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A U G U S T   2 0 0 3   S U N   S I G N S

August Sun SIgns

ARIES. Life slows down for you, Aries, which is difficult for quick impatient you. Yet there are all these opportunities for you to take advantage of, just waiting for your input to move along. Go ahead with that input, but realize that with your planet, Mars, retrograde for the next two months, the traffic lights are mostly red. You've an opportunity to stop and smell the flowers, to pause and look into your inner motivations, and to re-establish your connection with your higher self.

TAURUS. What kind of foundations do you want to build for yourself for the future? August is a special opportunity for you to realize what you want and to envision new possibilities. And also to plan for how you'll achieve those visions. With Mars retrograde, starting new projects is not favored, but this is an excellent time for you to look into your deepest self, and set your gyroscope to keep you on course. Review your past, and plan your future.

GEMINI. Home and partnership keep you jumping. Power struggles there? Or perhaps remodeling? Mars retrograde for the next two months gives you a great opportunity to redo your home so that it is more to your liking. There may be arguments about how to do it. You will be very busy communicating to others what you want from them. Remember that although there may be differences, there is no blame

CANCER. This is a period to adjust your life to suit your dreams and visioning. Visualizing, in fact, will be very powerful for you this month. Think comprehensively about what you really want, put all your desires in priority order, make clear pictures, and you will build a solid base for future—and present—manifestation. Nurturing yourself and others, and aiding healthy growth patterns is important to you now.

LEO. August is your month to shine, Leo. But not necessarily to move ahead as you'd like. Take care of old projects, perhaps finishing some. Money issues will also come up for special attention now. You want to launch out with the new, and you can make those plans now. But first, attend to unfinished work, clear the decks to make room for the shiny new things piling up on your plate. Full Moon in mid-month can bring you love and joy.

VIRGO. You may have thought some relationship situations were settled. Now you learn they are not, and you may find life a bit chaotic as a result. You are trying to renovate your home life, and your security base, but don't count on it being settled until mid-November, just in time for Thanksgiving. In the meantime, you're learning a lot about yourself, and especially just how flexible—or inflexible—you can be.

LIBRA. You blossom in groups and with friends, like a flower blooms in a garden. Dream your dreams now. You'll have special insight about how to achieve them at full moon. Work on digging out hidden information which can help you to transform your communication. This is an ideal month for research for Libras. You're revising your work situation, and your health routines. In general, this a re-alignment month for you.

SCORPIO. Many of the things you've wanted are coming to you now, Scorpio, especially in the area of work. You work very hard, and are recognized for it. You may pick up an old thread of your creativity which has lain fallow for some time. When Pluto turns direct at the end of the month, it will stir you to a new sense of your priorities. This is a period of growth and transformation for you. Full Moon on August 12 will be an illuminating and satisfying time.

SAGITTARIUS. Pluto is still going through your sign (since November 1995), slowly and inexorably changing your very being, gradually bringing you home to the core of yourself. This month you begin a two-month process of changing consciousness about your life goals. You may be tempted to make important decisions now; but wait. You won't have all the information until the end of September. It's a great month for travel.

CAPRICORN. Money is your big thing this month, Capricorn. Other people's money, such as investments or tax shelters. On the one hand, you're apt to get some good returns. On the other hand, surprising twists and turns in the market will keep you hopping. Don't make final decisions until the end of September. Pay attention to your intuition, and notice your dreams this month. They are good guides.

AQUARIUS. Don't expect a moment to yourself this August. Along with being very busy with people, you may establish a special relationship, or way of relating. Big expenditures may suddenly appear, perhaps in regard to health needs. You may have to borrow money, but it will be there for you. Consciousness in regard to a particular friend or intimate is changing much.

PISCES. Are you in a turmoil? Not quite sure who you are, or where you're going? Your natural ability to flow with the current of life is really being tested this month. Don't sweat it. By the end of September things will begin to clear up, and by mid-November you'll have something settled. In the meantime, yes, go with the flow. There may be a shock at the end of the month in regard to work or partnership, perhaps the closing of a phase.

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