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Crystal Pomeroy

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September New Moon Portal

by Crystal Pomeroy


Wow! Maya has outlined a lot of powerful forces at work at this Virgo New Moon portal.

As the unanswered questions around the events in New York a year ago become increasingly pressing, this New Moon cycle, around their anniversary, brings home issues of these fateful times. If we seek a government that can respond to our concerns, responsibly serving the planet and its interests, we may be led to reflect, how responsibly are we administering ourselves and our own opportunities to serve?

This New Moon serves to remind us that our destiny and that of the whole we pertain to are in our own hands. World and stellar events scream like a siren: calling a halt to the projection of our dreams and ideals onto the massive organizations which supposedly decide our collective future. Maya points to the help to make our dreams come true at this time. Virgo invites us to focus on our dreams of higher service, and the daily activities needed to ground them. Pluto and the Black Holes will sweep away the clutter of habits of passivity, procrastination and other attachments from the past (which Maya has pointed to), if we align ourselves with them consciously. Again, in the degree to which we choose to die to obsolete illusions posing as our old selves, the fated combo of Saturn and Pluto will become part of our door to transformation and rebirth of the race potential.

This resurrection is indeed already underway, as increasing numbers become aware of our inner power, and focus on daily living from that point within, including regular practice of prayer and meditation. Let’s use this crucial moment to move more fully into the ring of our collective, creative destiny, connecting with the invisible assistance that is here to help us end the procrastination of our highest call.


1. In writing, identify those activities which you have appealed to you in the interest of altruistic service, but which for one reason or another, you have kept putting off. Such endeavors may be related to your life’s work, or skills you have already developed, they may be new occupations, or they may simply be going about what you are already doing in a new, more loving and devotional spirit.

Some examples from our prayer group included:

  • Include some time to pray and visualize planetary peace, or the successful solution of political situations, on a daily basis.

  • Start or participate in a group that does this on a weekly basis.
  • Go about my teaching and writing from a place of true love and service to the Christ in all I reach, rather than from a place of personal interest.

  • Contribute to the planetary peace vibration by developing and maintaining a forgiving attitude (in relationship to_________).

  • Gain dominion over my personal, emotional reactions.

  • Heal my childhood self-esteem issues.

  • Participate in ecological or other collective issues locally or via Internet.

  • Join and support a local spiritual study group, prayer ministry, twelve-step or other group for community assistance.

  • Make my work collective and personally sacred by focusing it from the standpoint of the legacy of service and good I generate for all it benefits.

2. Now, write those habits or attachments from the past whose release will allow you to accomplish your call to service:

Some examples might include:

  • My fear that my partner will distance from me if I create more work for us on Sundays through holding a group to pray for world peace.

  • My memory of being rejected in one of the schools I went to, which still stimulates my fixation with the approval of others, a distraction to be concentrating on my sacred service while I teach.

  • My "disease to please", which inhibits my delegation skills, to free myself up to focus on higher service.

  • My fears of future loss, which make me go about my work from the standpoint of gaining benefit, rather than giving service.

  • My fear about not getting what I deserve from my professional efforts, which impedes my witnessing the holiness which it already contains.

  • My fear of my husband’s resenting my reducing our hanging-out time, by focusing on the higher, service tasks I have at hand.

  • My replaying in my own mind my father’s judgmental and moralistic tendencies, which limit my sense of spontaneity, joy, and worthiness to prosper and accomplish important tasks.

  • The habit of reading anything that’s semi-interesting in magazines which are at hand.

  • The habit of participating in conversations I’m not really interested in, to be nice, instead of focusing on my service tasks.

3. Establish your goals:

Some examples:

  • Create a group to pray for world peace.

  • Enjoy the sacred service in the work I already do.

  • Release thinking of my clients as objects of my prosperity, and see them as sacred beings I am here to love.

  • Delegate every single thing I can that doesn’t need my personal attention.

  • Release myself from guilt when I focus on my work even if others drop in or call unexpectedly.

  • Write, read and pray to recover my sense of self –worth.
  • Participate in a local Prayer Ministry.

  • Do political correspondence on Internet.

  • Review my writing from a standpoint of service, and edit and continue it accordingly.

  • Develop and share a program of prayer and visualization for political outcomes.

  • Release my fear about having my ideas stolen, or not getting what I deserve, knowing that Divine Justice will take care of me as I focus on sacred service through my work.

  • Pray and visualize for two hours daily, despite whatever resistance I imagine my husband might have.

4. Connect with your higher help to fulfill your service mission:

"I call on all the guides, angels and other forces in favor of my voluntary exercise of free will to assist my awareness and action for grounding my dreams of service. My decree unites with your assistance..."

Repeat the following for seven minutes or more, preferably at the New Moon Portal and throughout this Moon Cycle:

"On this day, I take whatever steps, small or large, that I can and need to express my love for all beings through that devotional attitude and activity that is uniquely mine to generate. I declare myself free of any illusory attachments or considerations related to obsolete habits which might make me doubt, postpone or relegate my inner and outer call to collective service."

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