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Astrological Overview, January 2011

by Boots Hart, CAP on January 1, 2011

Astrological Influences, January 2011

This month, that “other shoe” drops. A lot of folks are expecting it. But all the signs are that we don’t know exactly what kind of shoe is going to drop. Or if it’s going to drop on our toe or get lost under the bed….

We may think problems will be personal and they’ll turn out to be financial. We may think it’s about work and instead it will be about the car. Or the house. Or the kids. But all of those are just symptoms. Symptoms of what, you ask? Of what we are or aren’t doing with our life. Of who we haven’t yet grown into being. Events now are symptoms of how we haven’t looked in the mirror—of late, or maybe ever. Or maybe we’ve looked into that mirror without ever actually seeing who is there.

Part of this month is about rolling with whatever life’s punches are. As fighters will tell you, it’s our “stiffness”—the attempt to resist and maintain our position, our “correctness” and our attitude—which often creates far more damage than there would otherwise be. Astrologically, rigidity and stiffness can be exemplified in any of a number of ways. But if you asked me where I would look first—my first answers would be Saturn—as a symbol. Then I’d move to Capricorn and Aquarius—both of them being signs which Saturn rules.

With that in mind, the first ripple in our pond comes on January 3 as Pluto again crosses the degree it went retrograde at back in April 2010. This is a reminder of a “trend” (if you will) which began last April and which will last until November, 2011. Since this is Pluto we’re talking about, the issue is really about how we feel about our life. There will be a tendency to project here…you know, it’s the fault of the recession, they” were wrong…and so on. But even though times are tough for many, in any given recession, depression, epidemic or social fluffle there are always those who deal well. And then there are those who just want to believe they’re right and who end up falling on their nose.

At the moment, it’s to expect that a lot of folks will tell you that it’s all about a “positive attitude.” But for those who are plain old resistant, as well as those of us who barf at such sugar-coating (yes, that’s me raising my hand) the real lesson behind whatever success optimism affords is more likely than not to be how well (or badly) we deal with our own mental experience OF OUR emotions AS “proof” of self worth, self respect and personal security. That’s Pluto—or “Plutonic,” as we say.

It’s not your attitude—it’s how you end up feeling because of, or in spite of your attitude. In the end we live out what we really feel about ourselves. And thus—if you really believe life unfolds as it should—then this long, long five-time global Pluto transit which is all about life presenting us with circumstances which force us to do something about our relationship to Self is a good thing. Maybe not a comfy thing—but a good thing nonetheless!

(And if you don’t believe life unfolds as it should, prompting us to grow particularly in areas where we are weakest, I (a) have no idea why you are reading this…and (b) am curious about what’s your plan for avoiding life? Uh-huh…I thought so. There is no avoiding life. So we can roll with the punches or resist them and end up shell-shocked by life’s blows….)

So Pluto is raising the specter of this lengthy, evocative dynamic. And no sooner will Pluto have signaled this than along comes, not one day later…. So sorry, the rest of Boots’ fantastic monthly overview is available only with a  Premium Subscription, only pennies per day, check it out now!

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