy

This lunation presents a magical paradox: the emotional impulse for security meets the challenge of self-dominion. The constellation of the crab has been called the Mystical Door. In the midst of Capricorn’s worldly concerns and long-term plans, emphasized at this time of year, our immediate emotions remain the true key to power.

Luna now invites us to awaken their alchemized potential. The Sabian symbol quoted by Maya Del Mar in her Daily Success Guide tells us just how:

"A WILL-FULL MAN IS OVERSHADOWED BY A DESCENT OF SUPERIOR POWER….. We are dealing here with a person who uses their will and positive imagination in facing life problems. To him/her comes a pentecostal descent of power.”

The beauty of this metaphor evokes the observation made by erudite teacher and author Leonora Leets, that self-dominion is the first step on the master path of spiritual power.

Another timely consideration is that of contemporary philosopher and physicist Dan Winter. Dan’s specialty is sacred geometry, which focuses on how to adapt our physical environment and daily habits to increase our charge-field, the force behind the aura, and with this process create a bridge to immortality. In a recent encounter, Dan clarified to me that no other element is as decisive in fortifying our radiance as the development of will. This faculty is tested daily: what we eat and drink, whether or not we exercise, follow through with our commitments to self and others and dozens of similar choices.

What does this have to do with the Cancer Full Moon? The crab’s terrain is the singly greatest test for applied will: that of choosing to form new habits in our feelings, habits in favor of the higher vibrations such as love over fear, faith over negation, release over clutching, generosity over self-centeredness, self-esteem over toxic shame, and so on. Emmet Fox has pointed out that a physical diet is child’s play compared to a diet of only positive ideas. The comparison is even sharper when we focus specifically not on thoughts, but feelings.

This Full Moon illuminates our access to the mystic door when we apply our consciousness to fortifying our capacity to choose those emotional frequencies closest to divine nature: light, love, freedom and power.

Full Moon Altar-ations

To synchronize your person and/or space with this lunation: wear white and/or silver garments and accessories. Have fresh, white flowers on hand. Burn a soft, feminine incense, such as vanilla or natural rose. As you light it, know in your heart that it is an offering to the Power of Higher Will in and with you, to Archangel Gabriel and all other invisible helpers of the white light who are assisting you in your intentions of positive emotions. Light a white candle and as you do so, verbally and consciously recognize that this is the light of your purity of intent to develop positive emotional will.

Affirmation for the Cancer Full Moon

Only for today, I choose to observe my emotions and guide them towards the highest option in any situations. Where there is judgmentalism, I plant the seed of mercy, where there is fear, I plant the seed of trust in a Higher Power, where I discover self-rejection, I embrace myself in love, where I am unconsciously visualizing mixed or negative results, I create a clear and single picture of victory. Each time I freely choose a divine pattern within, the strength of my alchemical will-power is fortified, empowering my being and all creation.

Try it for yourself during this Full Moon portal: make your emotions your central inner focus, and seek to align them with the highest and the best in all people and situations. If you discover some knots in your feelings, take some time daily to focus on transmuting or releasing them. You will be amazed, as am I, to discover just how much Luna and the angels are helping!

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