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Crystal Pomeroy

Last Month's
Moon Meditations:

Virgo Full Moon; Aquarius New Moon

March New Moon Window

by Crystal Pomeroy

Last month’s New Moon cycle accompanied a significant movement into the Age of Aquarius, as we wrote then. Maya speaks of transformation and visions as this New Moon’s keynotes. Followers of our recent New Moon meditations will already have been preparing your visions to co-create the New Age ahead. Now is a good time to review whatever you are projecting into the future, and fine-tune according to your evolving understanding.

The current deep transformation and visionary energies give our visualizations a new twist. One of the most spiritually characteristic signs of the times is the prevalent interest in channeled information. We read futuristic books and channeled books (see Daykeeper’s book review this month for an exciting option), personally seek out intuitives and other channels (or think about doing so), consult the angels, refer to oracles, and even take courses given by channels, such as the Course in Miracles.

What about our own personal channels to Higher Information? Most of us are inspired by stories and reports of the intuitive information brought through by others. We all indeed have unlimited access to all the information we may need to consolidate the Divine Plan for our lives. Now is the time to strengthen our individual power to channel higher Inspiration and visions. Even those Daykeeper readers who are already doing this can tune in on this Moontime to fortify their skills.

This New Moon meditation is designed to focus our intent and access the Visionary Within. We may do this most creatively as we bear in mind that self-esteem is vital for the development of intuition. The more we heed divine guidance, signs and hunches, the more they tend to recur. Heeding them, however, requires the confidence in our own perceptions to allow them to surface, and take them into account in the first place. Also, even more than most inner process, developing intuition means creating new mental habits. As we concentrate on creating more sensitive perceptual patterns throughout this New Moon cycle, we may be ready to receive and more practically apply the divine direction which will be intuitively accented during the Full Moon later this month. We look forward to you tuning in for our phase of inner exercises at that time.


To accompany your seasonally sychronized prayers and meditations:

  • The earth element can be present as a any object from the sea, like sand, driftwood, shells, seaweed and especially coral, which is ruled by Pisces, as well as being related to Archangel Jofiel, ruler of intuition, divine intelligence and perception, as are: amber, smoky quartz, topaz, diamond, carnations, poppies, garnet and blue sapphire.

  • Water may be used from the sea, or make your own salt water. If you put it in a shell you will further access the Pisces energies now surging.

  • White candles, floating candles and oil lamps are particularly timely symbols of fire.

  • For the air element, you could include the feather of a water bird, play flute, harp, angelic or new age music.

You may also wish to use a veil, white, golden yellow and/or wool garments as you go about your Pisces New Moon ceremony.


Those who wish to call on guides and angels at this time to assist in prayer focusing, may choose to include any of the following:

The Pleides
(Archetype of the Soul and Intuitive faculties)
Archangel Jofiel (related to intuition, perception, divine intelligence and illumination, as well as to Jupiter, which rules Thursday, on which this New Moon occurs)
Varuna (Archangel of the astral plane, Cosmic Lord of waters, related to Neptune)
The Angel of Self-Esteem
The Angel of Divine Intuition
The Angel of Self-Love
The Angel of Sychronicities
The Visionary Within
Archangel Zadquiel and Amethyst
(guardians of prayers, and of Atlantis, submerged area still in need of planetary healing that include the seas around New York and Florida)
The Divine Mother
(Originally Tonantzin—Mother of the Gods and Goddesses in Mesoamerica, Divine Mother of the Americas—expression of the Divine Love Principal which is currently working to harmonize the mental vibration of the US.)
The Angel of Planetary Healing
The Angel of Planet Earth
The Angel of the Healing of the Seas
The Christ Mind
Jesus Christ
The Buddha

If you wish to summon such helpers before beginning your own prayers and meditations, and/or your own angel(s) or guides, and any other beings "of the high white light alone" (a good phrase for protection when summoning spirits or guides, especially during this season), you may call on them out loud o0r in writing. You might say or write something like,

""I greet you and bless you for your work of divine service and guidance, and request your assistance in grounding my original pathway, and have the persistence and dedication to bring my bliss into manifestation."


1. Use a note pad to start these prayers, and keep it going all during this moon cycle. You can write your intuition activators here, as well as the visionary waking and sleeping feelings and images that come into your mind.

2. Choose from your favorite intuition activators, like those below, and write your choice or choices for 10-15 minutes with full attention.

I pause regularly to take time to listen to my feelings.

I pay attention to the visionary that I AM, and dare to feel and envision those images she shares with me.

The Divine Mind is perceiving through me, and Divine Mind in me clearly discerns those impressions which are my higher visions and intuition.

I notice synchronicities as Divine Intuition perceives through me.

3. Continue to repeat such decrees for at least 10 minutes daily, as you stay tuned to our exercise to fill out and apply your visionary nature in our Full Moon meditation later this month.

4. Use your Visionary’s notebook to jot down your intuitive impressions, synchronicities, dreams, and what actions you take on signs and visions received.

Recommended listening:
Divine Feminine Affirmations for men and women by Edwene Gaines, from Prosperity Products
PO Box 294
Mentone, AL 35984

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