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Crystal Pomeroy

Recent Moon Meditations:
November 2005
11/02 New Moon in Scorpio

October 2005
10/17 Full Moon in Aries
10/3 New Moon in Libra

September 2005
9/17 Full Moon in Pisces
9/3 New Moon in Virgo

August 2005
08/19 Full Moon in Aquarius
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7/21 Full Moon in Capricorn
7/6 New Moon in Cancer

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6/22 Full Moon in Capricorn
6/6 New Moon in Gemini

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5/23 Full Moon in Sag
5/8 New Moon in Taurus

April 2005
4/25 Full Mooon in Libra
4/08 New Moon in Aries

March 2005
3/23 Full Moon in Libra
3/10 New Moon in Pisces

2/23 Full Moon in Virgo
2/08 New Moon in Aquarius

1/25 Full Moon in Leo
1/10 New Moon in Capricorn

New Moon in Scorpio

by Crystal Pomeroy

The New Moon in Scorpio which began this cycle opened a window in consciousness by whose light we are better able to accept our power.

Full Moon in Taurus now opens a contiguous window: one of grace for manifestation of that power’s path, and, as it conjuncts a pulsar, especially for receiving whatever information we may need to ground the wish in reality. Our prayers for this portal are designed to open us to the miraculous influx of guidance now sent to consolidate our promise.

Snow Moon Pre-Prayerations

Apropos expressions for this lunation include wearing dark shades, such black, blue and/or purple, and burning deep blue or purple candles. In her book Moon Magic, Dorothy Morrison suggests burning mugwort or patchouli incense, and making a dream pillow at this Full Moon.

The power of such a tool increases at this particular Snow Moon, 2005, whose magic is optimized with dream work, as described a bit further on. The dream pillow can be made with two small squares of your favorite natural fabric (about four to five inches across). Sew them together by hand and stuff the cushion with cotton and dream herbs before closing. Morrison suggests, “chamomile, mugwort, rosemary, lavender, poppy seeds and rose petals.”

You might also add some amethyst or other quartz to the pillow, as such crystals are ancient dreaming tools. When you are done making your pillow, hold it in your hands for a few moments and visualize dreams of prophetic guidance pulsing to you and through you from the light center of Infinite Intelligence. (This visualization, and the dream magic below, are metaphysical keys to the pulsar conjunction described by Maya Del Mar in her Daily Success Guide for this lunation).

The final step before starting your prayers is to call on the Angel of Guidance, and ask for clear, effective direction about how to consolidate your path of power.

Affirmations to Activate Power Guidance
at the 2005 Snow Moon

Repeat ideas like those that follow aloud for several minutes:

Infinite Intelligence is sending me whatever guidance I need to recover and consolidate my path of power.

After repeating this truth for yourself, proceed to do the same for the planet, as follows:

Infinite Intelligence is sending the human race whatever guidance we need to recover and consolidate our path of power.

Dream Magic for the Snow Moon Portal

If you choose to make the dream pillow, put it in the case with your regular pillow, so it will be under your head. Also, beginning tonight and continuing throughout the month of November, use the following keys during the last 15 minutes before you go to sleep:

1) Repeat affirmations like those above during several minutes.

2) Sit on the edge of your bed and, for several more minutes, scan your imagination in search of any inner and outer measures you can take to recover your and manifest your divine path of power.

3) Upon lying down, tell Spirit that you are willing to revive this path, and to do whatever Infinite Intelligence indicates.

4) Keep a page and pen by your bed, so that you can write down your dreams upon awakening.

5) Fortify your prayers with action, by taking whatever steps you can each day to implement the guidance received.

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