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Global Climate Change

by Maya del Mar

Alex has promised he will give us an article about Terri Schiavo, so stay tuned. However, here is a preview of her chart.

I don’t have accurate birth data for Terri, but she was born on December 3, 1963, probably near Philadelphia, PA. The sunrise chart, which we print here, is very telling. Outstanding is Mercury at the Galactic Center, considered the major source of creation in our galaxy. As Alex is quick to point out, there is a Black Hole here. In fact, my latest astronomy magazine said that many Black Holes are turning up at that location. Sounds like a traffic jam. Which corresponds with the current public reaction swirling around her.

According to my linguist friend, schiavo means "slave" in Italian. There is much food for thought here, including what is being highlighted now in regard to the patriarchy. The meaning of human life is coming up frequently during these times.

Transiting Uranus has recently been a huge catalyst in Terri’s chart. Indeed, her circumstance has been waking us up—Uranus’ job—in many ways.

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