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View Dennis Kucinich's Chart--
Natal Chart October 8, 1946
Cleveland, OH

J U N E   2 0 0 3   F E A T U R E   A R T I C L E

Keep an Eye on Kucinich

by Maya del Mar

Dennis Kucinich is a Democratic Congressman from Ohio, born in Cleveland on October 8, 1946 (to view chart, click here). He has become an outspoken voice for peace and for social justice. Dennis was born in that same four-month period as GW Bush, Ken Starr, and Bill Clinton, a time of fame. Interestingly, they are all Dogs in the Chinese astrology, which implies a desire to serve.

Dennis is a double Pisces, with Pisces Moon on his Pisces Ascendant. This shows that he is idealistic, compassionate, and super-psychic. Neptune is his planet. It is his chart ruler, his Moon ruler, and it is conjunct his Libra Sun. He is a dreamer and an idealist. And yet, he has lived and does live a very practical life, doing lots of good and helpful things along the way. He is now working effectively to establish a Peace Department in the cabinet. Good Libra that he is, his method of accomplishment is negotiation and mediation, along with organization and eloquent communication of his ideas.

Dennis was Cleveland’s youngest Mayor, and instituted many reforms which made life in Cleveland better. He became nationally known at that time, years ago. He is a tireless, persistent, and diplomatic activist for social justice. He works to make his dreams real.

Dennis’ power is shown by his Sun almost exactly trine North Node, Pluto trine South Node, and both Sun and Pluto sextile, and sextile to Nodes. We see here his life path, Sun, entwined with his destiny and his power, all working together harmoniously and constantly.

Dennis’ Sun trines Uranus, and his moon squares Uranus. This gives him a great sense of independence, ingenuity, a need for freedom of action, and adds to his idealism. Uranus also squares his Ascendant and Moon, adding to his intuition, and giving him a need to be current, in the now.

We see here Neptune and Uranus, two of the outer planets (see book review in this issue), connected to the core of Dennis’ personality—his Sun, his Moon, and his Ascendant. Those three core points together give him conscious outlets for the complex Uranus-Neptune energies, and he shows the potential for inspiration and light which they can give.

In addition, Dennis has the power planet, Pluto, closely aspected to his Sun. This gives his Sun access to all three outer planets. These outer planets are the planets which give us the qualities that make us unusual, that make us stand out, that help us to make a special contribution to evolution, that give us charisma, and leadership qualities. They are also the planets that mark our hardships and our suffering. It’s as though we have to do a lot of growing to learn how to handle those three wild horses.

Dennis Kucinich is becoming a national leader in the peace movement—just when we need him. Let’s keep an eye on Dennis, born right in the middle of Libra’s season.

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