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Crystal Pomeroy

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New Moon in Sagittarius

by Crystal Pomeroy

This year is winding up to a cheerful conclusion with two New Moons in Sagittarius in December, building a wave of enthusiasm and spirituality which will overflow into the coming year.

Our last Full Moon radiated intuition, and this new portal is a truly wonderful time to expand that capacity, particularly in relation to our own highest purpose, and our plans around that. As well, it is a good time to take effective action towards the goals that are now emerging intuitively.

The angels are particularly present as we prepare for the holidays, and they will be helping ground whatever intuition-based goals we choose to create. When we invoke the angels, we do well to call upon the full archetype these celestial guides represent, which is reflected in the fact that when we call people angels, it is at least partly because of their giving, loving natures. A powerful step towards proximity with the angels is to focus intent on our spiritual motivation to serve, for which we will share some special tools a bit further on. In her Daily Success Guide, Maya Del Mar has offered some very encouraging news about this lunation: not only can plant the seeds of divine vision at this time, but whatever those seeds are, they will tend to be lasting.

Synchronize your sacred space with the New Moon in Sagittarius

The Hopi Elders have recently reminded us that not only do the molecules of water respond to words of good—as Emoto’s work has recently revealed—but the same occurs with all the elements. In your New Moon prayer space, bless fire as you light a violet or royal blue candle. Bless water (in which you may choose to place carnations or narcissus). Bless the earth personified in a piece of turquoise, amethyst or jade. Finally, bless the air as you light incense (myrrh is particularly apt for this lunation), and mentally consecrate that incense as an offering for the angels, such as Adnachiel and the Angel of Divine Vision and Success.

Before using the following tools to awareness, request that these angels help you clarify and activate your divine purpose.

Metaphysical tools to clarify and activate your divine purpose

Once you have invoked the angels, repeat words like those that follow, aloud and consciously, during at least eight minutes:

Divine Purpose expresses itself perfectly through my capacity to envision and implement blessed plans now.

Dream with a purpose

As you prepare to retire for the night, sit on the edge of the bed for a few minutes and state to the Higher Power your willingness to do Its purpose, then ask for direction to clearly see what that purpose is, as well as what actions you can take now to begin to implement it. (If you made your dream pillow as described in our Snow Moon meditation last month, do this with this wonderful object in your hands, and then put it under your pillow or in your the case with your normal pillow.) Upon lying down, repeat the intention again. Write down your dreams immediately upon arising, and be sure to act whatever signs you receive. Such actions will definitely increase the clarity of the guidance, as well as your ability to live from within.

Follow up

Continue to work with the dream pillow daily throughout this month, and repeat affirmations like that above during at least seven minutes daily.

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